How to Become a Wedding DJ? Get More Attraction on Wedding!

A wedding DJ is someone who makes the couple’s day special by rocking the dance floor with his amazing playlist. Sounds so interesting, right? But it’s not that easy to get everyone’s attention in just one play. 

A wedding DJ needs to be very skilled, as the party depends on his performance a lot. If you are ready to step into the world of wedding DJ, be confident to face the starting struggles fearlessly.

Check-out the effective steps to start your wedding DJ business today.

Must-Have Wedding DJ Gears

The more effective your gears are the more powerful your performance will be. Get all the necessary gears with the best quality to reach your decided goal. Have a glance at these basic wedding DJ equipment.

Laptop: Laptop is mandatory and obviously one of the main instruments. Before you purchase, take suggestions from professionals and make a good research.

DJ Deck/Controller: This device is the significant one while talking of DJing. Choose this instrument carefully for clear audio mixing and playing.   

Speaker System: Speakers with normal set-up is okay for a birthday party, Christmas, or any kind of home party. But wedding parties need really powerful and hi-fi speaker system.

Music Software: You badly need a good software to mix, edit and match audios and sometimes to change the tune.

Headphone: Get yourself a good headphone to ensure the perfection of every critical rhythm. You need to listen clear to play the perfect tune.

Cable Back-up and Extra Batteries: Cables and batteries create uncertain problems and ruin the event. Always get cable back-up and extra batteries whenever you go to a wedding venue. 

How to Become a Wedding DJ

Successful Wedding DJ Strategies

Take Training Be Skilled

Join the online training sessions or any of your local area institutions of DJ Training School. Training will make you skilled and boost up for a good start.

Start with Effective Plan

Make an effective plan to set the structure of your business. Decide, if you are starting as a team or going for the solo process. Whatever you choose, make a smart price plan. Give interesting discounts and make smart packages to attract your customers. Start the booking by form fill-up and be very careful about the payment and cancellation system.

Focus on Marketing

Spread the news of your business among known peoples. Talk to the professional to help you get introduced to wedding planners and new clients. Create website and post adds on social media to get clients. Focus on the advertisement.

Put Tremendous Collection to Your Playlist

Talk to the bride and groom and make a list according to their taste. It’s impossible to make everyone satisfied while you have both young and adult audience. But you need to very smart by playing the common and known tunes that won’t feel awkward to any guest.

Make a Do Not Playlist

In every wedding, there is some suggestion over not playing tunes. Caution, a don’t play tune can ruin the party. Get an idea talking to them and play the beat they would love to dance on.

Impress with Smart Announcement

The announcement is a big part of your performance. Usually before the bride and groom’s dance, parent’s dance or any other performance and especially before the final play you need to show your smartness grabbing the microphone and announce smartly.

Final Words

Being a wedding DJ may be your passion but do you know it makes money? Among the young generation, It’s a well known earning process now. The starting may have difficulties but if you continue with confident you are sure to succeed.

Hope the article was effective. Thanks for being with us. Best of luck and welcome to the world of wedding DJ.

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