Best Gaming Earbuds for 2023– Reviews by an Expert Gamer

Online gaming community is indeed one of the strongest community on the Internet and the hype is getting stronger everyday with new cases and new faces.

It’s pretty interesting that the popular Internet culture is highly obsessed with gaming. And that leaves us with no wonder that you want to be a valuable part of this culture.

However, whether it’s offline or online, gamers always need their headset: the helmet for the virtual war.

But hey, for understanding what’s being said in the game, to take the full advantage of making new friends or cussing a stranger online, you need to keep your headphone game strong and that’s why you need the best gaming earbuds.

Here, we have reviewed ten amazing gaming earbuds so that you don’t have to roam around much in order to seek the best. However, don’t forget to check the tips below before heading for the reviews.

Best Gaming Earbuds- Comparison Table

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Top Ten Gaming Earbuds Reviews

1. VAVA MOOV 11 In Ear Earbud Headphone

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VAVA MOOV 11 In Ear Earbud Headphone features dual drivers. Dual drivers take the power and boost its quality for divine sound, the reason why it sounds better than mono-driver earphones.

Good rhythm of bass is the one thing that can’t be compromised when you’re willing to enjoy some good tunes, and this earbud headphone has surely taken a good care of this matter. The bass response is made extended for the catchy vibe.

For a neat dispersion of all different types of frequency, it features a customizable mid-range setting. You can saturate the beats according to your choice using this setting. This setting also works as an equalizer for those earbuds.

The headphone features a waterproof microphone. You can use it for attending hands-free phone calls. What’s more exciting, this headphone connects to Siri, Alexa and other similar voice assistance programs. Inline controls are included that work to play/pause/stop music and adjust volume, along with the microphone.

Comfort is always a priority with earbuds. This headphone features in-ear soft gel design for a comfortable adjustment with your ears; and it comes with a snugly fit for the most secure fit.

VAVA MOOV 11 In Ear Earbud Headphone is basically a set of earbuds that has step up the earbuds game with dual driver. With tremendous bass performance, required settings and convenient design.


  • Extended bass response so that you don’t miss out those low ends
  • Features waterproof microphone that connects to voice assistance like Siri, Alexa, Echo etc.
  • Inline controls are included for faster operation
  • Convenient earbud design with secure fit


  • These earbuds tend to get off when ears are very sweaty
  • The inline control doesn’t interact with the link audio device’s volume, the headphone only

2. GranVela G10 3.5mm Jack Earphones:

[amazon box="B00XU9WGN2"]

GranVela G10 3.5mm Jack Earphone works with maximum 20mW output power. It covers a frequency response range of 15Hz-21kHz. The impedance is 16 ohm and comes with 118dB sensitivity.

It features a 9mm Dynamic Driver with neodymium magnet. The magnet brings out the most powerful response out of the frequencies.

These gaming earbuds are all about comfort. Memory foam has been used for comfortable fit, that is also effective for 93% passive noise cancellation.

The earbuds have in-line microphones. This mic is included for attending hands-free phone calls.

It’s constructed with a rigid aluminum body for durability. Comes with a carrying case. For the best fit and utter convenience several ear gel gears and memory foam eartips are included.

GranVela G10 3.5mm Jack Earphones are all about the best gaming experience. Features high quality driver that is a great replacement for annoying heavy headphones. Effective microphone service for a pleasant online gaming experience. What else do you need to call it the best earbuds? Oh, yes! It has a convenient design, that counts too!


  • Dynamic driver produces headphone-like high quality sound
  • Includes several ear gel and memory foam eartips for the best fit
  • Good in-line microphone service


  • You have to be extra careful with the wire because it tends to tear apart easily
  • Bass quality needs some improvement

3. Small Target Best Wireless Sport Earphones:

[amazon box="B06XYW2T3Z"]

Small Target Best Wireless Sport Earphones come with this unique design of earbuds that will compel you to think: out of everything, why this design?

Earbuds always tend to fall out due to misfit, mobility or sweat, and picking them up over and over again is an agony. These earbuds are built with silicon for a comfortable fit and they come in three different sizes for utter convenience. It’s made waterproof with IPX7 rated nano coating.

