Best Water Speakers in 2023- Details Expert Review

Well, some people refer to it as a popular opinion, some don’t, but the truth must be told: Searching for water fountain speakers is one of the most annoying tasks.


Well, let’s go through all the steps, shall we?

As you type your criteria in the search box and click the button, a number of speakers appear in a split second.

This is what is supposed to happen when one is looking for an item, but look at all the pictures!

Yes, you didn’t mishear (or in this case, misread) my words, folks. This is indeed a frustrating matter when it comes to water speaker purchase. As the display is the main attraction of this speaker, it becomes pretty hard to choose from so many stunning shots.

And that’s not all!

Then comes the sound!

Since water speakers specifically focuses on the display part the most, you have to put extra effort to find the speaker with quality driver arrangement. The awful part is, this is not as easy as it sounds. And if you’re not experienced enough, good luck with that!

Obviously, we understand your concern regarding the purchase. That’s why we’re here to solve your problem with beneficial tips and suggestions. Everything you need to know is presented below in one place, so every question you have in mind, get them answered one by one.

Best Water Speaker- Comparison Table

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Our List of Water Fountain Speakers

So, as promised earlier, we sorted out some speakers from hundreds of names to make it easier for you to choose the best. Moreover, it’s hard for every user to go for the exact right option due to lack of knowledge or experience or both; so, we thought it’d be better if we picked some name for you and help you select faster.

And here we are with our list of ten of the water fountain speakers.

Before heading to the list, we’d like to disclose our procedure of selecting these speakers. Because, as a customer, you should know how they were picked in order to place your trust on our decision.

Our main focus was the display. Since LED light is what makes the display more interesting, we made sure to add water speakers with LED lights.

We don’t want you to get bored of repetitive display, that’s why our eyes were always on the speakers with multiple shooting patterns.

And we’re talking water speakers here, so quality sound is a must. Let’s face it, you’re looking for a speaker after all, and obviously you’re not here just for the show. Your desire, our commend. All the speakers below offer a great audio deal.

These speakers are lightweight. You won’t have to put much effort to take them places.

We included both wired and wireless connectivity features. You should be open to a big number of options.

As you can see, we touched all the criteria that should be in a good speaker. Take a look at the list and pick the one that suits you the most.

1. SoundSOUL Bluetooth Water Dancing Speaker

[amazon box=”B016EZMRP0″ template=”vertical”]

Obviously, water speaker’s main attraction is the show it puts on for people and no surprise that people want a good show. The whole goal of this list is to bring you the best water dancing show, along with quality sound and we think, SoundSOUL Bluetooth Water Dancing Speaker definitely makes up for the demand.

SoundSOUL experimented with cool LED lights here to bring life to the display. And we have to admit, this experiment has been pretty LIT. Yeah, dancing water and bubble are exciting, but addition of colorful LED lights makes it more captivating.

Those LED lights are synchronized with the featured fountains. They pulse and illuminate the screen with different colors as the beat goes up and down.

Now, people often complains that water speakers are less serious about quality compared to the show. If you do believe the same thing, SoundSOUL Bluetooth Water Dancing Speaker is bound to change your mind.

It’s an amplifier speaker, which makes it quite a real deal already. Moreover, linking two of them together works pretty well for surround sound. Yes, once you connect the speaker to a player and turn the sound on, it’ll be a hella amazing experience. Perfect for indoor usage.

About dancing water, the speaker has been tested thoroughly before release to make sure everything’s in the right place. You can remain certain that the water won’t leak. Non-toxic materials have been used in construction, so nothing to worry about that either.

The speaker is actually meant to be connected to phones and computers. A 3.5mm connection port is included for the purpose.

There you go, a simple but splendid companion for your household entertainment. It’s hard to describe what a fancy soul SoundSOUL Bluetooth Water Dancing Speaker is just in a few paragraphs, but you won’t regret the real-life experience!

2. e-joy 22771 Dancing Water Speaker

[amazon box=”B00H6E9AUE” template=”vertical”]

All the worries you have regarding your water speaker not being a good ‘speaker’ in general, here we present you e-joy 22771 Dancing Water Speaker. Dancing water display? Amazing! Sound quality? Even better.

