Bose Sound Link Bluetooth Speaker III Review

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I am a great fan of good music ranging from RnB to hip-hop to reggae to everything fascinating and soothing to my ears. Music is medicine to the soul I might even say.

Bose Sound Link Bluetooth Speaker III Review

With the right source of that music, there can be different reactions and opinions. I obviously want you to be relaxed, with the best reaction and the best opinion about that music you are playing.

I will, therefore, bring into light the Bose sound link speaker. If you haven’t heard of it, now you have and if you own an earlier version of the Bose speaker then upgrade it to this one and trust me your music listening sessions will be disappointments-free.

I am talking about a speaker that even when left plugged in for longer will cause no damage as well as will be worth everything once you get it.

Pair And Play- Easy Connecting

This speaker is awesome in connecting to your device; whether an iPhone, Android, tablet or computer it will be as easy as pair and play.

Just by ‘press and hold’ the Bluetooth button on top of the speaker and selecting the speaker on your device, your music will be ready to play. The speaker remembers six of the most recently paired devices so reconnecting will be a lot easier with this speaker.

Build And Style

You will not find this on many mobile players I can assure you without fear of contradiction. The design is minimal, yet of refined quality trending in different forms.

The speaker has a wrap-around metal grill, the silver part of the box that is a piece of great aesthetics is paint sprayed, the black parts around have a fine texture on it while the top is soft rubber.

The speaker feels like an antique in a good way but with a modern touch. The covers come in different colors, so you pick your best color. All in all, it has a solid build.

Quality Sound

Whether playing at a low volume or a high volume, this speaker offers the best sound quality than even its previous versions. The music will be clearer, and the vocals stand out. You will not turn up the volume much before you feel it becoming too loud.

It is suitable for a small room and still wouldn’t hurt listening to loud music in a larger room without any distortion. I even sometimes use it while working; with a low volume, I will not be a nuisance to others. They might even request me to turn it up a bit.

Portable And Rechargeable Battery

I will not say that the Bose sound link is too small to be noticed, but its size offers a better chance at carrying it to anywhere. It will totally turn out to be your full-time companion once you have it; to take it wherever you want your music at.

The rechargeable battery is an added value to the speaker since once it gets full charge, then you will have your green light to listen to your music.

Good Coverage

As mobile as it can be, once you pair with the Bose sound link, you can move around up to 30 feet without any wires. How wireless could this get? You will enjoy all your music even outside buildings.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy pairing
  • Portable
  • Long lasting battery-up to 14 hours
  • Sleek durable design
  • Great quality sound
  • Optional cover colors
  • A bit heavier
  • No remote


Q: Does it offer a speakerphone option?

A: No, a phone call to your device will interrupt the music.

Q: What is the power range on the wall charger?

A: The charger will support 100-240 volts.

Final Verdict

I like my music loud and clear, no distortions or else I will be bored to death. What about you? I will want an answer that starts with “the Bose sound link is what I am getting.” Yes, please do get this speaker and enjoy your music from sunrise to sunset. You will totally treasure this speaker. Get it and bring your music and friends together.


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