Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Speaker Review

Looking for an efficient speaker that’s wireless and rock the outdoor environment to the fullest? Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Speaker is our pick for outdoor parties, hangouts and campaigns at any environment.

This speaker is a combination of multiple praiseworthy features like great portability, great backup, both wireless and wired input, two different versions of design and many more. We’ve explained every significant feature of this great outdoor speaker. Let’s take you through the entire review-


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    150 feet audio reachability.
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    Multiple units combinable.
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    3 selectable broadcast frequencies.
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    AUX input available for non-wireless device.
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    HD rich sound quality.
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    Two different versions.
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    A great sound equipment for outdoor.


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    The price is a bit more than what’s expected.

What We Loved Most About this Product?

There are a number of features that we loved about in this speaker. It’s wireless, portable and very high quality in performance. But the best thing we loved is the two versions it brings in with it.

In Acoustic Research Wireless Speaker, you will have a choice of two models. One is the white labeled mission style version, good for casual and elegant interior. Another version is the main street version, mainly for rock and metal music lovers. Both of the models have their own visual appeal. And whichever you chose to buy, will add up to the interior of your home.

There are other good features in this speaker. We will take you through all of these-


As we’ve just discussed, there are two variations of designs in Acoustic Research Portable Speaker. One is the mission style version, another is the main street versions. No matter it’s the color scheme, or the design or the portability, two of the versions are unique in their own way.

If you’re a music lover, you’ll find any of these two matched to your personal preference. Also, when you’re buying an indoor speaker like Acoustic Research Wireless Speaker, the interior of the house matters a lot. On that note, both of these designs are made in a way that they would fit within your interior design.

That was about the design of the models. Let’s move to the performance-


When you are out in a party, music is a must inclusion in the list. To make the party complete, a speaker that spreads music at the loudest, is important. Therefore, Acoustic Research Wireless Speaker will get a 10 on 10. With the strong and accurate speaker, it will spread a 900 MHz frequency till 150 ft of distance. This measure is taken in an open field, but the distance will be almost same when you’re at outdoor. So outdoor parties made fulfilled.

Speakers are made to play music, but not all the speakers perform equally in both indoor and outdoor. The speaker that we are talking about is made to be an outdoor fun maker. The HQ, full and rich sound will make your day at indoor, outdoor and on the go.

Another feature of the performance of Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Speaker is, it’s selectable triple frequency. You can select from three different frequencies. Such options will let you chose the best reception and sound quality when you’re playing it wireless.

The last factor about the performance of this portable speaker is its battery life. You can take it outdoor, and that requires a certain amount of battery power. This speaker here, runs through 6 AA batteries. The number of batteries may seem high, but the batteries can back up the speaker for 12 continuous hours.


The term durability doesn’t only come with the speaker itself. Most of the speakers have problems of malfunctions with the cables also. But that doesn’t seem to be a problem, as long as you have the stereo lead adapter connected with the mini jack.

Usually, the connecting joint between the jack and the cable is problem prone in most usual speakers. But that’s not a problem in this speaker.

If you talk about he bodies also, that’s another positive factor about this speaker. Both of the versions of this speaker are made of string plastic. Based on the preferences, you can choose yours one. Any of these will come with a long-term promise of durability.

Highlighted Features:

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    From a distance of 150 feet(maximum) it can spread music as strong as 900MHz. It’s so strong to provide a full form outdoor party boosted with music.
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    Rich, bold and high-quality music for outdoor. It’s a perfect music partner at indoor, outdoor and on the go.
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    You can add a number of units with this speaker wirelessly. As a benefit, the combined speaker set will be producing a superb musical expansion.
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    To get a best quality reception, you can choose among three different frequencies to play. Based on the broadcast type and location, these frequencies can be selected.
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    6 AA batteries are there to power up the speaker for 12 hours long. This is will make it a great musical source anytime.
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    For the wired sources of music players, there is a scope of AUX input. So, if your musical player doesn’t have a wireless connectivity, that’s completely okay.
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    The lead connector with 1 mini audio jack comes with a durable cable connection. The 3.5mm Audi jack will be compiled with any type of audio/multimedia device in the world.
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    A top quality outdoor speaker for performing at parties, hangouts and campaigns.

Bottom Line

Hope you’ve loved every bit of the rich features of Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Speaker. Consider your outdoor requirements from a speaker and we’re sure than this fantastic speaker will check every box of the list!

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