Best 2.1 Speaker System in 2017 – Guide & Reviews

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2.1 speakers are one among a class of speakers that are very famous and well liked. These speakers are known for their sound quality also for the painstaking attention paid to detail in designing them.

There are numerous types of these speakers around, both good and bad and for the most part, users who have never owned speakers before, and even those who have might have problems choosing the right one.

Most of these speakers have similar features so finding one that is unique and good might be a bit of a problem. Here we offer a solution to that problem by giving a user the choice of five systems that are among the best and that will not let him down at all.

These five have been well researched and the consensus is that there are none that come close to them in terms of quality and other aspects as well. A user in need of this kind of information should read on.

 Recommended – The Best 2.1 Speaker System 

1- Edifier Usam1380. 2.1 Speaker System Review

Edifier Usam1380. 2.1 Speaker System ReviewThese are essentially computer speakers that happen to fall in the range of 2.1 speaker types. They are very good and produce a very good and quality sound.

These speakers have the bass element fixed at the front and this allows for the best propagation of sound and vibrations available.
The user will notice this quickly. There are two satellites available and all of these are connected wirelessly or with cable to the central unit which means that they can be situated in different rooms.

There are a number of accessories including additional cables that can be used for connecting to a number of devices. The system supports numerous types of connection and is very reliable.

There is warranty obviously and this is one of the features of a good sound system. Components can be easily sourced and made available when the user needs them such as the case of the system breaking down. All in all a very good and reputable speaker.

  • Accessories available in plenty
  • Compatibility assured with other devices
  • Easy connection
  • Wifi and wireless connection available
  • Good bass production
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • A bit cumbersome for some
  • Sound quality could be higher
  • Sometimes wireless connection unreliable
  • Power levels not as impressive


2- Arion legacy deep sonar 300 medium Review

Best 2.1 Speaker SystemThese speakers are among the best in this category and that is saying something given that this is among the most competitive of categories. It is one among a collection of a family of speakers from arion legacy.

There are very many benefits of this speaker and they all add to its allure. Features wood construction on the back sides as wood is known to be a very good sound propagator.
It does not absorb the sound and allows for the different frequencies to be well heard and appreciated. This simple thing is one of the main reasons why this system is so superior. Other factors include its portability.

This speaker system can fit in a bag and be carried around with the most ease. This allows for the speaker to be used without any worry.

Users looking for the best speakers need to look at this collection very closely. It is among the best and will be of good service for a very long time.

  • Subwoofers well tuned
  • Good exterior construction
  • Larger diameter
  • Sound clarity
  • Easy connecting
  • Light and portable
  • No Bluetooth
  • At certain levels sound becomes unclear
  • Delicate


3- Klipsch Pro-media 2.1 thx certified PC Speaker Review

Klipsch Pro-media 2.1 thx certified PC Speaker ReviewThese are very good and simple speakers that are unrivaled in terms of quality. The exterior features a plastic construction.

The plastic was carefully chosen and the results of this are that the user can expect the best sound quality.
The plastic is the perfect material for propagation of sound as it does not allow for any disturbance with the propagation process. The technology used in the manufacture of the actual speakers is also on point meaning that the user can expect to receive only the best.

Good technologically advanced speakers also assure the user that the device will last very long. If the production was done right then the speaker really will stay for long. Another standout feature is that of size.

These speakers are of a decent size that allows for easy manipulation and control. They can be easily moved from place to place without any problems. They come with a remote unit that works on infra red and is very sensitive.

This sensitivity makes the job of handling the device very easy. The remote also has numerous options. This means that the user will have the easiest time controlling the speakers.

  • Quality parts
  • Quality sound
  • Replacements available
  • Powerful
  • Easy control
  • Computer variability not a problem
  • No color variation
  • Sound range a bit limited
  • Remote has too many functionalities
  • Initial connection could be difficult for amateurs


4- Avermedia ballista unity gaming speakers Review

Avermedia ballista unity gaming speakers ReviewGaming speakers are well made and are usually of higher quality when compared to other kinds of speakers.

