Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $200 – Guide & Reviews

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With technological advancement, the quality of music has become better, thanks to the variety of innovatively designed speakers. You can now enjoy thunderous music produced gently by a carefully selected speaker.

The sound should be emitted in such a satisfying manner so that your entire room or compound is captured with quality sound. The best Bluetooth speaker under 200 is the sound system you need when you are on a budget.

There are plenty of advanced speaker models you can get within this price range without compromising the need for high-quality sound.

 Recommended – The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 200 

1. Libratone TOO Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Libratone TOO Portable Bluetooth Speaker ReviewThis is an epitome of technology at its best. The design and thunderous performance of this speaker will amaze anyone who understands the power of technological advancement.

It comes with a variety of breathtaking features.
It has a convenient grab-and-go compact size that makes it unique and cool. It produces a unique 360 degrees sound with Libratone’s signature sound profile.

Libratone TOO portable speaker contains four speaker drivers that radiate sound waves in every single direction so that you will enjoy quality music wherever you stand.

The company’s signature sound profile contains a balanced, deep bass and crisp highs to ensure any genre of music sounds great.

The speaker includes the incredible ability to pair two speakers together with Bluetooth +1, intuitive touch control interface, speakerphone, and an easy-to-use app.

All this combined into a single cool gadget that produces the kind of sound that its size can’t reflect. The Libratone TOO boasts a splash-proof design that can withstand weather changes and any splashes of water.

And you want to know else is amazing about the Libratone TOO? It uses innovatively designed a battery that boasts over 12 hours of rechargeable battery life that is chargeable through USB.

What We Liked Most
  • Compact size that is easy to carry
  • Unique 360 degrees sound
  • Four speaker drivers
  • Over 12-hours battery life
  • Intuitive touch control interface
What Can Be Even Better
  • Its lifespan is wanting
  • May vibrate on a weak surface
  • Too small for some people
  • Little control options


2. BÖHM BIG Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Review

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 200The BÖHM BIG Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Speaker produces bold sound at the expense of boredom.

Four cones totaling for quality, this stereo speaker will help you experience the full potential of your music.
In a world where speakers’ design might still seem to be an afterthought, this amazing piece of technology stands out as an elegant entertainment device.

Whether you are lost in your favorite tune or you are just immersed in a blockbuster movie, the BÖHM BIG Wireless delivers nothing but large, open soundstage and super accurate tonal reproduction.

This ability is made conceivable by cleverly placed speaker cones. The book matched passive subwoofers fire super sound in opposite directions.

This highly advanced speaker boasts a highly advanced digital processor, which serves as the audio deciphering brains. Also, it has a dedicated button that lets you to wirelessly accept incoming calls or even launch Siri on your iPhone.

What We Liked Most
  • Exquisitely crafted housing
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Adequate volume
  • Chrystal clear highs
  • MicroSD card slot
What Can Be Even Better
  • Easily stained
  • Not variety of sounds
  • Heavy design
  • Short battery life


3. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Wireless Review

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Wireless ReviewThis is exactly where innovation meets great sound. This is an extraordinarily designed speaker with plenty of creatively instigated characteristics.

This Bluetooth speaker is large and full-sounding. It is powerful and offers plenty of basses so that if you want a good amount of rumble without any subwoofer, this device will impress you big time.
The look of this speaker will impress you, and its performance will make your heart melt. The Harman Kardon Onyx Studio is a black disk that is 11 inches in diameter and takes the shape of a convex lens of approximately 5 inches thick at its widest point.

This speaker stands on two metal legs built creatively into its body, and they let it sits at a slight angle. The Harman Kardon Onyx Studio features a black cloth grille that bears the Harman Kardon logo on its front and some rubber passive radiator with a metal disk on the back.

The speaker reaches very deep into the low end so that it offers an appreciable sense of rumble. That is why it can handle all genres of music with the precision that will leave you dancing yourself to every music.

What We Liked Most
  • Small portable size
  • Big sound
  • Two passive bass radiators
  • Stylish convex lens shape
  • Amazing audio performance
What Can Be Even Better
  • Rarely connect to iPhone
  • Several cases of connectivity issues with Bluetooth
  • USB port can’t be used as an auxiliary input from computer without Bluetooth
  • Absence of the high end


4. UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ReviewThis is a rugged wireless Bluetooth speaker that is touted as more powerful and durable option to the Jawbone Jambox.

