Bose 251 Environmental Speakers Review

Bose 251 Environmental Speakers is another popular speaker from the brand Bose. As a brand, Bose always keeps up surprising with their features, and same happened to the Bose 251 Environmental Speakers.

In this model of indoor/outdoor speakers, they’ve done some really important updates that lets you to play music in outdoor in a way better way. Let’s go through the entire review and see every aspect of this model.


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    Two fully ranged drivers are places in the set.
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    The driver position is perfectly aligned.
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    Can cover up a lot of area.
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    No particular Sweet Spot on the outfield.
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    Comes with weather resistant brackets.
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    Perfectly fir outdoor mounting and placement.
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    Cleat and distortion-free high-quality sound.


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    Not a good bass quality. Needs improvement.

What We Loved Most About this Product?

Most of the outdoor speakers on the market, are more or less light in weight, portable and nice in design. But in some extreme weather condition, most of them fail to keep them safe. In case of Bose 251 Environmental Speakers, we found everything good till now.

As a brand, Bose always keeps some sort of upgrades in their speaker models. What I found unique in this product is- the position and placement of the sound drivers. The drivers are known to be the source of the sound and if misalignment happens here, you won’t get a good sound.

But in case of Bose 251 Environmental Speakers, the sound delivers are aligned in a precise way. So, you can cover a large area with no ‘Sweet spots’ of sound at all.


One of the special sides of this Bose 251 Environmental Speakers is its array of drivers. We have fond two twiddle drivers to be ordered in an articulated way as an array. These two twiddle drivers are two and half inches in size. What you get it as a benefit is, they can cover a larger listening area of the music that comes from the box.

Usually, typical speakers re designed in a way that has a ‘sweet region’ where you can get the best music experience. But we highly appreciate this unique way of Bose to make music spread everywhere around this speaker.

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When we get in market to buy a portable speaker for outdoor, what bothers us most is the sound and bass quality of them. Because, as these speakers are small in size, the bass output happens to be too low. But that’s not true with the mighty Bose 251 Environmental Speakers. Let me tell you why.

Speakers, specially the woofer part of the speaker has a chamber that created the low frequency bass sound wave. Due to the quality of the chamber, the quality of the entire sounds falls apart. But Bose-the brand has done something unique in this case.

They have included a multi-chamber enclosure to produce the bass and it’s a patented formula. When you get something like this in a 5 ¼ inches woofer, that’s really a charm for you. You aver to compromise with neither the carry ability and the sound quality.


Every speaker has a place named Cabinet, which plays an important role in the build of the sound, so does the Bose 251 Environmental Speakers. But the chamber that we see in this model, is unique in some way. But before that, let’s discuss something important about the durability of an ideal speaker.

Let me tell you why most of the outdoor speakers don’t happen to be highly durable. Because, the chamber of these speakers is left filled with low quality filler material, or no filler material.

But here is the good news about Bose 251 Environmental Speakers. You can get a chamber that’s filled up with glass and talc. Also, the chamber itself is made of polypropylene.

Highlighted Features:

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    The drivers of this speaker are very accurately positioned. As a benefit, you get a perfect and spread out sound to cover up a lot of space
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    Comes through a tough simulation period by the brand Bose. The simulation test inclined rain, sunlight, water, salt and many more.
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    Low-frequency sounds get almost no distortion at all. Multi chambered audio chamber produces a perfect quality bass and blend that in the sound.
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    Easily mountable on the deck, wall, table or the floor. The design had been made in such a way that makes even first-time users capable of mounting it right away.
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    To fight against extreme environmental condition, the cabinet is filled with mineral and glass. Also, the cabinet itself Is made of polypropylene.

Bottom Line

Although this Bose 251 Environmental Speakers won’t give you a rocking music experience that you bang you head with, this would be a great pick for outdoor music systems. No matter you need to get a speaker for the pool, or an outdoor hangout party, the Bose 251 Environmental Speakers would be a right fit by all means.

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