The 10 Best Shower Speakers for Your Bathroom| Reviewed

What can make a boring back scrubbing time more interesting?

Singing your favorite song along with your favorite artist, right?

And we know, this is the main reason why you came here in the first place… To have some good suggestions for your shower speaker purchase.

Well, guess what, to make your shopping experience more convenience, we put a few buying tips here to help you shop better, a brief analysis of these speakers and a list of 2019's ten of the best Bluetooth shower speakers.

Check'em out now!

How to Buy the Best Shower Speakers

Do you know what you need?

Yup, that's the first thing to check. You know you want a shower speaker. But why do you need it? In fact, shower speakers are though named 'shower speakers', but their utility is much wider than that.

Moreover, all shower speakers aren't built following the exact same design. They're built differently to serve for different purposes. For example, one shower speaker may include an extra AUX jack for wired connection when another one may not. So if you want AUX option, you have to look for the first one. That's why you must decide your priorities before searching.

What is your budget?

Well, though shower speakers are pretty cheap, still the price varies from model to model. It's not necessary to have a budget, but you can fix one if you want too look for a certain section.

Check the Features

When you're inspecting a certain speaker, check all of its features to get an idea of the speaker's capability. Make sure that the speaker is waterproof enough for your use. Look if the driver is capable of producing good music. The battery life should be inspected sharply. Also, don't forget about the connections.

Is it worth it?

You've already decided what you want and that's what goes inside your brain when you're inspecting a speaker. After checking all its features, it's time to reach the verdict: does this speaker feature those options that you're looking for all along?

Check the Reviews Online

A very important step of online shopping. User's reviews are very helpful to detect the product's quality. By reading their reviews, you'll get an evident idea whether a certain speaker will be a good choice or not.

Also, you can check site reviews, like the one we have here. These reviews also give a good hint about the product you'll be dealing with.

Time to Hit the Button

After deciding, searching and checking every important point, it's pretty obvious that you'll find your desired speaker. When you've found it, it's time for order. Click the buttons and place the order.

However, since we're talking about online shopping here, you have to be very careful indeed. Make sure your product comes with a good warranty so that you don't end up with a faulty product.

Best Shower Speakers -Comparison Table

[amazon table="9349"]

Who Need a Shower Speaker?

Well, if you want some musical entertainment in shower, shower speaker is just the thing for you. It's also quite beneficial for those people who may have to attend an important call any time of the day.

For hobby, to enjoy some music on a drive, during a trip or hiking or just for chilling outside, shower speakers are indeed a brilliant investment. Also, for those who're on a limited budget currently.

Benefits of Having a Shower Speaker

Makes Showertime More Entertaining

You have to admit, to most of us, showertime is not just a part of daily routine where you scrub your skin in order to maintain hygienic state. It's our special 'me' time, where we put all the worries and duties aside just to have some relaxing minutes.

Well, we have our secret singing or acting obsession to make showertime fun, but the presence of a little music makes it more entertaining. And that's what the shower speaker does, serves for this great purpose of entertainment.

You Can Attend Important Calls

An important task can come up anytime, a person may need to call you anytime and from the other side of the phone nobody can deduce what you're doing at that time. And that's the reason for you missing many important calls.

You were in the shower and not in the state of receiving calls. Well, lucky for you, many shower speakers have the solution for this problem.

It's Waterproof

Well, you can take your smartphone or iPod to the bathroom, can plug those earphones to chill with some beats while having a nice sponge bath. But is it safe?

It's neither safe for the device, nor for you. The splash of water or accidental drop in the tub can damage the device severely. And if you're unfortunate, something lethal can happen as well due to electric shock.

That's why the shower speakers are built waterproof. They don't get damaged by the touch of water.

They're Helpful in Many Ways

They're called 'shower speakers'. But look at all the features, they're more than just shower speakers.

You can use them anywhere as a regular stereo. You can place them or mount them on different places. You can use them to attend calls. There are other features as well that make those speakers versatile in every aspect.

Durable Speaker

To be honest, shower speakers are relatively more durable than most other speakers. To last longer in water and withstand all the pressure in odd circumstances, these speakers are built differently.

