The 10 Best Bicycle Speakers for 2023-Play Music with Riding

Life is boring without music and it gets extra boring when you’re outside paddling and there’s nothing to give you company. Now bicycle speakers are surely the best solution to this problem, but can you apply the fact to all speakers?

Um, NO!

You obviously don’t wanna end up buying some shitty device that can’t be heard over the sound of the wind or doesn’t quite meet up to your needs.

For the desired experience, you need one of the best bicycle speakers.

And guess what, you need one and we’ve reviewed ten! It does feel good when you have various options to choose from, doesn’t it?

Best Bicycle Speakers- Comparison Table

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Things to Consider Before Buying Bicycle Speakers

Now, going for something with a blindfold on will definitely lead you to a terrible situation.  Looking for a high-quality subject without a bit of knowledge is never a good idea.

First tip in order to own one of the best bicycle speakers: know what you’re doing.

Sound Quality

We hope you’re not setting your expectation high hoping that you’re gonna get a dj speaker like performance from this speaker. Because if you are, disappointment awaits you.

Normally, the sound quality of bicycle speakers is a little lower than average systems. There is a legit explanation for this. These speakers tend to be smaller in order to fit your two-wheeled transport. The drivers built for these speakers aren’t as equipped as their other counterparts. In consequence, the sound is bound to be a little mild.

And if this issue ended here, that’d be enough. However, it doesn’t. Outdoor environment is way different than indoor environment. There is wind noise, people or vehicles passing by and whole lotta other different sounds when you’re paddling outside. These sound waves affect the speaker frequencies and thus they don’t sound neat in our ears.

So, in case you don’t wanna regret your bicycle speaker purchase, here’s what you gotta do: Select the speaker that has effective features for the sound to cut through the noise. Learn the wattage rate it puts out. There are some 360-degree speakers that disperse surround sound which tends to reach ear more clearly than other speakers.


Mounting matters a lot since the speaker’s safety depends on it. There are different methods for bicycle speaker mounting. Some speakers feature their own frame for easy struggle-free installation.

Or, you can make a separate purchase of mounting kit, in case your speaker doesn’t have one. The speaker can be tied with velcro straps too. Some speakers include carabiner, but it’s not the first option anyone wanna go with considering the machine’s security.


You can’t compromise on your bicycle speaker’s attire and construction quality. Speakers located inside a house don’t have to go through the struggle of a bicycle speaker.

Continuous bumps are common on the road. Dust is always getting in the way. That’s why the wisest thing to do is to go with a speaker that is both dustproof and shockproof.

You don’t know when it’ll start raining or you’ll spill your water over. Besides, these speakers are meant for all sorts of outdoor usage, which involves boats and camps. So, your speaker must be water-resistant. Some speakers aren’t good with submerging but should be capable of withstanding splash at least.

Durability before style. Obviously, you shouldn’t neglect a good look, but the choice of material and construction method should be given the highest priority.

Battery and Playtime

When you’ll be checking the battery details, you’ll see that mAh rate is mentioned with many models. This unit is variable. Most speakers feature a 4000mAh battery which provides an average playtime of 6-8 hours. However, the speakers with lower mAh batteries aren’t bad, depends on your usage.

There are some speakers that include several other features for customer convenience, like a flashlight or phone charging option. Undoubtedly these options make the bicycling experience a lot better; however, at the same time, these features are responsible for the speaker battery to drain faster.

Bluetooth connection uses more power than an FM radio or a TF card.


Usually, bicycle speakers feature a list of options for playing music. Bluetooth connection, TF card, FM radio, AUX and USB outputs are included for this purpose. However, it’s not like that all these features will be available in every speaker.

Anyway, your speaker must have a good Bluetooth connection, cause there’s no other substitute for this gem. Make sure the AUX port is well sized if you’re planning to use headphones. Also, there are several audio formats, so don’t forget to check out that too since some speakers support only a particular format.

And now, time for the reviews!

Top 10 Best Bicycle Speakers Reviews

1. Venstar S404 Wireless Bluetooth Sport Portable Speaker

[amazon box="B012WDS72K"]

Venstar S404 Wireless Bluetooth Sport Portable Speaker is a portable speaker combined with a subwoofer. Works with 6W power (3W individually).

