Are Noise Cancelling Headphones Safe?

Headphones are one of the most desired musical components for any of us music lovers. Good quality headphones that rock us with its bass boom, is what we always dream of. And to make that sure, technology has propagated to many features in it.

One of the very popular form of that is the noise cancelling headphones. If you’re interested in this one, you’ve landed on the right page.

By definition, noise cancelling headphones are those, where active noise control technology is used to reduce the noise level that comes not from the music player.

As an example, think about a passenger travelling in a aeroplane. An passive headphone might reach some excessive noise with the music itself. But a noise controlling headphone has the capability to filter the external noises and keep them away from your ears. The technology they use in this case is called the Active Noise Control.

The best use of a noise controlling headphone is in an outsider place where you may be hampered to listen to a music in peace. Two of the most common uses are in a journey and in streets.

One other effective uses of these headphones are as a sleeping aid. People who have troubles in regular sleeping may take it as one kind of diversions. Over past few years, this technique had been proven to be effective to bring regular sleep to people who need it.

The Debate: Are they Safe or Not?

Well, we can’t answer this question in one word. Noise cancelling headphones, of course, uses some technology which may have some side effects. But that also depends on the way you’re using it. If you keep listening to it by 10 hours/day, it’ll definitely show you it’s negative effects.

So if used in a right way, there are no worries of noise controlling headphones damaging your hearing or anything else.

10 Pros and 10 Cons of These Headphones

To have a better idea of how much risk they are, let’s look at the 10 pros and 10 cons of these headphones.

Noise Cancelling Headphones- Pros and Cons


  1. They are able to take all those external noises ours.
  2. The volume of the music isn’t necessarily high. Safe for the ears.
  3. As the music volume isn’t boom-high, it provides a smoother music experience.
  4. A great musical assistance while you’re on the go.
  5. If you want to study in peace, noise canceling headphones are the best option.


  1. They are way too costly comparing to ordinally passive headphones.
  2. These headphones consume a good amount of power from the devices you’re using with it.
  3. The musical quality is quite mechanical, which is unlikes by some users.
  4. A few users feel uncomfortable with this kind of processed sound quality.

The Safety Concerns of Noise-cancelling Headphones

We’ve gone through the working procedure, they pros-cons and other details of it. Although there are some issues regarding the comfort and not-so-loud music quality, I haven’t found a safety issue with using it.

As I told you, they use  Active Noise Control technology to reduce the noise level. After watching the process in details, I haven’t found any issue that can harm our listening power or anything else.

So, in a word, noise cancelling headphones are completely safe to use.

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  1. I received a Bose noise cancelling headphone….yes it was an expensive gift!! I only want to use it as a noise cancellation on a short domestic flight, no music listening….so you would considered this a Safe Device?


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