Best Party Speakers for 2023- Recommended by Expert

What do you need to get the party started?

Plenty of foods, good punch and...

…blasting loud music!

Yes, good sound is everything for a successful event. Even that's why these party speakers were invented in the first place!

However, just like every star in the sky doesn't glow up, you can't go with any random speaker. Well, that's not much of a deal here as we've already reviewed ten of the best party speakers below. Check out the features to find the one that meets your demand and suits you the most.

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How We Selected These Speakers

We want you to have an amazing time with your party speaker. Wouldn't it be terrible if the sound fails to dominate the crowd?

Our topmost priority was sound quality. The models below feature powerful driver, just as needed for loud sound. For karaoke events, we added a few speakers with microphones.

LED lighting was chosen for vibrant illumination purpose. Most of the speakers below are battery driven to avoid complications. For connectivity, we were open to all options. Overall, this list includes pretty much everything there should be in the best buy party speakers.

Top Party Speakers Reviews

1. ION Audio Party Rocker Plus Rechargeable Speaker

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ION Audio Party Rocker Plus Rechargeable Speaker is literally a PARTY ROCKER itself. The event is not going 'lit' as you expected? Believe me, one party rocker plus is all you need to boost up the spirit and bring life to your little get-together.

ION Audio Party Rocker Plus Rechargeable Speaker provides with 50 watts of dynamic power to keep those cones blasting throughout the whole program.

Party isn’t party without wild bass. This speaker includes a 6.5-inch woofer with promising low-end frequency delivery range. The bass is so fly, you won't be able to stop shaking your body with the booming rhythm. Wide-dispersion takes care of catchy high notes.

After sound quality, comes the music selection part. And that's another reason what makes this speaker one of the best speakers for outdoor party of the market. Your music playing option isn't limited to RCA or AUX connections. The speaker features Bluetooth which lets you play music from any Bluetooth enabled device. And it's not just those storage songs, even Spotify playlist is allowed to be heard!

Sing along to your favorite Katy Perry or Charlie Puth song! Karaoke is more fun with ION Audio Party Rocker Plus Rechargeable Speaker's tremendous features. It includes microphone for singing and guess what, your friend can join you in a karaoke session, thanks to dual microphone input. Echo effect has been inserted to create a professional environment.

This speaker's special attraction is its colorful light dome. Red, green, blue, white, pink and orange - these six colors are featured in the dome for illumination. You can set the environment with four different modes - Auto, single color, beat sync and freeze.

With this speaker, you won't have to worry about placement or wiring. The speaker works with built-in rechargeable battery. 7 hours of charging session provides with 75 hours long playtime! (Though it's only six hours with lights on) It's portable and doesn't require much effort for taking places. You can place it anywhere in the event and enjoy uninterrupted music.

A portable party speaker with ground shaking sound and gorgeous lighting: ION Audio Party Rocker Plus Rechargeable Speaker is definitely the best investment for your next party!

2. Brookstone Big Blue Party Reviews

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Why it's one of the best outdoor party speakers? Because Brookstone Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker gives you literally EVERYTHING you want for your dream party!

Let's start with the sound, because it's the topmost priority. Power wattage is everything to determine the sound quality and that's where this speaker has hit the home run! 72 watts of power takes you to a magical journey of powerful music. Moreover, a promising hearing area is covered with 40Hz-20kHz frequency response range.

What's better than good surround sound? Nothing. The speaker is equipped with four drivers, that are angled at multiple directions to provide you with 360-degree rich surround sound. Profound bass is a must to turn up the heat, the subwoofer and bass radiator take complete care of that.

You don't need to stay dependent on cables for connection. This speaker is super devoted towards wireless connection. Features Bluetooth which allows you to stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device that's within the range of 33 ft. Make a playlist and play whatever you want. And guess what else, this speaker even supports NFC connection!

It says in the name, indoor-outdoor speaker. You can use it literally anywhere! The speaker is made water-resistant, so water splashing from the pool or rain drop won't be a major obstacle for your fun time.

Easy-grip carry handle is included for portability. Port it anywhere anytime without any hard work, easy as that.

Features convenient control options. Balance bass/treble sound and volume with them.