Since we’re discussing bicycle speakers, we are aware what to expect in daily basis. That’s why this speaker is made shockproof, dustproof and waterproof. No environment is too crucial for this rigid soldier.

It is constructed with high-quality materials to withstand obstacles. Rubberized plastic has been used to build the outer shell. The mounting frame is also made durable to ensure complete security and tight grip.

The speaker includes Bluetooth 4.0 technology for wireless streaming. For wired connection, a SD card slot and AUX port are featured. Comes with a built-in digital FM radio that scans and automatically saves nearby radio stations.

The speaker can become a bicycle bell itself. The bicycle mounting frame can be used as a bottle holder.

It works with rechargeable battery. Comes with a 8 hours long non-stop playtime. A remote control is featured for volume and driver control.

Water, hit or dust – nothing can stop this rebel boy. Includes relevant options for outdoor trips. 


  • You can take it literally anywhere and bumps, hit, shock or natural causes like water, dust, dirt don’t affect the speaker as it’s made waterproof, dustproof and shockproof
  • It has Bluetooth, SD card slot and FM radio for wireless audio privilege
  • High quality materials and rubberized plastic has been used for a durable structure
  • Portable


  • Included rubber flap’s performance needs to be improved
  • Some customers aren’t satisfied with the subwoofer’s performance

2. MakeTheOne Portable Bluetooth Mountain Bike Speaker:

[amazon box="B01589B5N8"]

MakeTheOne Portable Bluetooth Mountain Bike Speaker works with 2W power. Speaker cone is situated at the front to ensure clear sound.

This 3.5-inch speaker follows a bullet cylinder shape for a standard fit on the bike. It’s portable and lightweight. (weighs 3.5 ounces only)

It includes several options for playing mp3 files. You can use AUX connection or insert a Micro SD card for analogue audio transmission. Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream your favorite songs wirelessly. Features USB port and headphone jack.

Works with built-in rechargeable 820mAh battery which provides 10 hours long playtime while the sound level is set at medium range. It includes control buttons with play, stop pause, song backward/forward and volume adjusting options.


  • Lightweight body can be carried around easily
  • Playing options are expanded with SD card, AUX and bluetooth connection
  • Control buttons let you play, pause, stop audio, control the volume according to your will
  • The structure is convenient for easy fitting on the bike


  • It’s loud, but you can’t expect big loudspeaker overtopping loudness
  • Comes in several colors but the choice depends on them
  • Playtime decreases when the volume crosses medium range

3. CLEARON Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

[amazon box="B01MTK45ZO"]

CLEARON Portable Bluetooth Speaker’s main attraction is its ambient sound delivery feature. It is an 8W speaker, these watts are divided in two parts on each side which results in 360-degree surrounding sound.

The speaker is engineered with MAXBASS HI-FI sound technology which boosts the frequencies so that they don’t get lost among noise.

Built to withstand all kinds of hostile situation. The speaker is hardly prone to be damaged by any kind of external blow as it’s made waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. The body is stain-resistant.

Multiple options are available for playing audio files: Bluetooth (within 100 feet), SD card slot and AUX port. Includes an FM radio to tune nearby radio stations. A microphone is featured which enables you to dial numbers and attend calls.

Although it’s a bicycle speaker, the mounting gear is suitable for various mediums like backpacks and boats.

The speaker can be used as a bicycle horn. A remote control is included.

It works with 2500mAh rechargeable battery that supplies 12 hours long continuous playtime.

CLEARON Portable Bluetooth Speaker includes fascinating features for powerful sound and an amazing outdoor experience. I mean, how many speakers do you come across that provides with so many playing options, such a wide Bluetooth range and a really long playtime at a good volume?


  • The noise of wind, rushing or any other external causes can’t suppress the sound
  • The speaker can be used as a horn or a call receiver
  • It comes with a very wide Bluetooth coverage range
  • Long playtime


  • The treble quality needs to be improved
  • Mounting process is a bit complicated

4. Zealot S1 Bluetooth Bicycle Speaker:

[amazon box="B0187ADM7C"]

Zealot S1 Bluetooth Bicycle Speaker works with 3W output power. Covers frequency response range of 20Hz-20kHz. The impedance is 4 ohms. It comes with 40mm Neodymium stereo amplifier for captivating sound performance.