What makes these best,unique is the hooks that come along, these hooks are added for an ultimate secure fit around the ears, so that they don’t fall out repeatedly like before. Also, follows a neckband design to keep the tangling wires out of the way.

Uses advanced APTX Audio Tech for quality bass and stereo performance. CVC 6.0 noise isolation technology is applied to reduce background noise. Silicon attire volunteers for passive noise cancellation.

Features V4.1 Bluetooth connection. You can connect two Bluetooth devices at once. This earphone set also has a function for detecting and receiving incoming calls. Provides with 9 hours playback.

A unique design that has solution to every earphone-related problem, Small Target Best Wireless Sport Earphones were definitely meant to be also a gaming earbuds.


  • Neckband design to avoid tangled wire and hook system so that the earbuds don’t fall out
  • Waterproof attire that’s not affected by sweet or waterdrop/rain
  • Several techs for rich bass/stereo performance and noise cancellation
  • Latest Bluetooth version for latest tech related privileges


  • The earbuds won’t fit all ears since there are three different earbud sizes
  • The earphone won’t work for its purpose if it’s not hooked properly

4. Edifier P270 In-ear Headset:

[amazon box="B013J7O3ZI"]

Edifier P270 In-ear Headset is manufactured in gradual 13 steps for the perfect finishing. Unlike traditional earphones, this headset is built with a metal attire, which is meant for durability and longevity, along with style and elegance. Matt finished for a stunning touch.

It features silicone plugs for a comfortable fit. These plugs come in several sizes so that you can choose the best one for your ears. It follows an in-canal design for noise isolation, the earbuds form a steady seal in ear and cancels noise from entering inside.

The headset has a default tuning for a blended sound of frequencies. However, it features an equalizer that lets you set the levels according to your will.

Comes with an in-line microphone and controls. These controls allow you to play/stop/skip/switch soundtracks, along with the advantage of attending calls using the microphone.

Edifier is one of the leading companies since it always has something in the stock with new and revolutionary concept, and Edifier P270 In-ear Headset is a bright example of this. Tremendous sound with style, legitimately the quality gaming earbuds.


  • Metal has been used for durability and fabulous outlook
  • Silicone earbud’s in-canal design ensures noise cancellation along with a comfortable seal
  • Lets you adjust frequency balance
  • You can attend calls using the microphone and controls


  • The sound is okay for small earphone quality
  • The cord tends to break apart easily

5. AUKEY Wired In-Ear headphone:

[amazon box="B06XX1TXBC"]

AUKEY Wired In-Ear headphone’s best feature is its construction. It’s metal housed. For durability only? No, this is effective for rich sound too. The headphone is made noise isolating to cancel annoying background noise.

It covers a frequency response range of 20Hz-20kHz. The impedance is 60 Ohm and follows 98dB sensitivity. A 10mm dynamic driver is installed for high quality audio performance along with a pleasant FRR, impedance and decibel rate. Disperses low, mid and high frequencies with separate vibe for the best experience.

Uses comfortable, snugly earbuds. Includes three different sizes of eartips for the most convenient fit.

Earphone cables tend to tangle and break easily. This earphone set comes with a unique dual-strand cable that is tangle-resistant and doesn’t break easily.

Features microphone and in-line remote that allow you to attend hand-free phone calls and control the music.

To avoid air-based transmission problem, this set is completely dependent on wired connection. You can connect the headset to any device with a 3.5 mm AUX jack.

The title of the best gaming earbuds is determined by the features the earbuds offer. AUKEY Wired In-Ear headphone offers pretty much everything that should be in an earphone of the said title.


  • Features dual-strand cable to avoid constant tangling and for durability
  • Metal-housing ensures quality performance
  • Microphone and sound controls are included


  • You can’t customize the frequency tuning
  • Gets damaged with the touch of water

6. Dland Wired E-Sport Earphone:

[amazon box="B071W21T5F"]

Gaming needs your full attention. Dland Wired E-Sport Earphone is built to block surround noise so it doesn’t affect your busy brain. The 10mm dynamic driver produces high quality bass that enhances the pleasure of gaming and listening to music.

It covers a frequency response range of 20Hz-20kHz and follows 102+3dB sensitivity. Features an AUX connection that’s compatible with almost all kinds of AUX-enabled devices.