So, let’s get into the sound part first, shall we? It may not seem that intense, but when it comes to power handling, this speaker is a tough sport. It includes 2.0 RMS output channels, that can handle upto 5W of power. Covers a frequency response range of 90Hz-18kHz.

The speaker features three drivers for sound production. One driver takes care of bass production, while other two drivers work to deliver high end frequencies.

Multi-colored LED lights are featured which makes the water dancing display more vibrant. The water shoots out following the beat; and in the meantime, those LED lights add color to the string, hence give you a festive, colorful display.

This speaker is dependent on wires for connection. To connect to audio devices, 3.2mm AUX cable or USB cable is required.

Audio files can be played from a big number of audio devices using e-joy 22771 Dancing Water Speaker. From, iPhone, iPod, android, mp3 to PC, DVD and other audio players, this speaker is open to every kind.

It’s often said that water speakers aren’t good enough for rich performance. This speaker is manufactured to prove them wrong. Connect two e-joy 22771 Dancing Water Speakers together or build a whole system with a bunch of them, to see for yourself. The delivery is pretty strong with two or more speakers combined.

The best part about this speaker is, you can enjoy the show wherever you want. It’s battery powered, which allows you to take it to places. So, not just home, backyard party or picnic in the weekend, this water speaker is prepared to rock you everywhere.

And yeah, this is pretty much everything you need to know about e-joy 22771 Dancing Water Speaker. Great deal for the money, don’t you think?

3. DE Dancing Water Speaker

[amazon box=”B00IUOCQN2″ template=”vertical”]

Though dancing waters are actually meant to put up a great show, but sound quality also matters, right? Yes, you can surely satisfy kids with just a display of water shooting out of a base, yet that isn’t enough to satisfy adult hearts.

Good sound is everything for them, and DE understands that. Proof? DE Dancing Water Speaker!

What makes it stand out in the market? The display isn’t the only thing this speaker excels in, the audio delivery is quite impressive as well. The performance is energetic as a regular bookshelf or desktop speaker.

Multi-colored water jets are included to add a chromatic feeling to the display. Water shoots out of those jets as the audio file starts playing, water string goes up and down with the beat.

What makes an already stunning water fountain display more captivating? LED lights! The speaker includes four multi-colored LED lights to illuminate the display, making it one of the best speakers with mesmerizing visual.

The base has been colored black to bring more intense lighting effect.

The speaker is completely dependent on cables for connection. Connecting speakers or linking devices, cable is a must. It supports both 3.5mm cable and USB cable. The USB cable is used for linking speakers, and 3.5mm cable takes care of device connection. Both cords are included in the package, no need for separate purchase.

These speakers aren’t sold individually, comes in a pair.

In brief, this is DE Dancing Water Speaker for you. Radiant lighting show with dancing water, while delivering quality audio; yep, this DE Dancing Water Speaker is not as simple as it seems when it comes to great performance.

4. Dragonpad Black Dancing Water Fountain Light Show Sound Speaker

[amazon box=”B00BUIVVH2″ template=”vertical”]

Water speaker and sound quality, a very iconic combination. I mean, most of the times these two just don’t come together no matter how hard you try, right?

However, this list is all about bringing these two things together in one enclosure, and judging from all the names, the combination doesn’t seem that difficult. At least not when you’re going for Dragonpad Black Dancing Water Fountain Light Show Sound Speaker.

With 5W power, Dragonpad Black Dancing Water Fountain Light Show Sound Speaker already proves that it’s here to stay. The frequency game is pretty updated considering it’s a 5Hz level system.

This speaker takes care of all the worries you bear regarding audio performance. It comes with a built-in, high quality sound module that works to pump up clear, noise-free, profound sound.

Now, as for the water show, mini fountains are included that response spontaneously to the beat. To keep the audience entertained for a big proportion of time, these fountains are designed to shoot out water in several patterns. Yup, you’re presented with variety instead of boring loops.

The fountains are perfectly synched with audio drivers. They shoot out water as the beat goes up and down, and the string changes pattern with the frequency.

Multicolored LED lights are featured to make the visual colorful and more fun to watch. These lights are synched with audio drivers as well. They reflect in different patterns basing on the rhythm.