This speaker is water-resistant. However, the technology is meant for waterdrop or splash only; submerging in water will damage the product.

It uses Bluetooth connection and TF/SD card for audio playing. A FM radio is included, that can be operated using the AUX port. You can attend calls hands-free using Bluetooth.

Just when you’ll be thinking of the featured flashlight as the greatest addition to the speaker, another surprise awaits you! This speaker works as a powerbank too! Just plug the USB cable and utilize the opportunity.

It functions with 4000mAh rechargeable battery. The package includes bike mounting gear, carabiner, USB and audio cable.

Zealot has some really good speakers and definitely it’s one of their best items. The speaker is packed with all sorts of helpful options that are bound to come handy on a ride.


  • The speaker uses a neodymium driver for powerful audio
  • It can be used as a powerbank
  • Featured flashlight enlightens your way in the dark


  • Submerging in the water will destroy the speaker even though it’s made water-resistant
  • Phone charging decreases playtime

5. Celtic Blu Surround Sound Bluetooth Speaker System:

[amazon box="B0173YOQ3M"]

Celtic Blu Surround Sound Bluetooth Speaker System works with 16W power. Engineered with BAS technology to produce powerful sound that won’t get suppressed under the noise of a rush, wind or any other external cause. Follows 360-degree surround audio model for ambient dispersion.

The speaker is made waterproof, shockproof and stainproof. It’s IPX4 rated, so better not submerge in water.

Features Bluetooth connection that works within a huge range of 100 feet. A micro SD card slot is included. You can also tune in nearby radio station since it comes with a FM radio as well. Uses 3.5mm AUX and a USB port for wired connection.

The attached microphone helps you to attend phone calls hands-free. And this is not the only privilege it has for the phone, the speaker also works as a charging power bank.

The mounting gear includes a bike cage for secured mounting. The speaker is bottle-shaped, so easily fits in a cup holder.

It works with 6000mAh battery that offers 30 hours long playtime. Features a remote control.

Since it’s bound to go places, Celtic Blu Surround Sound Bluetooth Speaker System is packed with necessary features that will always come handy on the ride, and that’s all within an affordable price.


  • Comes with a long playtime
  • The speaker can be used for charging smartphones and attending calls
  • Provides powerful surround sound
  • Waterproof, shockproof and stainproof attire makes it a worthy companion for rough use


  • Submerging in water ruins the item although it’s waterproof
  • It’s hard to get a grip of the control if the speaker isn’t placed wisely

6. ZEALOT S1 Multi-in-1 Function Bicycle Speaker:

Multiple options are available for playing music: Bluetooth, TF/SD card slot, AUX and USB ports. Bluetooth allows you to attend hands-free call. A FM radio is included to tune in local stations.

You can turn the speaker into a temporary power bank whenever you like. It features a flashlight with three different lighting modes.

Works with a rechargeable 4000mAh battery that offers two different playtime ranges, 6-12 hours on Bluetooth and 24 hours on the SD card.

Bicycle speakers have to go through a really rough phase. ZEALOT S1 Multi-in-1 Function Bicycle Speaker is manufactured keeping this fact in mind, thus includes every necessary feature that should be in the best quality bicycle speakers.


  • The speaker works as a powerbank and a flashlight as well
  • Features neodymium stereo amplifier for powerful performance
  • Multiple mediums are included playing audio
  • Follows different playtime lengths for different sources


  • Active Bluetooth connection drains power faster
  • Water-resistant condition doesn’t work unless it’s just a splash

7. Zealot Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

[amazon box="B0187ADGL4"]

Yes, another Zealot bicycle speaker. Well, the features are so appealing, it’s hard to resist the deal.

Why Zealot Portable Bluetooth Speaker? Because the engineering made a great contribution for profound sound with a built-in neodymium amplifier.

Zealot bicycle speaker’s two tremendous sole attributes are also available in this model. Use the power button to turn the LED flashlight on and it has three different illumination modes. Need to charge the phone? Simply link with the speaker’s USB port, it’s a temporary power bank.

It features AUX and USB ports for analogue linking. For wireless connection, Bluetooth 4.0 and SD card slot have been added. Like every other Zealot bike speaker, it also has an FM radio.

Bluetooth can be used for attending phone calls. The speaker runs for 6-8 hours on Bluetooth. Use of SD card expands the time.