It has a special acoustic skin with plasma coating that makes it stain and water resistant. It means that you can wash it when it gets dirty and it won’t be destroyed.
The UE BOOM is designed with a lot of creativity in a way that it also looks sleek on the outside. This speaker comes in six different colors which offer you enough options to choose from. The colors include red, black, white, pink, blue, and moss green.

It is a convenient sound machine that can sit vertically or horizontally, though it looks better suited when propped up vertically. Part of this speaker rubberized finish that is soft to touch.

The darker-colored models have the tendency of showing the oil from your skin, while their light-colored counterpart shows dirt and grime over time, but they are easy to wash off.

UE BOOM speaker charges through USB and is rated at over 15 hours of battery life. With such long battery life, the portability of this speaker is enhanced.

What We Liked Most
  • 15-hour battery life
  • Variety of color options
  • Sits vertically and horizontally
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly portable
What Can Be Even Better
  • Gets dirty easily
  • It’s a little heftyNot so elegant
  • Pricey to maintain


5. Bluetooth 5.25″ Indoor Weatherproof Review

Bluetooth 5.25" Indoor Weatherproof ReviewThis is a wireless speaker designed for both the outdoor and indoor use. The unbeatable qualities of this speaker make it many people’s favorite sound system.

It boasts sound appeal that is so great you won’t need to be tied down to your indoor sound system to control the outside music.
With its BT Blast speakers, you can wirelessly stream music up to 60 feet directly from your mobile device or your iPhone or other compatible Bluetooth device. Another impressive quality of this device is the fact that it offers multiple applications.

It is great for patio, garage, living room, or your basement. Its weatherproof cabinet has a beautiful white finish plus it is made of durable ABS material. I love how this beautiful piece of technology allows for clear and clean sound at all levels.

Your neighbors will envy as you throw your party as you control the sound from your fingertips. If you are planning to buy a speaker, this should be your next model. The amazing part is that it doesn’t cost much even though it is a powerful performer.

What We Liked Most
  • Good indoor speakers
  • Great sound
  • Weatherproof design
  • High performance
  • High-quality black finish
What Can Be Even Better
  • Don’t work with all devices
  • No Bluetooth range
  • Poor connectivity
  • Expensive


 How To Choose – The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 200 

If you are looking to buy the best Bluetooth speaker under 200, you may need a little guidance from someone with experience on these products. However, you can be guided by some factors so that you get the speaker that you need.

Right Size

Your device or subwoofer, in every way, should be able to blend in seamlessly with your speakers so that it creates an immersive listening experience.

If you have a small bookshelf speaker or satellite, you can go with an 8 inch or 10-inch sub. Make sure the subwoofer you want can fit in your desired location. If it cannot fit, consider your options.

Front-Firing Vs. Down-Firing

You need to find out where you are going to put your subwoofer. One of the benefits of low-frequency sounds is that they are less directional than those with higher frequencies.

It means that you don’t have to put it close to your front speaker. You need to be careful with the one you decide to choose between these two qualities.

Ported Vs. Sealed Enclosure

The sealed enclosure offers tight, accurate bass simply because air is sealed in tight so that it doesn’t come out. Sealed boxes are often less efficient than the ported enclosure, and that means that they require more power to give out a similar amount of bass.

Ported boxes have a vent that reinforces low bass frequency. You will get more output from the ported enclosure without needing the same amount of power.


I would advise you never to buy what doesn’t impress you. From the exterior, the system you buy should suit your style, and it should be able to match your room décor.

Be brave to choose what will make you love your house even more. With other factors also considered, go for the speaker with elegant design altogether.

Final Verdict

So if you are looking for the best Bluetooth speaker under 200, this review should guide your choice. These speakers are designed with the best features are delivers the best performance.

Choose any of these, and you will transform your entertainment. The speakers produce crystal clear highs, thumping bass that will fill your room or outside space with expansive and resonant sound.

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