The speaker also comes with a pairing button for establishing Bluetooth connection. You can control the speaker with your Bluetooth enabled device.

It works with rechargeable battery which saves the effort of plugging. One charging session provides with 5 hours of playtime. Includes an AC adapter for charging.

So, here we are. Brookstone Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker features four powerful drivers for rich sound, includes bass radiator for the perfect bass, stands strong even at the touch of water, doesn't require cable for power and playing, is portable and offers decent playtime: sounds like a complete package to me. And you?

3. THE SOUNDBOKS 1 Portable Speaker

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With long playtime and excellent sound quality, THE SOUNDBOKS 1 Portable Speaker is inevitably one of the best Bluetooth party speakers of current market.

THE SOUNDBOKS 1 Portable Speaker claims to be the LOUDEST PORTABLE SPEAKER, and while you're wondering how, the driver setup explains it all. Unlike other speakers, the components are custom-selected so that all the frequency needs can meet up at one place.

These drivers are joined by class-d amplifiers to produce powerful sound. And you can imagine, what we mean by powerful sound when the amplifier turns the volume up to 119dB. Little get together or crowded place with hundred guests, similar rich quality sound is always at your service, as long as the event is within the range of 100 yards.

Party hard wherever you are! This speaker is built for rough use. It's water-resistant, you won't have to fear the wrath of water splash. Shockproof attire protects the speaker from heavy damage, hit and fall. Humidity and weather don't have much effect on it due to its weather and temperature-resistant system.

Portability and connection convenience at their best. Though AUX input is available, cable connection isn't mandatory for playing music. It features Bluetooth. Make a playlist of your choice in a Bluetooth enabled device, pair it up with the speaker through Bluetooth and start wireless streaming, easy as that. This 30 lbs lightweight speaker can easily be carried by anybody, anywhere.

It follows a classic speaker design with Baltic birchwood flight case and brushed aluminum frame.

You don't have to worry about plugging for power either. It works with rechargeable batteries. 3 hours of charging offers 150 hours of playtime with average volume! With maximum volume, it's up to 50 hours.

50 or 150 hours, THE SOUNDBOKS 1 Portable Speaker introduces an amazing playtime and that's a fact. And it's also devoted to give you the best time of your life with powerful sound of highly amplified quality drivers. With the privilege of wireless connection and durable attire, this speaker is a winning deal indeed.

4. Sony GTKXB7BC High Power Home Audio System

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Since we're talking about the best Bluetooth party speaker for home, there are a few things that you are bound to focus on before anything else. First, let's talk about bass. A proper beat drop is everything to turn the night up. Sony GTKXB7BC High Power Home Audio System introduces a sound technology called EXTRA BASS to radiate powerful low frequencies. Which is literally EVERYTHING as profound bass is what you need the most for a rocking event.

And this is not it. It also features ClearAudio+ technology for clear and quality audio. The technology detects the signals and customize their settings to deliver distortion-free neat sound.

Even your speaker is determined to give you a party feeling with its LED light arrangement. The light illuminates events with different colors, choice is up to you. And those light patterns sync with beat for a fulfilled party vibe.

For wired connection, it includes RCA and USB input. Link it with other speakers and players/TV through audio input/output port. However, you don't have to rely on a single player for playing music. Digital music can be played from smartphone, laptop and tablet using USB connection.

It also supports wireless connection. Stream music via Bluetooth from any Bluetooth enabled device. Or you can use NFC as an alternative option.

Worrying about the system's strength? Don't. If you're feeling like it needs a little boost, just give it! This system lets you pair up multiple speakers together to create a powerful system, and the pattern is super easy. Just assemble them in a chain and select a host. The host will activate the system and other devices of the chain will chronically follow it.

The speaker already includes its own control options; however, you can control the system with your smartphone too, all you have to do is install the SongPal app and operate through it.

You can set the system up in two ways. Includes a sensor for optimizing the most suitable sound that goes with your setup.

This is the thing about Sony GTKXB7BC High Power Home Audio System, it has its own incredible features that you won't find in any other system. And if you observe thoroughly, these features are what makes it the best speaker for parties. You can try if you want to, but let me tell you what, you won't find another match for this piece.