The most fantastic thing about this speaker is, you can have the show everywhere you go. It’s portable, doesn’t require wire for powering. Lightweight body makes it easier for the user to carry the speaker around places.

You can connect any mobile device to the speaker to play audio files; smartphones, mp3, mp4, PC – anything. For charging, USB cable connection is required.

Yes, this ain’t just some water speaker for show like ten other cheap quality water speakers in the market. Dragonpad Black Dancing Water Fountain Light Show Sound Speaker promises quality performance regarding both sound and display.

5. Svance Portable Wireless Bluetooth Dancing Water Speaker

[amazon box=”B01K4F265W” template=”vertical”]

When people around you will start claiming again that dancing water speakers are some unworthy investment of money, instead of arguing, just show them Svance Portable Wireless Bluetooth Dancing Water Speaker. They’ll have to take their words back after that.

And why is that? Easy. This dancing water speaker excels in every criterion required for a speaker to perform good. Which is also one of the reasons why it’s one of the best water dancing speakers in the market.

All the continuous complaints about the dancing water speaker’s audio quality being not rich enough won’t be an issue with this little fella. It includes a high quality built-in amplifier that works to produce profound stereo sound with high fidelity.

Unlike most other water speakers, it comes with surround sound technology. So, you get to enjoy 360-degree high quality surround sound everywhere.

The water fountain display is already amazing, what makes it more interesting is the addition of LED lights. LED lights are featured here in three colors to bring a colorful, vivid effect out.

This speaker is perfect for taking places. Its shape makes it a good portable system, and since this thing doesn’t weigh much, not much effort is required for carrying around. Just recharge the battery and enjoy the experience for a crazy long period.

High quality materials have been used to make it impact resistance.

The speaker supports both wired and wireless connection. Using Bluetooth, you can connect it to any Bluetooth enabled device, such as smartphones and Bluetooth audio players. A TF card slot is featured which enables you to play files from Micro SD cards. However, you can always use the included 3.5mm cable for establishing wired connection.

As you can see, Svance Portable Wireless Bluetooth Dancing Water Speaker is not like those other lousy speakers with disappointing performance. It’s pretty evident from all the features, this speaker is here to stay.

6. Polaroid PBT626-2 Wireless Dancing Water Speaker

[amazon box=”B016XALKDG” template=”vertical”]

It’s one of those dancing water speakers that mainly focus on the display, but you get some quality audio performance as well.

Polaroid PBT626-2 Wireless Dancing Water Speaker includes a good number of tiny water jets that shoots out water as a response to sound’s rhythm. The bullet shape gives the water shooting display a unique vibe.

Then comes the addition of LED lights. Yes, as vibrant illumination is one of the important parts of a great display, this top-rated speaker takes care of that arrangement pretty well. I mean, it’s pretty evident when those base lights up as the beat goes up and down.

About sound, yes, despite it being not the main attraction of the system, the delivery is pretty good. Goes pretty well with compact areas.

It’s a lightweight portable speaker, which makes it a perfect companion for trips and outdoor events. No need to worry about plugging and playing.

The speaker supports both wired and wireless options. For wireless connection, it uses Bluetooth which allows the system to connect to all Bluetooth enabled media devices. A USB cable is included to establish wired connection.

These speakers aren’t sold individually, they come in a package of two. Cable is included for pairing.

Regarding the display, Polaroid PBT626-2 Wireless Dancing Water Speaker is definitely worth the investment. Fantastic show with pleasant sound? Sound about right.

7. SoundSOUL Water Dancing Speaker

[amazon box=”B014MCIGYS” template=”vertical”]

Looks like one SoundSOUL item isn’t enough when we’re talking water speakers list. What can we say, SoundSOUL’s commitment for quality speakers keeps bringing us here again and again.

What’s so special about this particular one?

The system is mainly dedicated to deliver good response. Built-in amplifier is featured to boost the frequencies. Also, since there are two speakers in the package, the sound is more profound than other water speakers. Surround sound technology makes it a perfect system for indoor usage.

Well, the addition of water fountain is nothing new for a dancing water speaker; however, this speaker’s fountains do have something unique to offer. Water shooting spree is controlled via sound, it goes higher as the sound gets more intense.