Gaming speakers have to be able to handle really loud sounds and for this, the technologies used to make them are advanced and good.
This speaker is a true standout in the gaming department because of the nature of construction. It can handle really loud volumes and not waiver because the speaker interior has been rightly fitted together with not even the smallest of places to spare.

This fitting construction ensures that vibration is not a dangerous thing. The vibrations are absorbed, and they are not allowed to mess with the quality of sound. There is also care taken that the materials which make the exterior are good sound conductors.

The design is Such that these speakers will be able to allow for the highest quality of sound that the user could ask for. These are the main features of this speaker, but there are more which can be looked at as providing a very good advantage to this system.

  • A gaming system
  • High-quality sound
  • High endurance to loudness
  • Easily adjusted
  • Connectivity assured
  • Powerful
  • Perhaps not the best for normal uses
  • Very expensive
  • Other similar products exist
  • Repair is costly


5- Logitech 2623 200 watt home speaker Review

Logitech 2623 200 watt home speaker ReviewA modest and often underrated speaker system that is nevertheless one of the best. One of the features that make this speaker stand out is that of power.

It is a powerful speaker that will be used for quite some time before any maintenance is needed.
There are not very many speakers that can boast of the quality of sound that these speakers can offer and are still this cheap. This is a unique speaker. It has USB connection for those people who want to have gadgets that are technologically advanced.

The connection allows the speaker to be used with computers and other devices without any inconvenience. The standard Jack is used on this speaker, and that results in a device that can be used across the board without any problems at all.

All connections are easy to make and make work. These are among the best speakers I’ve ever known, and I recommended them to everyone.

  • Modest construction
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Wooden back part
  • Sound clarity
  • Moderate levels of power
  • Low frequencies well cared for.
  • Sometimes sound differentiation doesn’t work
  • Higher frequencies could be betterSpeakers exist with more power


 Considerations – The Best 2.1 Speaker System 

If you need to buy a 2.1 speaker system, here are some important things that you should have in mind so that you can make an informed decision.


The number of satellites is an important thing that should not be overlooked. Satellites are those smaller sound propagation devices that come with the main speaker. Some can be connected wirelessly while others need cables to ensure connections are good.

All these things ought to be looked at by the buyer before he decides on a particular brand of speakers. The usual number of satellites is two, but it could vary among different brands.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is perhaps the biggest concern when it comes to buying speakers. Speakers are after all sound propagation devices.

Users need to be aware of sound quality, and for that, they need to know the makeup of the speaker as well as the tuning of the subwoofers and other minute details. All these small things contribute to the quality of sound and ought not to be neglected.


Some speakers are older and have very few features that can support technology. These features include Bluetooth supporting feature u and WiFi and even blue ray.

A user who is aware of these technologies should look for these kinds of speakers as they offer greater amounts of functionality and will be way more useful than those other kinds of speakers which may be of good quality but won’t offer much in this technology age.

Size And Portability

An often overlooked thing but one that could be very important in the long run. The older speakers used to be bulky and very difficult to handle. These speakers were weighty for them to produce good quality sound.

These days things have changed, and speakers are lighter and more portable than ever. The user should accept nothing less than the best when it comes to this crucial area.

Moving around and changing locations of lighter speakers is far much easier than doing the same with bulky devices.


Of course, the user will not neglect cost. This will be looked at closely by the buyer who wants to get the best deal out of this.

Some speakers are really good but cost a lot less, and yet there are others that are costly and worth it. It will be up to the user to know which to choose.

Final Verdict

The five speakers presented here are the best; there is no doubt about that. They have been well researched, and their quality proved without a doubt.

The choice is now with the user who will have to go through them and find the very best that he can. The user should also be aware that the speakers are different and have different properties. Not all of them are similar.

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