The earphone uses sweatproof silicone earbuds so that they don’t fall out when it gets all sweaty. Provides with inner ear loop for a stable fit. Silicone earbuds and ear loops come in three different sizes.

And that’s just not it! This earphone includes desktop adapter, extension cord and a microphone that scream only one sentence from all angles: “Born for gaming!”

Dland Wired E-Sport Earphone is undoubtedly one of the top gaming earbuds because its whole structure is dedicated to a pleasant gaming experience. Features necessary options for gaming and provides with all privileges for a sound event.


  • Blocks out annoying ambient noise for full attention
  • Provides with powerful bass
  • The earbud is made sweatproof and features ear loop to avoid falling out


  • Treble quality needs to be improved
  • The cord is long but way too thin

7. ActionPie VJJB-V1S High Resolution Heavy Bass In-ear Headphone:

[amazon box="B016L0DRXE"]

ActionPie VJJB-V1S High Resolution Heavy Bass In-ear Headphone is all about divine driver to ensure high quality performance. It follows a frequency response range of 20Hz-24kHz. The impedance is 8 ohm and follows 110dB sensitivity.

Includes 6mm dynamic drivers for sound production. The driver units are equipped with neodymium iron boron magnet and similarly powerful voice coil that deliver strong frequencies to provide with a pleasant experience. The audio is balanced with a tremendous combination of deep low end and spontaneous treble.

The headphone is pretty careful about distortion too. It comes with an exclusive tuning technology that works to reduce glitches. Tune according to your preference in order to terminate high frequency distortion.

It features earbuds made out of soft silicone. The silicone helps for a snugly fit and pretty comfortable on ears. These earbuds also function as effective noise reducing device.

Comes with a built-in microphone that lets you attend phone calls hands-free. The jack is compatible with all smartphones.

Although this headphone is actually made to use with smartphones or similar lightweight, portable devices; you can still use it for gaming.


  • Includes dynamic drivers with powerful magnet and voice coil for rich sound
  • Comes with tuning technology to reduce glitches
  • Silicone earbuds provide with comfortable fit and cancel noise
  • You will be able to attend hands-free phone calls


  • The cord tends to break easily
  • Doesn’t come with operating options
  • The earbud doesn’t suit all ear types

8. Urbuds S1 Plus Wireless Headset:

[amazon box="B01N4KWQ3N"]

Urbuds S1 Plus Wireless Headset, as you can see in the name, is a wire-free headset. Which makes it evident that this gear completely operated via Bluetooth.

The best thing about this headset is its eye-catching brilliant design. Earbuds always prone to fall out due to misfit, snatch or sweaty condition. To get rid of this problem, this headset comes with ear hooks. While the earbuds are put over the tip, the hook is placed around for a stable grip so that it doesn’t fall out at all.

Another brilliant part is the slider. It’s been added so that the cable stays within a rational extent. The eartips are made snugly for comfortable fit, comes in three different sizes.

It features a microphone and multi-functional buttons/volume controls for convenient operations, following the privilege of attending hand-free phone calls.

The headphone uses 4.1 Bluetooth connection. The connection works within the range of 33 feet. It allows you to connect two devices at once.

It works with rechargeable LiPo 60mAh battery. An LED indicator is included that projects the charging progress. One charging session provides with 5 hours long playtime.

Urbuds S1 Plus Wireless Headset combines the artistry with convenience. The design is brilliantly helpful for a stable fit and utility. The battery life is convincing and features some really useful options. Best earbuds or not, but the finest in its own way.


  • Ear hooks are featured for a stable fit
  • Slider is added to get rid of the constant tangling problem
  • Comes with a decent Bluetooth connection


  • The headset wearing process is complicated
  • Bass is weak
  • Bluetooth connection gets weaker as the range expands

9. Dodocool 3D Surround Sound Stereo Earphones:

[amazon box="B071XPCKN5"]

Dodocool 3D Surround Sound Stereo Earphones is equipped with 360-degree surround sound technology for divine ambient sound dispersion. It covers a frequency response range of 3Hz-20kHz. Impedance is 32 Ohms and follows 42dB sensitivity.

This headphone features 5.1 channel stereo for delivering 360-degree 3d surrounding sound. For high-quality bass, it uses a 12mm dynamic driver. This driver provides with the maximum quality sensitivity that brings out a very low-frequency response rate.

