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How to Connect Speakers to TV with Speaker Wire?

Among all the wirings and cable connections needed for the speaker, the process of connecting to the TV is the easiest one. Just follow these simple steps to connect the speaker within minutes! Step 1 Firstly, find out what connection port do your TV and speaker/amplifier use? Check the speaker/amplifier. Several types of ports are […]

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How Do You Connect Your Phone to Car Stereo?

We live in the twenty first century! So depending on the radio or cassette tape/CD for some good audio experience during a drive is completely irrational. You have a phone with the privilege of mp3 files, so make the best use of it! However, a question still remains. For enjoying audio from the phone, you […]

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Difference between Passive and Active Speakers

Now there are many types of speakers available based on the location of their use, but this is not the real thing that distinguish them. The speakers are actually divided in two types only – it’s either an active speaker or a passive speaker. This is where the real confusion begins for most people. Because […]

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How to install ceiling speakers in new construction?

This question is often asked in various forums. Sadly, there’s hardly any post out there describing the whole thing. To be honest, in-wall and ceiling speaker installation during the time of construction is literally the easiest way to install speakers and with a little bit of cleverness, anybody can do it. In order to install […]

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Best Speaker Stands – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Hello, there! We were expecting you! Well, shouldn’t we? Everything happens for a purpose. Your purpose is to find the best speaker stand for your stereo system or home theater and our purpose is to help you attain that goal. And that’s why we’ve put a list of ten of the best speaker stands of […]

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Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $200 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Well, if you ask for some good speaker suggestions to use with a home theater or big stereo system, obviously you’re gonna hear some pricey names. It needs great performance to bring the best out of a system and that’s why cheap simple speakers aren’t usually recommended. However, in case you’re tight on the budget […]

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Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $100 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

We can’t see your face, but we can literally assume your expression. When you were typing the sentence “best bookshelf speakers under 100” in the Google searchbox, it was feeling kinda uncomfortable, wasn’t it? You were hesitating, right? Well, that’s obvious. Now, if you ask an expert, how much budget one should have for one […]

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How to run electrical wire through exterior wall?

Get Permission Before getting into action, make sure you’re permitted to do it by the county. And if you’re not the owner of the house, your landlord’s approval will be needed as well. Which One Will You Go For? After getting the permission, it’s time to begin the work. However, the wiring on the exterior […]

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How to connect party speakers to laptop?

Party and laptop!! Apparently, you’re thinking these twos are the elements of two opposite poles, isn’t it? But, do you know, you can easily apply your laptop to make your party more gorgeous? Yes, you can. And for this, you need an inter-relator between the twos. And this magical inter-relator is nothing but a party […]

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