They're made stronger and the construction materials are more compact for longevity. This way, they can easily withstand major pressure, shock and other drawbacks, and thus pretty much more durable.

A Little Friend

A shower speaker is a little friend indeed. These speakers are pretty small and don't weigh much, so you can pretty much carry them anywhere. You can enjoy music from your shower speaker even when in your car, in your room, at work, while hiking or chilling outside. Doesn't matter, it can be brought everywhere.

You Don't Have to Spend Much

Shower speakers are very simple. They feature tiny driver and don't include anything giant. So the price range is also very low.

However, if you think about the audio quality, to withstand water sound and other distractions, the sound quality is uniquely crisp and pretty much eligible for all situations.

So, if you want to, you can actually use it for other speaker purposes as well. And since it doesn't cost much like a regular stereo, imagine all the money you can save by making it a substitute for that!

How We Made This Top 10 Shower Speakers List

Well, the purpose of making this list is to help you a little more to shop better. As we mentioned before, the market is a confusing place. If you type 'shower speaker' on the keyword bar and click the 'search' button, there will be a big list of THOUSANDS of products. But you just need one!

And it's not like the problem only occurs during online shopping, the same can happen in an actual store too.

Why? Because there are lots of companies out there and they manufacture lots of speakers every year. However, not all of them are good or succeed to meet their customers' demand. And it's hard to distinguish the good from the bad.

They all look good from the outside, how are you supposed to know which one would be the best for you?

Yes, that's a tough luck. And really pretty difficult decision who doesn't have any experience at all.

That's why we thought it'd be a good initiative to sort out ten of the best products of current market. That way you won't get lost in the crowd of speakers, it'll be easy to choose from a few options and since they're all quality products, no chance you'll end up making the wrong purchase.

We had to keep a few things in mind while making it in order to make a rational list, so that only the best products can get enlisted here.

Since it's a list of shower speakers, we sharply paid attention to shower related details because they're our main priority.

Speakers are one sort of electronic device and the issue of water's existence can't be avoided if you want to use the speaker in shower or any other wet place. Since the presence of water tends to damage electronic devices usually, we added only waterproof speakers.

We gave priority to wireless connection. Because wiring or connecting cable isn't impossible, but is really a big hassle in bathroom. So we tried to avoid this matter and only enlisted the speakers that primarily support wireless connection. E.g. Bluetooth.

This is a very common scenario, an important task comes up, someone calls you for that but you miss the call just because you're in shower. So the speakers that feature a hands-free talking option, we added them too.

Well, it's a speaker, so the sound quality has to be good. We only included speakers with 3W and 5W drivers, because these are the best sounding shower speakers.

Since we're mainly focusing on wireless connection, the favorable play time has been considered for the speaker's activity period.

These were the main features that had been considered most importantly to sort out the best bathroom speakers for you and the outcome has been pretty pleasant. We're upbeat that you'll find your desired speaker right from the list and it'll be one hell of a successful purchase.

Here's the recommendations.

1. VicTsing Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker with 5W Driver

[amazon box="B00MYYCGKW"]

Mark my words, VicTsing Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker with 5W Driver is top shower speakers in the market. Why? Well, here's why.

It's made dustproof and shockproof, thanks to the patented interface design and silicone case that comes along for protection. You can use it even outside since the speaker is leveled up to IPx4 for ultimate protection.

Waterproof speakers are 3W speakers usually, but VicTsing Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker comes with a 5W driver, so you can understand the stereo game is pretty strong. Also, it supports A2DP system for crisp audio.

The speaker features an Aluminum alloy metal hook and detachable suction function. You can either attach it or hang it on anything or any surface you like.

A phone call can come anytime, even when you're in the shower and it can be pretty important. VicTsing Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker makes it easy for you to pick up the call even in the wet state.

The speaker includes a built-in microphone and Bluetooth connection, so you can easily connect your smartphone and receive calls easily with included hands-free function.

Bluetooth connection let you stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device, so you can listen to your favorite music without worrying about cable connection.

The speaker works on batteries and is chargeable. It automatically shuts down after 15 minutes of no activity.

VicTsing Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker is that 5W speaker that entertains you during a cozy shower with good music and it does that with no string attached! Clearly, it's worth the shot.

