Aomais Sport II Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Review

AOMAIS Sport II Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 20W Bass Sound, 15H Playtime, Waterproof...
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AOMAIS Sport II Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 20W Bass Sound, 15H Playtime, Waterproof...
  • WATERPROOF IPX7: Designed for fully waterproof of highest incursion...
  • 20W POWERFUL SOUND: Advanced digital sound, noise/wind reduction...
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Featuring a smooth rubber exterior that protects the...

You are extremely fond of water-related adventures and do arrange a beach party now and then.

But managing a sound system on a beach is not so easy. To keep the entertainment high, you may think of a speaker with wires.

But come on! It’s 2017 and you need to be smart than this.

I mean who love bunch of wires spreading around in a full-on party?

So, it’s time to choose a top-notch wireless speaker and Aomais sport II speaker can be a good solution for your problem. Because it is a portable and wireless device, you can move it to different places on party time.

It's loud and good quality sound can make your party more enjoyable. To let your worries about the safety of your speaker, Aomais sport II speaker is dust and waterproof. So, beach sand or water can’t harm your speaker.


  • Very loud and good quality sound.
  • Decent bass.
  • Fully dust and waterproof.
  • Very fast battery recharging.
  • The pairing of Bluetooth device is very fast.
  • It has call answering system.
  • Using floating pad, it can be used in water pool.
  • Easy operating system.
  • Volume button and skip song button are different.


  • Its large size doesn’t permit you to carry it in your pocket.
  • No hook or wrist band for hanging up.

To get closer to it’s feature, we’ve created a full form Aomais Sport II Review here. Keep reading.

Who Are the Ideal Users of This Product?

For the music lovers

You may fond of music and love to listen to music in a loudspeaker. Some loudspeakers produce harsh sound which can bother you. Are you trying to avoid this problem? Then take Anomais sport II speaker. It is able to produce sweet loud sound.

People who are interested to use it for their business purposes

Suppose, you are an owner of a restaurant. Now, you are interested to play some sweet music for your customer. For this purpose, you are in need of good sound quality. In this case, this speaker can be a fruitful instrument for you.

For those who are interested to arrange little party

Are you passing your vacation and trying to arrange a party with friends? A party with a good sound system can make your vacation more enjoyable. Then you can choose this device. Hope this device make your party more enjoyable.

The person who is annoyed with wires of speakers

Almost all the speakers work with long wires. But it isn’t suitable for everyone. If you are annoyed with these boring wires, then this device is for you. Because it is wireless which makes your use more comfortable.

For the safety conscious people

You may have great conscious about the safety of your device. Dust and water are harmful to any kind of electronic devices. But this device can make you tension free. Because it is dust and waterproof.

Features and Benefits

Waterproof design provides safety from water and dust

Waterproof design makes this device exceptional from other devices. It is found 100% dust and waterproof by experiment. This sound system can sustain 30 minutes below 1-meter water without any disturbances. It is perfect for any rough and tough uses.

So, you can use it at all places without any hesitation. Because there’s no chance of damaging this device by water or dust.

Easy rechargeable battery reduces operating cost

It has built-in rechargeable lithium battery. You can recharge it easily and quickly by USB charging port. No extra device is needed for doing this job.

You don’t need any extra expenses for recharging which minimizes your operating cost.

Durable and tough design protect it from exterior harm

The exterior of this device is made of smooth rubber. This special design protects the device from scratches or any kind of impact. If this box will drop from your hand, nothing will happen.

So, you can use it in traveling, boating, kayaking, camping and other outdoor adventures.

Advanced technology is used for better sound quality

In this device, 20W powerful sound and stereo pairing function are used. Its digital advanced technology reduces the noise of sound. You can enjoy premium acoustic crystal clear sound by using unique loudspeaker of this device.

Its high technology permits you to connect two devices together for more loud sound.

Call making and taking system

There are different button for making and taking calls. So, you can make and take calls when the songs are playing. This job doesn’t need any changes to the whole process.

This feature provides you easy operating and saves your time.

Long playback battery permit you to use it long time with one charge

Its lithium polymer battery can store huge amount of electricity. One charge of the battery allows you 8-10 hours playtime.

So, you can take it with you for a long journey and so on.

Effortless connection system provides easy operating

3.5 mm auxiliary device will help you to connect effortlessly. It has an easy pairing Bluetooth system.

You can love this device due to its exclusive design and wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

Bottom Line

Nowadays, wireless devices are becoming more popular day by day. Anomais sport II speaker is wireless. So, its demand goes on with a high trend curve. Its large size and weight can make some trouble for you. But if you are looking for some special features.

Such as good sound quality, fast and easy recharging and operating system, safety and cost-effective device. Then this Anomais sport II speaker is best for you. Hope this valuable Aomais Sport II Review will provide you the necessary information.

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