What is the Best Way to Clean Vinyl Records?

We always want all of our vinyl records to sound the same sweet and clear. But the more it gets older the more sticky dirt and dust covers it up and affects the sound quality. If you have a huge vinyl record collection the misery of removing those dust marks are known to you pretty well.

Well, let’s make your suffer less with the best working method of cleaning your vinyl records. Check it below.

Ingredients You Need

This easy and simple vinyl record cleaning formula does not consist too many ingredients. Besides, the good news is it won’t cost you much. Comparing to the cost of other cleaning remedies that works this one is the lowest budget formula. Here are all the ingredients you need.

Distilled water: This is the cheapest item of the remedy. Though many people use normal water but distilled water works much better.

Jet dry: Jet dry help great to clean all the heavy and tough removing marks pretty well. You can get it from any nearby stores or purchase online.

Isopropyl alcohol: Using alcohol to clean any kind of instruments is a common solution. And it actually works very well.

Microfiber pad: Microfiber pads are very soft and spongy which absorbs the dirt excellently and give the vinyl records a good rub.

Cotton handkerchief: You don’t need to buy it. You can use any of your old clean pure cotton clothes. Just cut them off and give it a small sure shape. Your cotton handkerchief is ready.

Cotton fiber brush: Get a cotton fiber brush from any vinyl record stores or online stores. Use this brush only to clean the vinyl records. Don’t use it back after cleaning other heavy dusty things.

Spray Bottle: Buy a spray bottle otherwise you can make it your own at home by plastic bottles.

Vinyl Record Cleaning Formula

After you collect all the cleaning components it’s time to prepare the mixture. It’s not a troublesome process at all. Few simple steps complete the process. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: First you have to prepare the liquid mixture. Take a medium size measuring cup. Pour the cup in half with distilled water. Add 4-5 tbsp of jet dry liquid and some isopropyl alcohol. The cleaning mixture is ready.

Step 2: Before you apply the mixture brush over the vinyl with cotton fiber brush very well. By doing this dusts that are not so sticky will come off. Don’t make the brush wet, it’s just a basic dry wash process.

Step 3: Now, pour the liquid mixture into the spray bottle and spray on the vinyl record. Before it gets dry rub the round lining area with the microfiber pad. This smooth pad is a master at removing sticky dust. Rub it clockwise or anticlockwise to get it done properly.

Step 4: Once you are done with the rubbing, start soaking up the wet vinyl with the cotton handkerchief you made.  The soft cotton fabric will absorb the left liquid totally and give it a dry finish.

After you finish the steps you will notice the difference, how excellently the remedy worked. Follow each and every instruction exactly the same as they are explained to get the best result. 

Final Word

There are many myths on cleaning vinyl records that might make you haphazard. But once you try out the method recommended here you will surely be a fan of it. Try it and bring back the sweet and error-free sound of your favorite vinyl record collection.

Hope the article was helpful. Thanks for being until the end.


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