Yes, it does feature LED lights like most other water speakers. These LED lights come in four different colors. Synching with the fountain, they illuminate the display as an audio file starts playing.

Another mentionable thing about this speaker is its construction. Non-toxic materials have been used all over to ensure safe utility. Small acrylic body makes it pretty lightweight, you can easily take it places without getting all ached up.

When it comes to linking devices, it supports wired connection only. A 3.5mm connection port is featured which allows you to connect mobile devices like android phones, iPad, iPhone, and Mac or PC as well. Connect to an audio device and let the party begin!

As already mentioned above, these speakers aren’t sold individually, two speakers are included in the package.

So, there you have it. Another SoundSOUL gem to brighten up your surround. This SoundSOUL Water Dancing Speaker will surely add up to the list of your best investments.

8. Waterfall Audio “Niagara” Diamond Glass Floor Standing Loudspeaker

Okay, in case the display might not deliver exactly what you want from a water speaker, but considering the arrangement it has for sound, we don’t think it’ll be a problem to pass. Having hard time believing? See for yourself!

It can handle up to 250 Watts of continuous power and 500 Watts of peak power. Works with 89dB efficiency and 8 ohms impedance. Covers a frequency response range of 36Hz-28kHz.

About driver arrangement, this 3-way speaker is promises good delivery in every aspect. Neodymium Magnet tweeters are featured for treble delivery. Use of Neodymium magnet helps the tweeter to produce clearer, more profound treble without using much energy.

We know that bass production is the main attraction of a speaker since this is what brings life to loud sound, and this speaker understands that as well. An Atom ultra-low-frequency passive bass driver is in the enclosure’s back panel. The construction, along with down firing position, helps to boost high end frequencies to sound richer.

And that’s not it. This speaker uses the company’s patented ADT (Acoustic Dampening Tube) system allowing it to establish a non-dampened structure perfect for high quality mid-range and high-end frequency production.

To make it more incredible, filters and crossovers are included inside the cabinet. Accompanied by polypropylene capacitors and air coils, these crossovers work to deliver clear, distortion-free, smooth sound. Inclusion of AccuLinear circuit technology makes the filtering work ten times easier for tweeter crossovers.

The prime attribute of this speaker is its Diamond Glass enclosure. It’s no surprise that excessive vibration often ruins the mood. High density diamond glass works to eliminate annoying vibration, thus ensures delivery of more pleasant sound.

Yeah, this can be concluded now, the myth of speakers with good display being not that splendid of a performer has been proved wrong one more time. All thanks to Waterfall Audio “Niagara” Diamond Glass Floor Standing Loudspeaker.

9. Dragonpad Dancing Water Fountain Speaker

[amazon box=”B00BUIVVH2″ template=”vertical”]

Surprised to see the same name again? Well, this is nothing new. Some companies are just so good when it comes to performance, one model doesn’t seem enough to describe their quality. Moreover, we ought to bring you the best, right? So, if one company has more than one ‘best’, why not mention them? And this is exactly what Dragonpad Dancing Water Fountain Speaker is.

Don’t believe me? Just watch!

The sound delivery game is pretty upright with 5W driver and 5Hz response. Built-in high-quality sound module is included to meet all your audio desires.

Dancing water speakers mainly focus on the display part and this is the actual attribute that lets you decide whether the system will be yay or nay. Dragonpad Dancing Water Fountain Speaker’s display is one of the best displays in the market and you can observe that for yourself from pictures.

Water fountain shoots out water as the sound starts playing. The shooting spree is controlled via rhythm.

Multi-colored LED lights are included that illuminate the display and brings life to the show with colors. Accompanied by water shooting out of bases, these lights create a vivid effect that will make your surrounds look more magical than ever.

This speaker supports wired connection only. Plug audio devices like android phones, iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, music players and start enjoying the moment!

The body is lightweight, which makes it a perfect portable system for taking places. Yes, this means only one thing, you can enjoy Dragonpad Dancing Water Fountain Speaker’s awesome performance anywhere you want!

The speaker runs on rechargeable system. USB cable is included for charging and pairing purposes.

See, another Dragonpad piece with captivating features. After seeing all these amazing attributes, how is it possible for someone to neglect such an amazing creation?