What We Liked Most

  • Built-in mic and Bluetooth connection solve the problem of missing important calls.
  • You can use it anywhere regardless of the place.
  • Suction cup and hook help to mount it anywhere, so you don't have to worry about extra wiring, kit or template.
  • Shockproof and dustproof.

What Can Be Better

  • Water drop or sprinkle doesn't do any harm, but immersion in water will damage it.
  • Any other adapter rather than 5V 1A and 5V 2A will damage it.

2. SoundBot SB510 HD-Best WaterProof Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker

[amazon box="B00IGUUYTI"]

SoundBot SB510 HD Water Proof Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker is quality shower speakers in the current market and it's all because of some pretty solid reasons.

First of all, it's a waterproof speaker. The loudspeaker and microphone both are built water resistant, so the touch of a little water sprinkled during the shower isn't a problem for the system. The surface is also made splash proof for further convenience.

You don't have to pause shampooing in the middle just to lower the volume or to attend the call. SoundBot SB510 HD Water Proof Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker features intuitive control buttons that also happen to be splash proof to help you control the music and receive calls hands-free. This wireless connection works within 33 feet.

The audio is quite crisp, everything the caller says or the artist sings is clearly audible even through the running water sound.

Doesn't require any wired connection. SoundBot SB510 HD Water Proof Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker presents High definition Bluetooth 3.0 audio wireless connectivity. The Bluetooth connectivity option makes the speaker compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices.

Installation doesn't require wiring either. The speaker features a suction cup for mounting convenience on any surface.

It works on a rechargeable lithium battery. One charging segment leads up to six hours of continuous activity.

SoundBot SB510 HD Water Proof Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker is a speaker that's not affected by water drop or splash, provides with crisp audio, doesn't require any sorts of wiring and includes hand-free options: I think these advantages are enough to acknowledge its true potential.

What We Liked Most

  • Suction cup mounting saves the hassle of wiring and you can use the speaker anywhere.
  • You can control volume/power/play/pause/play forward or backward/attend calls without bothering to use your soaked hands.
  • Splashproof attire and system.
  • You can stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device.

What Can Be Better

  • Immersion in water will damage the speaker.
  • The bass is low.

3. AYL SoundFit Portable Outdoor and Shower Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker

[amazon box="B014VJD6PQ"]

If you've decided to go for any random speaker just because you think there's nothing special can be expected from a 'shower speaker' and they're all kind of same, you're being absolutely misled. AYL SoundFit Portable Outdoor and Shower Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker is a perfect example.

It's one of the few shower speakers that come with a 5W driver. 5W driver produces strong bass and crisp audio; not just shower, perfect for any place.

AYL SoundFit Portable Outdoor and Shower Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker is a water resistant speaker. It features level IPX5 protection to guarantee the speaker's ultimate safety from the water. The low-pressure water stream is completely harmless to the system. Immersion or submersion isn't accepted but is compact enough to handle the accidental drop in water.

The construction is pretty sturdy, so big pressure on the device doesn't affect it much.

AYL SoundFit Portable Outdoor and Shower Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology for faster streaming. You can stream music from all sorts of Bluetooth enabled devices. The connection works within 33 feet range.

It works on rechargeable batteries. Gives you non-stop audio performance for 12 hours and it does that with only 3 hours of charging time, even when the volume is at a high level.

Longer performance time with short charging period, faster Bluetooth connection, better water resistant system and strong audio with strong attire prove that all speakers are not the same. Some shower speakers are indeed the top shower speakers and AYL SoundFit Portable Outdoor and Shower Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker is one of them.

What We Liked Most

  • Low-pressure water stream, splash or water drop doesn't affect the speaker.
  • Accidental drop in water doesn't harm the system if you take it out quickly.
  • Longer battery life.
  • Sturdy attire that can withstand it.

What Can Be Better

  • Immersion in water will damage the system.
  • Doesn't feature a mounting kit or template.

4. iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker 

[amazon box="B00KHX9MCW"]

It's not just our words, iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker is indeed a popular candidate of 2018's shower speakers list. And frankly speaking, the speaker deserves the acclamation.

iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker is one of those few shower speakers that are water resistant by all means. You can even dip it in the water and as long as the depth is not more than 3 feet, it will cause zero harm. Water splash, drop or stream flow don't have any effect either.

Comes with 3W driver, but the bass is pretty strong. Gives you that booming rhythm everywhere you take it.

No need for wiring, you can stick it anywhere. iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker includes a suction cup which allows you to mount the device on any surface.

Features a Bluetooth connection and stream music from all Bluetooth enabled devices as long as they're in the range of 33 feet. The Bluetooth system takes less than six seconds to connect. Moreover, it's compatible with SIRI. You can also use the speaker to attend calls.

You can control music and the volume easily with the featured button. The speaker works on chargeable batteries. Three hours of charging gives 10 hours of tremendous playing period.

Its features explain a lot about the speaker's quality. No doubt it's one of the 2018's popular choices. Bring it home and start enjoying the best shower-time concert today!

What We Liked Most

  • Completely waterproof.
  • Longer battery life.
  • Decent bass.
  • You can attend calls when your hands are wet/busy.
  • Can be replaced or refunded within the first 12 months.

What Can Be Better

  • You can't mount the speaker on a rough surface.
  • You can't put much pressure on the attire, otherwise it'll break.

5. AquaAudio Cubo – Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

[amazon box="B01G7KJV2Y"]

Let's find out why AquaAudio Cubo – Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is one of the popular shower speaker choices of 2018.

This waterproof speaker comes with a 3W driver, yet it produces really strong bass and crisp sound with the help of its sound optimizer technology. The bass found in this speaker is pretty deeper than many other 5W speakers in the market.

You can mount the speaker on any surface since it includes a suction cup.

The music and the volume can be controlled directly from this speaker with the track switching and volume adjustment buttons. The speaker also comes with call attending advantage. It features an 'answer call' button, you can turn the speaker into a speaker phone by clicking it and attend your call directly with the speaker's microphone.

AquaAudio Cubo – Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker uses Bluetooth connection for all sorts of connectivity actions. You can stream your favorite music to the speaker from any Bluetooth enabled device. The connection works within the range of 50 feet. Besides, the speaker also connects to Apple's SIRI.

It works on rechargeable batteries. 2.5 hours of charging provides up to 10 hours of continuous play time.

AquaAudio Cubo – Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is literally a 3W driver with 5W driver sound quality that comes with great control options, features wider Bluetooth connection range and has longer battery life - no doubt people prefer it's enlisted as one of the best Bluetooth shower speakers in people's perspective.

What We Liked Most

  • Waterproof.
  • Since it comes with a suction cup, doesn't require wiring and can be mounted at any place.
  • It can be used for any location though it's a shower speaker.
  • Uses sound optimizer technology for rich sound.
  • Comes with longer Bluetooth connection range.

What Can Be Better

  • You can't immerse it in water, though it's waterproof.
  • Can be mounted on plain surface only.

6. Basspal IPX7 Portable Wireless Waterproof Speaker

[amazon box="B06XG1DR9S"]

Yeah, Basspal IPX7 Portable Wireless Waterproof Speaker is also constructed like every other shower speaker, however, if we judge the quality, it's still ten times better than most of them.

Basspal IPX7 Portable Wireless Waterproof Speaker is truly a waterproof speaker. It follows protection level IPX7 for ultimate safety against water. Usually, shower speakers tend to damage if they're submerged in the water, but not this one.

You can dip it in water, nothing will happen if it stays there no longer than 30 minutes and the water depth is not more than 3 feet. Anyway, must dry it soon after soaking.

The speaker delivers rich sound and profound bass with its amazing 5W driver.

You can stick it to any surface with the suction cup just like many other shower speakers, so it's not a surprise. What's really worth the amazement is the floating advantage. You can either mount it on a surface or let it float on water.

This speaker is also an FM radio and features LED lighting.

With Bluetooth connection, you can easily stream your favorite music from any Bluetooth enabled device but it must be within the range of 33 feet. You can attend calls and tune into your favorite radio stations by clicking the buttons.

The speaker works on 650 mAh batteries and one charging session provide up to 5-6 hours of play time.

