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How to Fix Samsung Earphones?

Discover that your favorite Samsung earphone is not working suddenly? Can’t detect the problem with the earphone? Wondering how can you repair your earphone and get it work like before? Then look no further. Because this article will answer all your inquiries. Earphones are one of our most used daily accessories. Our daily life will become […]

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How to Fix Headphone Wires With Tape?

You are going on a trip which you were planning with your friends for a long time. so you are too happy to express it. From the bus, you are enjoying the view of nature, scrolling in the Facebook with your favorite headphone on the ears. Isn’t it so amazing? But suddenly something happens and you find that […]

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How to Fix Headphones Without Sound?

You are going on a trip which you were planning from the last month with your friends. Well, you are on a bus, scrolling your Facebook, a headphone is on and you are enjoying all these things together. Suddenly no sound is coming out from your headphone and even though after trying so much it’s […]

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How to Fix Earbuds?- Fix Your Broken Earbuds

Tired of altering your earphone again and again? Have you ever thought of repairing it before throwing it away? Most of the earphone lasts hardly a couple of years. Then either it’s the earbuds or the jack or wires that betray you. Even headphones with reinforcement at joints and durable cables will show problems. Before knowing the process of […]

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How to Setup A DJ Sound System?

Yup, Dee-jay-ing is one of the coolest job ever and if you’re thinking of taking it as a profession someday, we wholeheartedly support the decision. To be a pro, you gotta own the skills. So, our advice will be, try some little gigs and improve your performance before deciding to hit it big. For this, you should […]

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Adding subwoofer to 2 channel stereos

We all love to have the assistance of subwoofer when listening to your favourite radio station through subwoofers. But in some cases, when we have a too complicated process of setting these up, we give up. Specially, when the situation becomes a deal between as channel stereo and a subwoofer. To make it out easy for […]

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How to connect speaker wire to binding post?

Subwoofers are one popular type of modern woofer speakers which works to provide you a better music experience, in a broad sense. Being combined with the regular music players or audio input devices, they can produce an awesome sound experience that any music lover would dream of. The specialty of a subwoofer is, they work on the low […]

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