This kind of earphone falls out of the ear easily. Dodocool took care of this problem with adjustable cable and interchangeable earbuds. The earbuds and cable is designed to keep the headset in its deserved place.

It comes with a 3.5mm AUX jack that is compatible with most devices. This output is also one of the many reasons for claiming this as one if the good quality gaming earbuds, after the inclusion of a dynamic driver and brilliant sound technology.Well, it’s already explained above, so nothing much to drag here. 


  • Uses 5.1 channel stereo tech for 360-degree surrounding sound
  • Delivers high-quality bass
  • Includes interchangeable earbuds and adjustable cables for convenient usage


  • Mid-range frequencies sound weak
  • Can’t use the output for a device without 3.5 mm AUX port

10. Daystyle Wired Magnetic Earbuds:

[amazon box="B071WMCXCZ"]

Daystyle Wired Magnetic Earbuds’ main attraction is their magnetic attribute. Usually earphone wires prone to tangle and create disturbance. These earphones’ earbuds include magnet, that allows you to hang them from the neck and you can make them look like ornaments.

No compromise on sound quality. It is equipped with HD stereo sound quality that brings you dynamic bass and treble performance.

This headphone functions as a passive noise cancelling device. Ear tips come in three different sizes for convenient fit. They are made sweatproof so that they don’t fall out when the ear gets sweaty after a while.

It is compatible with all sorts of devices with 3.5mm AUX jack. Comes with a built-in microphone. This mic is used for attending calls without using hands. It also connects to several voice assistances like Apple’s Siri or Google’s Alexa.

With HD stereo sound quality and convenient features like 3.5 mm port, noise cancellation attire and comfortable eartips, Daystyle Wired Magnetic Earbuds.


  • Delivers high-quality bass and treble with HD stereo sound tech
  • Works great with computers since it features a 3.5mm port
  • You can use the microphone to attend calls and connect to voice assistance
  • Works as noise cancelling headset


  • Mid-range quality is low
  • The control features are complicated

How to Choose the Best Gaming Earbuds

It’s obvious that you’re looking for the market’s best piece. But the question is, do you know how to pick the best?

Sound Quality

Sound quality is the foremost priority. Since in-ear earbuds don’t have much room for a driver, you can’t really expect something fancy like big headsets. However, the 10mm drivers do perform solid, they’re the best for their category.

Many earphones use unique technology for this purpose. So, when you’re checking the details, look out for the technology they hold, along with the driver.

The wattage doesn’t matter a lot for headphones, but frequency response range, impedance and sensitivity rate shouldn’t be ignored if possible.

The Design

In-ear headset’s earbuds are quite problematic. They don’t stay stable in ears and are always looking for an opportunity to get out.

This can happen for various reasons. Two most common reasons are sweating and cord pulling. When the inside of the ear gets all sweaty, the earbud slips and falls out. And sometimes when the user is walking or moving, the cord can get pulled which may result into them coming out.

That’s why, these days, many manufacturers are following different types of designs in order to solve the problem. Almost all the latest earphones are designed in a specific way for this. Go for a headset that follows a similar convenient design.


Eartips are an important part of in-ear headsets. Because they are the one that delivers sound and their design affects the inside.

Best material for eartips is silicone. It is soft, flexible and feels comfortable on ears. Some companies provide with several eartip sizes for the best fit.

To attain comfortable experience, choose silicone eartips, particularly the ones that come in several sizes.

The Cord

To get rid of the constant tangling nuisance and tearing incident, several companies are changing the way of cable construction. New materials and techniques are being used for stability and durability. You should look these new models up.


It’s nothing special for a regular ear-phone, but for gaming earphone, the mic is a must. When you’re gaming online, you have to communicate with other members, thus the need of microphone is mandatory. Your gaming earphone should come with a decent built-in microphone. When looking for those earphones, look up the featured mic’s quality.

Output for Wired Headset

Now, if it’s a corded headset, you have to link it with the computer the analogue way. The headset and your computer should have the same output jack for connection. Usually, in-ear headsets feature a 3.5mm jack and computers always have a port for this. So, it’d be better to go for the 3.5mm port.

