Best Sounding Car Speakers in 2017 – Guide & Reviews

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Car speakers are their very own species with very different specifications to the rest of the speaker community. These devices are the best when it comes to loudness and quality of sound because they operate in places that are very demanding.

The cars are often out on the road and in order for the best sound to be heard the speakers must be very well made regarding projection and material. Any speaker that is of low quality will not work well as a car speaker.

The list below is of five speaker systems that are really good and that will provide the user with the best sound experience he can hope for.

They have been looked into and sifted from a large pool, and the user can be assured that they are the very best he or she can find when they are looking for the best speakers to have for their car.

 Recommended – The Best Sounding Car Speakers 

1- Kicker 41k5c6934 speakers Review

Best Sounding Car SpeakersThis is one of the most modern brands of speakers and one that will be of good use to him for a very long time.

All the modern additions that one might expect of a speaker are available in this beauty.
There is a very efficient wireless control that nullifies the need for cables and makes the whole system very easy to control. The remote unit is also very modern and has an Output for the earphone jack.

This gives the user a very easy time while they are trying to connect the earphone. He will not need to move up to the device to have it connected but can have it done right there.

Other features include USB connectivity meaning that the device can be connected to other computers or devices that can then be used to add even more functioning to the speakers.

The material is of the best quality and will prevent vibration and excess absorption of sound.

  • Very modern
  • Connection such as Bluetooth available
  • Exterior well done
  • Sound propagation perfect
  • Good dimensions
  • Could be more powerful
  • Has to be fitted by an expert
  • Control not the best
  • Some cars will find it too large


2- Infinity reference xref 9602 6 by 9 inch 2-way Review

Infinity reference xref 9602 6 by 9 inch 2-way ReviewCar speakers are very varied, but every once in a while you come across a speaker that is so singular and perfect that it confounds you.

I had never heard of this speaker system before but when I finally came to know it I was knocked down by its perfection. The finishing is beautiful and pleasing to the eyes.
The covering is top notch and what this means is that the speaker will be used and not causes sound alteration that could be a bad thing.

The speakers are three and all can be fitted easily with space to spare. The advantage of this is that the car is not overcrowded and does not feel cramped.

The other features such as Bluetooth and others are obvious given and will be very easy to operate and make function.

Controlling the whole thing is very easy and will not cause the user any headache. This speaker is among the best and will not be overlooked by any buyer who knows what a good sound system is all about.

  • Wooden back part for sound propagation
  • Easy functioning, no prior knowledge required
  • Long-lasting components
  • Two powerful satellites
  • Differentiation of levels possible
  • Cost could be a hindering factor
  • Only two way
  • Some cars might need to have components removed to fit it perfectly


 How To Choose – The Best Sounding Car Speaker 

With the multitude of brands of car speakers that are available, you can end up experiencing a hard time purchasing the best speaker. As a guide, I have provided you with some important things that you should consider when buying the best speakers for your car.


When it comes to dimensions the best car speakers are those that are known to be big. However, there are some smaller devices that are just as powerful and will be of good quality as well.

Whichever choice the user decides to make it should be one that allows for the best sound quality over everything else. Users will have a chance to test out different speakers, and they need to be sure if what they are buying before choosing anything.


The wattage level determines the power of speakers. A speaker that boasts .ore watts is more powerful and will be used to effect better than one that is of lesser power.

The user should not just buy the speakers but needs to consider the power output and known that it will affect his speaker. More powerful speakers are louder and could be preferable to lesser powerful speakers.

Number Of Satellites

The number of satellites and whether they can all be accommodated in a car is a matter that should be a primary concern. The number of satellites is determined by the makers based on their preferences, and this has a direct influence on the way the speaker sounds.

Car speakers usually have a larger number of satellites that can be fitted into the back of the car and provide very good sound. This is a matter that should not be overlooked by the user when they are choosing a speaker.


Tuning refers to the way the speaker has been configured about the satellites and the subwoofers.

The tuning will have a big influence on the quality of sound and should be thought of by the buyer. Any speaker that is not well tuned will not be the best and will cause a lot of problems for the user.


Control refers to how Easy it is to manipulate the speaker. The whole system will most likely have a remote control unit that should have different functioning modes to make it as useful as possible.

The remote should make it easy to change any number of things the user wants and adjust others to his or her preference. This is an important feature.

Final Verdict

Users looking for the best quality sound system for their cars have come to the right place. These five devices put out have the best record out of all others that are available.

There are numerous kinds of these speakers and you can count of the top five covered above for quality performance in your car. Users can choose whichever they want from the range provided as long as their standards are met.

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