10. Aolyty Colorful LED Dancing Water Fountain Light Show Sound Speaker

[amazon box=”B01M4RSOT0″ template=”vertical”]

And last but not the list, we have Aolyty Colorful LED Dancing Water Fountain Light Show Sound Speaker here. From outside, though it looks like ten other water fountain speakers, but wait till you see the features.

Sound quality? Quite a splendid arrangement, I must say. This being a 2.1 channel system, bass and treble delivery is pretty good compared to most other water speakers. Amplifier is included inside to boost frequencies. Pair two speakers up for the best response.

About water fountains, they’re arranged in the traditional pattern like most water speakers. However, the thing that separates it from most of the models is the shooting height. Water shooting height is controlled by speaker volume. The water hits different levels with the beat, it reaches the highest height when the beat is the loudest.

Same with its LED light feature. These lights come in several colors, which ensures quite a mesmerizing show. However, the illumination pattern, specially the color, is completely dependent on the beat; pattern changes as the rhythm changes.

It allows wired connection only. You can connect it to any audio device as long as the device supports 3.5mm cable connection; which is pretty much every device out their including PCs, music players and smartphones.

As we said earlier, last but not the least, Aolyty Colorful LED Dancing Water Fountain Light Show Sound Speaker promises to bring you splendid audio experience along with captivating synched water display. What more to ask for from a dancing water speaker?

Everything You Need To know Before Purchasing Water Speaker

Ten names!

Doesn’t seem like much, but, oh boy!

When you’re not sure what you’re looking for exactly, even only one name will become the reason of utter dilemma.

Relax, it happens to almost everyone. Sure, every person is not supposed to know everything about a certain stuff, and it’s completely normal.

However, as a privilege of working in this field for a while now, we sure have some tips for you to follow to make the right purchase.

The Display

Yes, the main feature of water speakers. Now, in order to bring variety in design, new water shooting patterns are being invented every day. You don’t wanna be that one customer who suddenly feels not satisfied with the received product’s display. Observe the functions carefully before adding the item to the cart.

Sound Quality

The feature that often gets ignored under the race of visual effects. Yes, visual effect has a great impact on these speakers; but at the end of the day we’re talking audio response and if it’s not good, the display actually has not much to offer.

So, look for the arrangement a speaker holds for sound. It’s always thoroughly described in the reviews.

Water Leakage

It’s a problem that can occur anytime if you’re not careful. And by careful we mean, the time of the purchase. You should be careful about this issue while looking through speaker suggestions.

This problem tends to occur less and little to not at all depending on the speaker’s construction. Inspect the materials and structure to test its security level.


I mean, it’s pretty obvious that water speakers are usually compact and lightweight, but still it’s better to make sure before going for the cart. Portability will give you the chance to use the speaker everywhere.


One big problem with most water speakers is durability. They tend to last for shorter period than other speaker types. This has a lot to do with complex water fountain and lighting arrangement. These speakers get damaged easily because of constant act of water shooting.

However, manufacturers have taken the issue under consideration and are working to bring more durable products to the table. Lots of current speakers are impressively durable compared to older candidates.

Don’t forget to check the speaker’s state of durability before buying. Your money shouldn’t go to a waste.


This is actually pretty important field to look forward to. You have to connect the speaker to an audio device for playing something, right? If your device isn’t compatible with the speaker, that’s gonna be a total bummer.

Since different models tend to include different connectivity options, it’s always mandatory to look them up before making the final decision. You don’t wanna end up buying a USB cable driven speaker to use with your AUX connection supporting player.

Customer Reviews

If you’re not contented with all the specifications mentioned in the product review section, you can always go for customer reviews for further inspection. Customers state their experience with the product and their opinions makes it easier to understand the product’s quality.


1. How does the water speaker work actually?

Ans. Definitely you know the definition of the water speaker, otherwise you wouldn’t be searching for it here in the first place. So, we’re not going that deep in the definition to explain its purpose.

Basically, water speakers have this special sort of jets or fountains that shoot water inside the box. It’s not a frequent water show. The jets/fountains are connected to the drivers, so when those drivers start using power and reproduce frequencies, jets start to shoot water matching the beats.