The extreme waterproof attire, rich audio, FM radio, LED mood lighting - you can understand why it's still ten times better than most shower speakers.

What We Liked Most

  • It's completely waterproof.
  • You can listen to radio programs as well.
  • LED mood lighting brings a party vibe.
  • It can float on the water, so sticking isn't a mandatory option.

What Can Be Better

  • Needs smooth surface for mounting.
  • The system can become weak if you don't dry it soon.

7. LQG Wireless Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Shower Speaker

[amazon box="B072BVTLYQ"]

LQG Wireless Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Shower Speaker is a IP66 rated speaker. Which means it's both waterproof and dustproof. The speaker is designed ruggedly to withstand waves and water splash. Just one thing, the included rubber cover should be pressed tightly in order to protect the USB and AUX jack from the water.

Dust doesn't affect it either. It's built with TPU material to protect the speaker against shock and scratch.

LQG Wireless Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Shower Speaker comes with tremendous 3.5WX2 dual high-performance drivers that deliver rich stereo audio. Reinforced bass completes the divine experience. Harmonic distortion is less than 1%, so the sound is very clear.

The speaker uses both wired and wireless connection for music. You can either stream music from a Bluetooth enabled device with the Bluetooth connection if the device is within the range of 33 feet or connect the speaker to a non-Bluetooth enabled device with the featured 3.5 mm AUX cable.

It works on rechargeable 1100 mAh lithium-ion batteries. 3 hours of charging provides with 13 hours of continuous play time with 70% of maximum volume.

LQG Wireless Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Shower Speaker is one of those rarest shower speakers that can transmit music from a non-Bluetooth device. With quality speaker options, it's indeed one of them.

What We Liked Most

  • Dual stereo drivers help to deliver separate treble and bass.
  • The sound is pretty clear since the harmonic distortion is less than 1%.
  • You can connect it to a non-Bluetooth enabled device.
  • Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.

What Can Be Better

  • Can't be dipped in the water.
  • Doesn't include mounting feature.

8. XmanxNew Mini Water Resistant Wireless Shower Speaker

XmanxNew Mini Water Resistant Wireless Shower Speaker is one of the most popular shower speakers of 2018 market. Considering the features, we highly recommend this tremendous machine.

XmanxNew Mini Water Resistant Wireless Shower Speaker is a IPX4 level water resistant speaker. Water sprinklers and drops don't affect the speaker. You can easily use it during shower.

The agony of missing phone calls is solved. Hands-free talking option allows you to receive calls when you're still in the shower or your hands are too busy/wet to attend the call. You don't even have to bring your phone near the water.

Comes with convenient control options. You can easily power, play, pause, adjust the volume, skip forward or go backward with these options.

It features a vacuum suction cup to mount the speaker on any surface. You can use it as a smartphone or tablet stand too.

This is one of those few shower speakers that include an LED light function.

XmanxNew Mini Water Resistant Wireless Shower Speaker supports Bluetooth connection. Music can be streamed from any Bluetooth enabled device. It also helps in attending calls.

The speaker works on 400 mAh lithium-ion batteries. 3.5 hours of charging provides with 2 hours of playback and 10 hours of standby.

A good quality waterproof speaker that delivers awesome music and comes handy to attend a call. With LED lighting, Bluetooth feature and good quality battery, it surely worths the price.

What We Liked Most

  • Not every other speaker can be used as a phone or tablet stand.
  • LED lighting sets the mood.
  • Can be used anywhere.
  • You don't need to engage your hands to attend phone calls.
  • The speaker can be mounted on any surface with the suction cup.

What Can Be Better

  • Will be damaged if you immerse it in water.
  • The mounting surface has to be smooth.

9. Elivebuy Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

[amazon box="B00NTRFW2C"] 

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B00NTRFW2C" locale="US" src="" tag="soundmoz24-20" width="500"]

Every speaker comes with their individual options. So do shower speakers. Basically, it's not unknown what their features can be. But what if your shower speaker offers more than it's supposed to be. Is that possible? Well, with Elivebuy Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker, yes, it is.

Elivebuy Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker features IPX4 level protection against water. So water sprinkle or drop doesn't affect the system.