5. PRORECK PARTY 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered PA Speaker System

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If you're considering a whole system with party speakers system, you should definitely check this out.

PRORECK PARTY 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered PA Speaker System is a system consisting of an active speaker, a passive speaker, a cable to connect these speakers, two speaker stands, a remote control, a microphone and a cable for the microphone. This system literally contains EVERYTHING you need for arranging a party, regardless of the theme.

Dual speakers ensure quality audio delivery. An amplifier is installed in the active speaker for boosting sound. It covers a frequency response range of 50Hz-20kHz. Component arrangement has a great impact on the performance. That's why the passive speaker includes high quality tweeter and a 15-inch woofer. The woofer's 45oz magnet is responsible for the system's incredible bass performance.

The most amazing thing about this system is its variety of connectivity options. Features traditional stereo line input for connecting to TV, DVD player and computer, or you can use USB cable. It also has an option for micro SD cards. For wireless connection, you can stream music from a Bluetooth enabled device via Bluetooth. It includes an FM radio too.

What's a party without vibrant lighting? These speakers come with colorful LED light to add life to your events. The light mode changes with volume.

You won't need an additional mic, the system covers for it. The included wireless remote control lets you control volume and connectivity options, equalize notes, play and pause tracks. Enjoy spontaneous surround sound with featured speaker stands.

See? PRORECK PARTY 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered PA Speaker System takes care of every possible thing that will be required for a successful event, and that's all within an amazing budget! That's a worthy deal right there.

6. Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Talking about the best speakers for parties and not mentioning this gem? Na-ah, this is just simply unacceptable!

The main concern with party speakers is the sound quality. Mediocre performance with merely passable sound is meant for anything but parties. Splendor events require high quality sound And Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker incredibly takes care of this.

Powerful sound requires powerful wattage. This speaker works with 200 watts of continuous power. Frequencies are more distinguished than ever with five drivers. You need profound bass for an enjoyable party, the speaker's 6.5-inch dual voice coil subwoofer is on to it. No distortion even when the volume is turned up to the maximum.

Frequencies come pre-set in a pretty accurate way for your party demand. However, you can still adjust them per your preferences, thanks to the 5-band onboard graphic equalizer that comes along. It already features four pre-sets, but you have the full liberty to fine tune and get the exact blend you want.

It supports both wired and wireless connection. Stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device using aptX and A2DP Bluetooth modes. You can use NFC as an alternative option. For wired connection, it uses 3.5mm AUX input.

Want massive sound that will entertain the crowd but make your neighbors hate you? Exos-9 is always at your service! Use dual stereo or stereo separated configuration and connect two exos-9. 400 watts and 10 drivers, do you even want to imagine the consequence?

This incredible speaker is also nailing the power system. It features removable 57.2 Wh lithium-ion batteries that offer 9 hours of decent playtime. Don't want to put a time limit? It includes cable, remove the battery and plug in.

Whether it's outside or inside, Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is always prepared to give you a good time. With its powerful drivers and brilliant equalizer, sound quality is the least of your worries. And the presence of both battery and cable power, that's a rare combination, you won't find it everywhere. In conclusion, I only have one thing to say: why miss the incredible opportunity of linking two Exos-9 together and blast the evening with rampant beats?

7. QFX SBX-412300BT Speaker

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Tailgate party, BBQ in the backyard or DJ party beside the pool - QFX SBX-412300BT Speaker is the perfect party speaker for every event.

What makes it one of the best Bluetooth speaker for party? First of all, the sound quality, obviously. Soft treble notes aren't gonna satisfy the crowd, you need wild monstrosity and this is exactly what you get with QFX SBX-412300BT Speaker.

What's stronger than the combination of a woofer and a tweeter? Triple woofers and triple tweeters! Yes, you heard it right, this speaker features three 12 inch woofers and three 1 inch tweeters.

In case you're wondering what can be the possible reason for this, just turn the speaker on. When you'll hear the bass and the treble getting three times more powerful and hitting you with 4000W PMPO, you'll understand the benefit of such arrangement. The speaker is all about giving you intense party vibes with strong rhythm.