The fabulous part is, the mounting kit is particularly built to fit the handlebar, so it eventually becomes a part of the bike after installation.

Although it’s engineered as a waterproof speaker, there’s a condition for such statement. The body can withstand splash, not more than that.

Zealot speakers follow a similar method for construction and there’s a brilliant purpose behind that. Zealot don’t want you to miss out the complete enjoyment of music, which brings us to the features’ similarity. And the attributes are totally worth it.


  • Provides with a long playtime
  • Illuminates your way in the darkness
  • Lets you charge your phone and attend calls hands-free


  • The carabiner isn’t enough for a strong grip
  • Playtime is a lot shorter with active Bluetooth connection

8. PINGKO Sport Speakers Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker:

[amazon box="B0197RRGOO"]

PINGKO Sport Speakers Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker works with 3W output power. It covers a frequency response range of 80Hz-20kHz. The impedance is 4 ohms and follows 80dB sensitivity.

The most amazing thing about this speaker is, it’s engineered with high-quality driver for versatile use. So a great sound is delivered everywhere whether it’s your living room, bathroom, car trip or hiking, which brings us to the profound bass you can enjoy on a bike ride as well.

The speaker uses IPX5 level protection against water. It’s also made dustproof and shockproof for rugged outdoor use, which makes it the perfect companion for bicycling.

4.0 level Bluetooth is included for wireless connection. The speaker features a microphone, which lets you attend calls hands-free using Bluetooth. It also comes with a TF card slot and AUX connection for analogue use.

It functions with 400mAh rechargeable battery that provides for 6 hours long playtime. However, you have to keep the volume at the level of 80 for the particular playtime. An LED charging indicator light is featured.

A lightweight, tiny, portable bicycle speaker with high quality bass and various helpful features? PINGKO Sport Speakers Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker had to be added on our bicycle speakers list.


  • Built for rough use
  • Produces rich bass
  • You can check charging progress since an LED light is featured for the purpose
  • Phone calls can be attended via Bluetooth


  • Battery drains faster with higher volume
  • The treble quality needs to be improved

9. Avantree 10W Bluetooth Bike Speaker:

[amazon box="B01HI1908Q"]

Avantree 10W Bluetooth Bike Speaker features dual speakers with each component holding 5W power. The big wattage level, along with a built-in passive bass radiator brings the best of an audio file on the drive. It covers a frequency response range of 100Hz-20kHz.

It features IPX4 level protection against water which makes it a splashproof speaker. It’s made shockproof with rubber exterior.

This Bluetooth speaker uses 3.0 Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication) for wireless sound streaming. It’s one of those few speakers that’s able to play music from Spotify. The Bluetooth also lets you attend phone calls using built-in microphone. A TF card slot is included inside. For analogue connection, it uses AUX output.

Functions with a rechargeable battery. Provides with 6 hours long playtime and 6 hours long talk time, 40 hours if it’s in a standby mode.

Wattage rates are usually low in bicycle speakers, but Avantree 10W Bluetooth Bike Speaker’s wattage game is pretty strong. Moreover, the presentation of dual speakers and passive bass radiator proves why it’s one of the best bicycle speakers. Covers for all the basic bicycle speaker requirements. A neat deal indeed.


  • It’s waterproof and shockproof
  • Delivers clean and strong bass with high wattage and passive bass radiator
  • Supports Spotify streaming and NFC


  • The waterproof attire protects from splash only
  • Doesn’t feature an automatic FM radio connection

10. ECEEN Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

[amazon box="B016CWJFJQ"]

The main problem with most bicycle speakers is the inclusion of components. Usually less powered components are chosen to fit in a small location which results in poor sound. The noisy environment during bicycling is kinda responsible too.

ECEEN Wireless Bluetooth Speaker’s specialty is, it comes with an amplifier that boosts the frequencies and produces stronger sound. The problem of distortion is also taken care of.

Well, it says in the name. It uses Bluetooth connection for wireless streaming. The connection works within the range of 30 feet. A microphone is installed which allows you to attend phone calls using Bluetooth. The speaker includes AUX output for analogue connection.

This speaker is more of a small portable Bluetooth speaker, that can be used anywhere. However, it features straps for convenient bike mounting which makes it a tremendous companion for bike riding.