The speaker supports A2DP system for sound. It comes with 5W driver, so you can understand, the sound and bass game is pretty strong.

For controlling convenience, the speaker follows intelligent voice prompt function. You can use this speaker to tune into your favorite radio station along with listening to your favorite songs.

Elivebuy Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker comes with a built-in microphone, so just form a connection with your phone and attend calls directly. The hands-free call option allows you to receive calls even when your hand is wet/busy.

You can mount it on a surface with suction cup or hang from something with the snap hook it includes.

The speaker uses two types of connection for music streaming. You can either use a TF card or take the help of V4.2 Bluetooth connection to listen to music.

It works on rechargeable batteries and one charging session offers 2-3 hours of continuous playtime.

What We Liked Most

  • You can either mount it on a surface or hang from something.
  • It can be used as both music player and FM radio.
  • TF card connection saves the hassle of Bluetooth streaming sometimes.
  • You can attend calls even when your hand is wet/busy.

What Can Be Better

  • Immersion in water will damage the system.
  • Many customers don't like the outlook.

10. Puloa Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker

And here comes our last recommendation. Well, just because we're mentioning it in the last doesn't mean it's of less quality than any of the speakers above. In fact, it's capable of outrunning many of them when it comes to the quality.

Puloa Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker is an IPX7 level splash proof speaker that follows IP67 rating for protection. Moreover, the speaker is designed to fight against dust, damage, and shock. So it can be easily used in any circumstances regardless of the effect.

The speaker comes with a 3W driver. Still, the bass is pretty intense.

It can be mounted on any surface with its silicon suction cup. It can stand on a flat surface too. The speaker has control buttons for controlling music and other options.

Puloa Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology for wireless music streaming from any Bluetooth enabled device. Bluetooth also helps to connect your phone to the speaker so you can directly attend calls. The speaker is a FM radio as well, so you can tune into your favorite radio stations whenever you like.

It works on rechargeable batteries. 4-5 hours of charging provides with 6 hours of playtime.

So to speak, Puloa Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker is indeed a great choice for shower-time music enjoyment. So, what are you waiting for? Order it before the stock goes empty.

What We Liked Most

  • It can be used as both speaker and FM radio.
  • You can use the speaker anywhere regardless of the location.
  • Delivers decent bass.
  • Waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and damage resistant.

What Can Be Better

  • If you immerse the speaker in water, it'll damage the system.
  • The suction cup works on smooth surfaces only.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shower Speakers

1. Which company manufactures the best shower speakers?

Ans. Well, sorting products by company's fame is never a good idea. Because a good product can come from any company, popular or not. What you gotta focus on is the product itself. Its features and presentations define the speaker's quality.

2. 3W driver or 5W driver?

Ans. Both drivers are good, but 5W driver comes with better bass.

3. How does the suction cup work?

Ans. The suction cup works like a magnet, though it uses pressure force instead of magnetic force. When you're trying to stick or mount something, it should be supported by something that will hold the thing in the air.

The suction cup puts a pressure on the surface and gets attached to it. So, when the speaker is supported by the cup, it gets attached too.

4. Can I use any suction cup with a speaker?

Ans. No, that won't be a wise thing to do. Not all the speakers weigh the same, they include different mass. So the company makes the suction cup according to the speaker's mass. Yes, it results in the cup's capacity differences. So, if you use a different cup there's a chance that it won't be able to take the load.

5. Why can't you submerge all waterproof shower speakers in the water? Aren't they supposed to withstand water equally since they're all built 'waterproof'?

Ans. It doesn't work that way. Mostly electronic products tend to be damaged when they're affected by water because of the electronic reaction.

However, there are some electronic products that are built with such construction that can't be harmed by water. Companies apply this construction to make their speaker's waterproof.

The construction can be done in many ways and that's why the protection level varies in products. Some construction can withstand a splash or sprinkle but isn't enough for water immersion. Because of protection level differences due to construction, all speakers can't withstand water similarly.


This article was created with a little effort from our team to help you have the best shower speaker purchasing experience. We're optimistic that our hard work will pay off and you'll get what you came here for. Good luck with everything!

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