With so many drivers inside, it was not really necessary, but this speaker comes with an amplifier. An equalizer is on board, you can adjust the notes to have the desired sound.

It also has an incredible lighting arrangement. The speaker features multicolor RGB LED lights that increases the fun by pulsing with beats. Wait till you see the beat drop!

QFX SBX-412300BT Speaker is a Bluetooth cabinet speaker. You don't have to plug it to a music player, music can be streamed from any Bluetooth enabled device. Or you can use USB cable for wired connection. The speaker features SD card slot for micro SD card. It also has an FM tuner to connect to nearby stations.

When you're outside blasting the speaker, low battery power of phone or music player is going to be the least of your concerns. It offers the privilege of charging phones and rechargeable music players. A remote control is included for operating the speaker from a distance.

Loudest tailgate speakers are all about powerful sound and we're talking about a speaker equipped with six drivers. Besides, not to mention, vibrant lighting and multiple connectivity options are included too. You can always look forward to QFX SBX-412300BT Speaker for the best audio experience.

8. Pyle Outdoor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke PA Loud speaker

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The phrase 'Party Speaker' isn't enough to describe Pyle Outdoor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke PA Loud speaker's ability. It's a lot more than just some components crammed inside a cabinet, it's a WONDER BOX!

So, what does the speaker hold for audio performance? It fulfills your urge for profound bass with powerful 8-inch subwoofer. An amplifier is equipped for boosting the sound among the crowd. It covers a frequency response range of 100Hz-20kHz. The impedance is 4 ohm and follows ≥85dB sensitivity.

Includes DJ lights for hyping the mood with continuous flashing.

For connectivity, it primarily uses Bluetooth connection. Music can be streamed from any Bluetooth enabled device as long as they're within the range of 65 ft. However, you can go with wired options as well. The speaker supports USB and 3.5 mm AUX input for cable connection.

You can also play music from micro SD cards, it features an SD card slot. Moreover, the speaker has an FM radio which allows you to connect it to the nearby radio stations. You can save up to sixty stations.

Pyle Outdoor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke PA Loud speaker's special attraction is its microphone and recording features. Yes, it features three types of microphones: headset mic, lavalier mic and handheld mic. You can use these microphones for singing and talking, and for recording too.

It's a portable speaker and the fun part is, you won't have to carry it around like most other portable speakers. It comes with wheels and retractable handle which allows you to take the speaker anywhere without having to hold the whole weight.

This speaker works with rechargeable battery. 12V charger is included.

If you think about it, Pyle Outdoor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke PA Loud speaker is definitely one of the best loud party speakers. Rich bass and amplified sound, along with DJ lighting, multiple connectivity options, microphone and convenient portability - it has everything you need for a splendid event.

9. Sharper Image SBT1008 Bluetooth Wireless Tailgate Speaker

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Don't take the name for granted, Sharper Image SBT1008 Bluetooth Wireless Tailgate Speaker isn’t meant for tailgate parties only. Outdoor or indoor, you can use it anywhere, and for multiple purposes.

The speaker works with 60 watts of power. Though it doesn't seem like much, the audio delivered by drivers combined is enough for crowded events.

The most amazing thing about this speaker is, it's arrangement for jamming. You can plug in your guitar and try out multiple tunes. Yes, this speaker allows you to practice your guitar skills. For this, a guitar input is included.

The speaker comes with a 5-band equalizer. You can adjust the frequencies using its knobs and switches. The equalizer includes echo and volume controls. A microphone input is situated on the right side of it.

It supports both wireless and wired connection. The speaker uses Bluetooth to stream music from Bluetooth enabled device. This gives you the liberty of choosing your favorite songs instead of depending on CDs.

Music can also be played from a music player or cable powered device. For wired connection, USB and AUX inputs are included.

Have fun at karaoke parties! That's right, it comes with karaoke function. You see, mic is already included.

The speaker is constructed for easy transportation. It has two wheels in the back and retractable handle. Grab the handle and take it places, without hassling much.

Works with rechargeable 11.2v/2.2a battery. Charging cable is included. Moreover, you can charge it in a car as well, AC or DC connection is required for that.

