Brookstone Big Blue Unplugged Wireless Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Are you planning to arrange a party with loud and clear sound?

Are you getting ready for a picnic or beach party?

Do you want to send the sound in every direction?

Then the big blue party indoor-outdoor Bluetooth speaker is the best choice for you.

Big blue party Bluetooth speaker is a portable, waterproof speaker which produces a high-quality sound and sends it in every direction. If you want to arrange a sudden party, you can rely on big blue party speaker without any fear for your sound system. This speaker can give you comfort and rock your party. You can make everyone happy with the sound quality.

Before buying, you need to know some information about big blue party indoor-outdoor Bluetooth speaker. If you feel that you need this speaker, then this article is just for you.

What We Liked Most

  • It can make the clear and loud sound.
  • It has four full range speaker driver to deliver powerful 3600 sound. It delivers sound at every angle.
  • You can set it at the center of a party and amplify its power.
  • It has the waterproof flap covering the ports so that the ports stay safe from water and dust.
  • It has a handle which can be gripped easily.
  • Its weight makes it more stable. So, it doesn’t fall easily.

What Can Be Even Better

  • Sometimes it's high volume disturbs others. For example, if you arrange a party at night, your neighbors might feel disturbed.
  • If the speaker falls from a height, its sound quality might hamper.
  • If the party is small, you don’t need to cover a large area, the sound might disturb others.

Whom is this product for?

This product is especially for party lovers. For a sudden party, this big blue party Bluetooth speaker has already become popular. You also can use it for some other purpose.

  • If you want to arrange a seminar and want everyone to listen to the words clearly, this speaker can make your work done.
  • For a beach party, the big blue party speaker is the best choice. The speaker is waterproof. So, water can’t hamper the sound quality.
  • As teen people love to hang out with friends, they can carry the speaker with them and make the gathering more enjoyable.
  • If you want to arrange a birthday party or a family celebration, this speaker can be your best friend.
  • Event management can be smarter by using this. As the speaker has portability and instant setting users like it a lot.

Product specification:

  • Handle: 6.3"w x 6.3"d x 15.8"h easy grip carry handle.
  • Battery: rechargeable battery works more than 4.5 hours.
  • It can response frequency 40 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Its height is 15.8 inches nearly.
  • Durable and corrosion free color.
  • Color Gray.

Features Benefits:

Four full range speaker drivers:

The speaker has four full range speaker drivers which made it louder and amplifies its sound. The drivers help to send the sound wave to every angle. You can set the speaker at the center of the party and everyone can hear it. A normal speaker usually covers two or three directions. But this big blue party indoor-outdoor Bluetooth speaker covers all four directions.

Rechargeable battery

Rechargeable battery makes it usable even without electricity. If you want to arrange a picnic or beach party, it's tough to arrange electricity. Then the battery helps you to enjoy audio. This rechargeable battery can support you for nearly five hours.

Heavy speaker

The speaker is not too light and small. So, if you set the speaker somewhere, it stays there and doesn’t move with slight force. Its weight gives it support to be steady.

Ports to connect with powers and other devices:

The speaker has two ports to connect to other device and power. You can connect the speaker directly to the power system and use as a wired speaker or charge the battery and use as a wireless speaker. You can connect your speaker to other devices via Bluetooth even from 1 meter away. It makes easy to share music and other audio from any device.

Loud sound

The speaker provides incredible loud sound. Even if you listen to music with high volume in your own room, your neighbors will find it difficult at night. It's loudspeaker makes the party alive. It works amazingly both indoor and outdoor. Any organizational program, party, seminar, the celebration can be great for its loudspeaker.


The Bluetooth speaker remains stable at any place. Its weight made it easy. Even if anyone wants to move the speaker without being noticeable, that will be difficult. So, you can assure the safety of your speaker.


The speaker is water resistance. So, water doesn't harm the speaker. If there falls any water on the speaker, you won't need to worry much. Because the speaker is specially designed for using everywhere. Even in watery places like near a pond or beach, on a boat, you can use the speaker without hesitation.

Can connect to wireless Bluetooth

As the speaker can connect with wireless Bluetooth, you can listen to any music loudly anytime you want. Also, you can control the audio setting. Like, if you want to increase the beat or voice. The speaker provides some advanced settings which made it different from other speakers.


The speaker is portable. So you can carry it wherever you want. The handle is also very comfortable. So, you can carry it more easily. You also can carry it in a large bag. If you travel with the speaker, you can carry it with other luggage.


The color, size, and other features made it attractive to users. So, people like to buy it. Even you don't need to decorate it. The speaker itself is decorative. Its gray color made it gorgeous.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Is the speaker too expensive?

No, the speaker is very affordable. It might cost around $200.00. And you can order it from anywhere in the world. And also, if you need to repair or servicing the speaker, you will get the service available.

How much wide range it can cover?

It can cover quite a big range. You can easily cover a beach party, indoor party or party at your porch. If the party is too small, you might become the cause of others disturbance.

Is the speaker too heavy?

No. The speaker is not too heavy. A teenage or adult person can carry it easily. Its weight has made it more reliable to the customers.

Do I need to cover it always to protect from dust?

No, you don’t have to cover it always. It is designed to use indoor and outdoor. So you can use it even in the dust. Also, its gray color doesn’t make it look faded or old easily.

So, are you looking for this kind of stuff? Do you want to arrange your very own party with high-quality sound? Now, you can have the opportunity very easy and affordable. This big blue party indoor-outdoor Bluetooth speaker can rock your party. It's amazing to look, color makes people attracted. It's wonderful sound has already made it famous. If you want one for yourself, don't hesitate. Buy one. Now you can buy it through the net from anywhere. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your own big blue party indoor-outdoor Bluetooth speaker and rock your party. Hope this article was useful for you. So, do party, have fun.

Good luck.

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