Tuning and Controls

Not every headset features these options. But think about it. You can play, stop, pause, skip music and adjust volume with controls. Tuning gives the privilege of setting the frequency level. And if a headset offers these advantages, you should definitely go for it!


Since we’re talking in-ear earphones here, our proposition is, don’t go for pricey ones. No matter, how good the sound quality is, these devices tend to get damaged faster. Spending too much money for earbuds, not really worth it.

The Reviews

Reviews must be checked. The specs and details give a good outlook of the product, but they talk about only one side of the story. Reviews are made based on one’s feedback about an item. So, it discusses both ups and downs of it, thus gives you a proper view.

This is the main reason why we put up with the reviews here in the first place. To give you a proper insight. That way you’ll be able to understand what you’re actually dealing with.

Pros and Cons

Pros and cons reflect on the positive and negative side of the product. The main reason for suggesting this is to recommend you to focus on the product’s faults. Now, many may disagree, but you should know about a product’s negative side as well.

When you’re learning about the faults, you know what problems you’ll have to face after purchasing it. This will help you to avoid making a wrong purchase or cope with the fault.

Now, let’s get down to the reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does company matter for choosing a gaming headgear?

Ans: When you’re asking for suggestions, many people will recommend you company names instead of a specific model. So it’s normal to think that the company name is what matters the most when the question of quality comes.

However, it’s not true. We admit that some companies are worth mentioning because they’re always experimenting with the best stuffs and thus their products always have something decent to offer, but it’s not all about that.

The fact is, when customers are pleased with a product, the satisfaction automatically forms a feeling of support in the customer’s heart for the company and that’s why they always tend to go for one certain name.

But the quality doesn’t depend on the company name precisely, it depends on the product. And a quality product can come from any place. The proof is evident above. We’ve reviewed ten products from ten different companies. Why? Because it’s not the name that mattered, but the quality the product offered.

2. How does the concept of 360-degree surround sound works with earphones?

Ans: That’s indeed a clever question. Surround sound clearly means that the frequencies will disperse from every corner creating an ambient effect. However, it’s impossible with an earbud that’s equipped with a driver pointing at one certain direction.

For this reason, the effect here is created virtually. With a clever work of sound manipulation, the user is obliged to feel a 360-degree surround sound environment around him/her.

It’s pretty complicated to perform this in an earphone driver, so the surround sound tech can be found in a limited number of earphones only.

3. What to look for in gaming earbuds?

Ans: Although, for hardcore gaming, earbuds don’t have much to offer; but there are indeed some high quality earbuds that are definitely meant for gaming.

When you’re looking for gaming earbuds, a list of preferences mustn’t be avoided.

First things first, sound quality. Because this is why you’re choosing a hearing device in the first place. Check the driver, tech or specs the earphone offers for sound.

After that, take a look at earbud design. Typical headsets clamp to the head, so there’s no chance of those muffs getting misplaced. On the other hand, misplacement is a common issue with earphones. So, watch out for the preparation it holds against the problem. By preparation I meant the size and the style of earbuds and eartips.

The earbud size and sound performance must be checked. And, also the output it holds, does it connect to the computer or console? Figure it out.

4. Which one is better: Wired or wireless earphone?

Ans: They both have their privileges. But since we’re talking about gaming, wire connection is the most preferable.

Wireless connection comes handy to connect the earphones with computer, but it’s not as easy as connecting via a cord. For instance, let’s talk about Bluetooth. To establish Bluetooth connection, you have to run a program on the computer. While you don’t need any extra preparation for setting up a cord connection.

Moreover, wireless headphones have to be recharged regularly in order to run them. So, the battery going dead in the middle of an intense online gaming moment won’t come as much of a surprise, will it? This is normal for a rechargeable device; it can die anytime.

5. How to keep the cord untangled?

Ans: One of the biggest problems with earphones. These cords get tangled easily. In order to avoid this problem in a regular basis, always straighten it every time you see a bit of curvy part. Good thing is, nowadays most manufacturers are pretty careful about this problem. Most of the gaming earbuds reviewed above feature some brilliant solution for this.


We’re confident, Our best gaming earbuds review will bring you the experience you have desired for all along. These products have been chosen following the guideline to provide you with the best and only the best.

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