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How to Setup A DJ Sound System?

Yup, Dee-jay-ing is one of the coolest job ever and if you’re thinking of taking it as a profession someday, we wholeheartedly support the decision. To be a pro, you gotta own the skills. So, our advice will be, try some little gigs and improve your performance before deciding to hit it big. For this, […]

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Adding subwoofer to 2 channel stereos

We all love to have the assistance of subwoofer when listening to your favourite radio station through subwoofers. But in some cases, when we have a too complicated process of setting these up, we give up. Specially, when the situation becomes a deal between as channel stereo and a subwoofer. To make it out easy […]

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How to connect speaker wire to binding post?

Subwoofers are one popular type of modern woofer speakers which works to provide you a better music experience, in a broad sense. Being combined with the regular music players or audio input devices, they can produce an awesome sound experience that any music lover would dream of. The specialty of a subwoofer is, they work […]

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Car Subwoofer Buying Guide

Why Does A Car Need A Subwoofer? Subwoofers are great for assisting small speakers that can’t cover up music from all sound frequencies. And that’s where the role of subwoofers come in. As car speakers are small, they can’t cover up the entire frequency range of the music. As a music geek, you might know […]

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How Do I Connect My DJ Equipment?

Purchasing your first DJ setup can be an overwhelming errand. Utilizing our insight and experience, the Lab separates it as just as could be expected under the circumstances. It would be ideal if you note, you’ll generally have the capacity to discover special cases and increments to this guide, yet we concentrated on the most […]

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How to connect Bluetooth speaker to TV?

I have a TV in my yard and I find it difficult to listen to it from the pool. Fact is that I hate to see the wires lying around the pool. Here, I’ll share all the way you can apply to connect your device to TV. How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to TV Utilizing […]

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How to Install Outdoor Speakers? – A Beginners Guide

It’s a good habit to stay in the fresh outdoor air. And listening to good music can increase your enjoyment. So, an outdoor speaker is the best option for doing that. But installing an outdoor speaker is not an easy thing. You need to consider some facts. Because you should not just put a speaker […]

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How Do You Connect A Subwoofer To An Amplifier?

A music lover can do anything possible for getting better pleasure from music. So, he/ she brings a lot of instrument for this job. If you are a music lover then you should be conscious of the sound quality or music quality. Because sound is the main element of music which can give pleasure to […]

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How to Connect Speaker Wire to AMP?

Do you need better sound? You may choose the best speaker of the market to get the better sound quality. But still, you may fail to have the best stereo output due to some solvable problems. To get the best output of the sound system you have to use amplifiers. Not only using the amplifiers […]

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