Sharper Image SBT1008 Bluetooth Wireless Tailgate Speaker is one of the loud party speakers for little get together and Saturday BBQs in the backyard. Turn the power on, start the music and plug in your guitars for a fun time with friends. Yeah, this speaker definitely sounds like a goal.

10. Alphasonik 15" Powered 2800W PRO DJ Amplified Loud Speaker

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Let's end the list with a loud beast, shall we?

What's a party without loud music? And that's what makes Alphasonik 15" Powered 2800W PRO DJ Amplified Loud Speaker one of the best speaker for party. After trying it on, it'll be hard for you to go with something else.

It features a 1 inch titanium driver with horn tweeter for high quality treble. The tweeter is particularly designed for high fidelity. It controls high end frequencies and amplifies them for a more powerful performance. However, its design helps to produce distortion-free sound even at maximum volume.

About the woofer, it comes with acoustically aligned dual port system. This system works like a substitute for subwoofer. It optimizes drum beats and instrumental bass to bring the best out of low end frequencies.

A built-in amplifier is included for boosting the sound. It also helps to produce clearer sound required in a noisy place. The amplifier comes with an aluminum extruded heatsink to balance the heat inside, overheating negatively affects amplification.

Play the sound of your preference. You don't have to stuck with the track's default audio, thanks to the onboard dual band equalizer introduced by the speaker. The equalizer lets you fine tune and adjust all the frequencies to give you exactly what you want to hear.

I don't think you'll be needing additional lights after purchasing this. Several LED lights are featured on the speaker that glow up with beats. Can you imagine when it pulses or beat drops? Yup, that's a magnificent sight!

This speaker has made sure to keep those connectivity options open so that you don't have to face any difficulty playing music. You can easily stream music wirelessly from a Bluetooth enabled device via Bluetooth. It gives you the liberty to connect to any audio device using AUX, RCA and XLR connection. It also has an SD card slot and USB port for better privilege, if you ask.

Includes a multi-directional microphone, so yes, karaoke parties are always welcomed. Control the lights, play/pause songs, select connections and adjust volumes using onboard playback controls situated on the speaker. Mounting tripods are featured for clearer audio dispersion.

So, what do you think about this loud monster, eh? That's right, I wasn't bluffing when I said, it'll be hard for you to go any other way once you're introduced with Alphasonik 15" Powered 2800W PRO DJ Amplified Loud Speaker's splendid features. Pretty amazing, isn't it?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's an active speaker?

A: The speaker that comes with a built-in amplifier is called active speaker. Usually, in this case, you don't have to worry about an amplifier, you can directly connect your speaker to a receiver/mixer.

2. What's a passive speaker?

A: The passive speaker doesn't include its own amplifier. You'll have to make a separate purchase of amplifier while using a passive speaker for loud sound. However, the power transition between those two devices has to be balanced, so you should be always careful about that.

3. What are the mandatory features of a party speaker?

A: Speaker types are defined based on their usage, so you can understand what the name 'party speaker' stands for. It's actually meant for loud events where a number of people are supposed to gather and noise is expected. Moreover, dancing or singing tends to be the main attraction of the program. So, the speakers that meet certain preferences are ideal for such purpose and are labeled as party speakers.

However, the features vary from model to model, which is a genuine thing. But there are still some attributes that can be (or should be) spotted in every party speaker and they're considered as the general characteristics of such speakers. Or, at least these are the features that are mandatory for party speakers.

As we've already mentioned, it's obvious that the environment is gonna be crowded and noisy, so loud sound is a must. Powerful amplification should get priority in this case. Besides, profound bass is strongly required here, your party speaker should be careful about this too.

It must be portable. As you can see, these speakers have to be moved here and there for the sake of events. The speaker must be lightweight or have a particular feature (like wheels) for easy transportation.

The party speaker mustn't be completely dependent on wires. Since most of the events take place outdoor or in certain area where you have to set a temporary system up for cable connection, wireless options for connectivity (like, Bluetooth) or charging (rechargeable batteries) are always pretty helpful for avoiding complications.