2. Why were these water speakers invented in the first place?

Ans. It’s a pretty funny trivia actually. Though the water speaker is now regarded as an important member of the speaker family, it started out pretty vaguely.

You can tell from its appearance that its main purpose is to give the user a good show. And this is exactly why it was marketed in the first place. However, the approach was pretty different in the beginning compared to now.

The captivating water show with vivid LED illumination was actually intended for children. Explains the jolly colorful attitude, right? Kids are easily attracted to vibrant display and manufacturers targeted this mindset to market this speaker. This also explains the fact why these speakers weren’t that focused on the sound reproduction quality when it all started.

However, the motive has changed with times. Now these speakers work brilliantly for user’s audio demand.

3. Why audio units like frequencies, power handling, impedance aren’t often discussed in water speaker reviews?

Ans. This is a pretty legit question considering these units’ importance to recognize a good speaker. However, these units don’t matter that much when you’re looking for best water speakers’ recommendations.

There are two reasons behind that. First, everyone knows the main purpose of water speakers, it’s the display that matters the most.

People come for these speakers after being attracted by the outlook, they hardly care for the driver arrangement. And yes, these speakers are actually intended for showcasing purpose, rather than blasting out frequencies. So, units are often overlooked.

Secondly, water speakers are constructed differently than other speaker types. Instead of putting a set of full-functioning tweeters and woofers, manufacturers tend to go with a simple arrangement. Because of this, the units are slightly modified than usual units. Another reason why you can’t observe their units like other speakers.

4. Is that true that the audio quality of water speakers tends to be poor?

Ans. This is not completely true. But you can’t fully deny it either.

As we already mentioned above, water speakers were actually created for children’s visual entertainment. They were basically treated as a kid’s toy. So great sound quality was manufacturer’s least concern.

However, as the time went by, water speakers grew popular among adults and driver arrangement became an important part of the item. Though, most speakers still choose to ignore the audio performance, you’ll always get a pleasant delivery from the water fountain speakers. Well, they’re referred as the ‘best speakers’ for a reason.

5. Why do dancing water speakers often feature multi-colored LED lights?

Ans. Yes, though it’s labeled as ‘water speaker’, LED lights are an important part of the display.

You’ve seen aquarium. Ever wondered what makes it so captivating to the audience? No, it’s not just those fishes or stones. The lighting too plays a great role for attracting people. Colorful, vivid visual works as a great tool to attract audiences and customers. And the same logic goes for water speaker display.

Think about it, just water shooting out of the base all the time and nothing else, same act again and again. This arrangement makes the display look vague and becomes boring after a while. Inclusion of LED lights in different colors brings life to the display with vibrant illumination.

6. Why do water speakers tend to be small majority of times?

Ans. Small size has several benefits. Colorful water fountain display makes it a splendid piece of home decor. You can easily place small sized speakers on shelves, desktops and inside cabinets, and give your room a bright, vivid look.

On the other hand, the compact body makes it easier for the user to carry it around places. You can always take it on trips or use in outdoor events. Portability at its best.

7. Can you use water speakers for big events?

Ans. The answer is no, always no. These speakers aren’t manufactured for big events. They are supposed to be used with computers or give you some relaxing time at home or working place.

Moreover, big events need strong response. No matter how promising the arrangement is, water speakers stand no chance against dj speakers or giant cabinet speakers. So, they’re basically of no use in big events.

Sure, you can use them for visual entertainment though.

8. While observing one particular product, how to make sure that it water won’t start leaking after a while?

Ans. This is a thing that you can’t be certain of from reading product specifications. This is where user’s reviews come handy. You can easily confirm the protection state against leakage issues from people’s experiences.

Summing Up

Our goal is to bring customers the best stuff. In this online world, it’s hard to find the perfect item among thousands of names. How can one be sure of the product’s quality just by seeing a picture on the screen? Besides, it’s harder when the person is inexperienced and have little to no knowledge about the product.

As fellow consumers ourselves, we feel the agony and that’s why decided to come forward to help you make the best decision. We selected ten of the best water speakers available in market so that you don’t have to go through hundreds of suggestions. Essential tips and answers to FAQs have been added for better assistance.

We hope our suggestions were helpful for making the right purchase.

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