For protection, a durable hard case is included in the package. The case protects the speaker from shock, dust and other external problems on the ride. Moreover, the case is pretty spacious; you can keep keys, phones and other similar stuffs in it.

It uses a 4000mAh rechargeable battery. The battery provides a 15 hours long playtime. Again, this speaker can be used for charging smartphones.

Amplifier for stronger sound, phone charging and hands-free call attendance privilege, a rigid case for protection and carrying small stuffs, powerful battery – ECEEN Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is undoubtedly one of the best bicycle speakers.


  • Featured amplifier amplifies the frequencies to produce louder audio
  • The sturdy case carries small stuffs and protects the speaker
  • You can use the speaker to attend calls and charge phone
  • Easy installation


  • The mounting won’t be secure enough if it’s not done correctly
  • The case isn’t spacious enough for larger phones

Frequently Asked Question about Bicycle Speakers

1. Why don’t most of the bike speakers produce loud sound like average speakers?

Ans: The accusation isn’t always accurate. Yes, sometimes bike speakers do have to compromise with component quality due to the lack of space. Small components are required to fit in a small body, and thus most small components tend to response poorly. However, it’s not a big deal with the best bicycle speakers in the market since their manufacturers are pretty careful.

And as we said, this accusation isn’t an accurate one. When you’re on your bike, definitely you’re in a rush and lots of things bound to happen around you. The noise of the surroundings affects the speaker’s sound delivery quality which is a rare case for average speakers that we use behind the four walls.

2. If I wanna use an average speaker as a bicycle speaker, what attributes should I look forward to?

Ans: There are specific speakers for this purpose with necessary attributes, but you can use an average speaker too if you want to. In order to turn your average speaker into a bicycle speaker, a few steps must be followed.

Firstly, it should be small, lightweight and portable. A big treasure chest will never be acceptable! It should feature convenient connection modes that can come handy on a ride, hiking or in a boat. Like, Bluetooth connection is always recommended for this situation, because it’s easier to stream music wirelessly when the speaker is attached to a bicycle.

The speaker should have mounting features, like a frame or a bracket. At least, it should be capable of being mounted on a bike.

The body has to be pretty rigid. The outdoor environment is rough and it’s obvious that the speaker will have to go through a lot. So, it should be constructed with a compact attire that can stand tough against all sorts of shock and damage.

3. Why is the Bluetooth enabled speaker the most popular option for bicycle speakers?

Ans: There are various types of speakers. However, customers usually tend to go with Bluetooth enabled ones. And, why shouldn’t they?

It’s quite complicated and messy to set up a wired connection when you’re paddling. Moreover, AUX or any other sort of analogue connection limits the audio source.

With Bluetooth, it’s easier to play music, doesn’t require wiring and can connect to pretty much any Bluetooth enabled device. The convenience that comes along made it the most popular option among the users.

4. What is the ideal place for bicycle speaker installation?

Ans: The bike handle-bar is the most ideal place for the installation. Think about all the other places. You won’t be able to operate all the time if it’s placed behind. Side is not a wise location and that leaves us with the handle-bar.

The handle-bar has a suitable space for fitting. The speaker is located near your hand. The sound is closer to your ears and it’s always dispersing forward. However, you must mount it tightly so that it doesn’t come out.

5. Why do bicycle speakers have low wattage rate?

Ans: Because these speakers don’t cooperate with building circuit, so there’s no need for a huge power handling rate. Moreover, the battery that’s installed inside, would get burnt with high wattage. The bike speaker’s mechanism is meant for low wattage.

6. Should I use an amplifier or a subwoofer with my bicycle speaker?

Ans: Well, it certainly won’t be a wise thing to do. A subwoofer or an amplifier, both are individual drivers. They have separate bodies and their own loads. You won’t be able to fit them properly and it’s hard to operate a bicycle speaker with one of these drivers. So, it’s a no. You have to go with built-in subwoofer and amplifier.

7. How phone charging ability affects the speaker?

Ans: Now there are plenty of bicycle speakers that works as power banks. Surely, this is a fascinating advantage but the question that comes along is legit too.


So, here you have it.

A few tips for convenient shopping and some product reviews to save you the hardship of digging a whole yard. We hope you got what you wanted.

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