Lighting is a big part of nighttime events, both indoor and outdoor. It's great if your speaker includes lighting, but it's not mandatory. You can always look forward to additional lighting. And these things are pretty much everything there should be in a party speaker.

4. Which one is more important: amplifier or subwoofer?

A: Before coming to this conclusion, you should have a clear concept about amplifier and subwoofer's work. Amplifier is actually about optimizing speaker sound and make it more audible.

On the other hand, subwoofer kinda functions the same way, but only for bass. However, the impact of subwoofer is much more intense than an amplifier. It boosts low end frequencies and make them stand out more profoundly than other notes.

If you are to choose between an amplifier and a subwoofer, here's what you should do. First, you have to decide, what is your main priority? Do you want clear sound or rich bass? Select the right component based on your preference. Otherwise, you can't actually choose between these two, they're meant for different purposes.

5. What's the benefit of an equalizer?

A: Here you'll see, many party speakers feature onboard equalizers. So, the question naturally arises, why?

We all know how sound works. Sound is basically a combination of several different frequencies. When a track is created, frequencies are already set in a particular mode.

Equalizer gives you the liberty to fine tune those frequencies. What's the benefit? You can enjoy bass and treble just as you like. You don't have to depend on the track's default tuning. This setting also helps sometimes to create high fidelity or avoid distortion.

6. Which one is the best for parties: speaker with cable or the one that works on rechargeable batteries?

A: Both have their privileges, but it'll be better to go with battery driven speakers. Those speakers come with their own batteries. One charging session provides with a decent playtime. You can party for hours without having to worry about any additional power source.

7. What's the difference between party speakers and DJ speakers?

A: Not much. In fact, you can actually use both of them for similar purposes. However, DJ speakers concentrate more on sound delivery, where party speakers are more decorated.

Many party speakers include microphone facilities for karaoke events which is not a characteristic of DJ speakers. Light settings are more splendor in DJ speakers. DJ speakers are mostly cable powered. There are few other differences here and there, otherwise these speakers are pretty equivalent.

8. Are party speakers good for genuine indoor use?

A: Yes, you can use them if you want to. Just one thing, party speakers are louder than regular speakers, you better keep that in mind.

Buying Guide

We often get confused during a purchase due to a certain reason. Sometimes we don't bear a clear concept about the item and this leads us to utter dilemma.

In case you're having the same trouble with choosing a party speaker, these tips can always come handy.

Sound Quality

The topmost priority. Now, there's a huge difference between regular household environment and party environment. Profound bass is always among the primary party demands. Go with a speaker that includes high quality woofer or bass radiator. You don't want to ruin the mood with weak low-end frequencies.

Decent frequencies aren’t enough for a noisy crowd. Utmost clarity is required and your speaker should always be prepared for this. Our advice is, speakers featuring components with high fidelity audio should be on the top of the list for this.

It's better if the speaker comes with a built-in amplifier. You'll need an amplifier anyway since we're talking loud music. A built-in amplifier will save the cost of purchasing a new one. Besides, you won't have to worry about impedance or wattage balance.


This feature varies from model to model. Wired and wireless connection, both have their privileges. With RCA or AUX input, you can connect the speaker to audio players like DVD. Some speakers have an SD card slot, you can make a playlist in the card storage and play it. NFC or Bluetooth allows you to stream music wirelessly from a supported device.

The connection preference is completely up to you.


Most party speakers are battery powered for the sake of outdoor events. Because then you don't have to worry about cable connection for power. One drawback, the playtime is fixed.

However, if you're going with cable powered speaker in a place where no permanent circuit board is available, make sure to have an arrangement prepared for plugging in. Otherwise, you're doomed.


Most speakers are made lightweight for easy transportation, some have wheels and handles for carrying convenience. Choose the one that you find most comforting.


Never compromise on the speaker's durability. Since party speakers are mostly used outside, it should be prepared for every possible encounter. Water splash in pool party, shock by sudden hit or the effect of weather: the speaker must be durable enough to withstand all dints.


Well, this was it. Our goal was to present you with a list of the best party speakers and hopefully it will help you get what you came here looking for.

Pick up one from our top ten selection or follow the buying guide above if you are looking for the one that is not on the list and you're having difficulty to make the purchase.