Bose SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphones Review

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Most of the typical earphones you use are not suitable for long-term usage. When it comes to quality assurance, few can give a satisfactory result. In fact, you may not find your favorite music interesting due to poor quality and frequent noise interruption.

To help you with this problem, Bose provides a premium quality earphone. Needless to say, you can find all your basic requirements having a perfect combination with this Bose SoundTrue Ultra. As a matter of fact, you will get the furthest sound quality along with the utmost comfort with this earphone.

What We Loved Most About This Product?

  • Deep Sound Quality over a Rather Wide Frequency Range

The output sound quality of this earphone is quite astonishing. Along with advanced sounding facility, you can enjoy any sort of musical tone or radio program. In fact, you can get the best possible quality of sound through this technology.

  • Better Immersion for Sound through Wired Connectivity

This incredible in-ear earphone provides a powerful and stable wired connectivity. Also, the connection comes without the slightest lag to offer appropriate sounding. You can get smooth and perfect connectivity at a suitable distance through the provided cable.

  • Suitable Fitting Ultra Tips at Three Different Sizes

To provide you the utmost comfort for your ears and most versatile quality sound, this one comes with tips of reasonable size. There are tips of three different sizes which can provide a rather soft and secure fitting. And through that, you can enjoy the best possible sealed acoustics.

  • Superb Compatibility with Android and Samsung Phones

Along with suitable and common compatibility, you will get good sound quality for music and video programs. Therefore, you can experience quite an amazing facility for both Android and Samsung devices. And being compatible with that, this one is highly preferable for lightweight usage.


You can consider the entire body of this ultra-quality earphone as a combination of black and white. The black cable along with white tips provide quite an outstanding as well as stylish appearance. The sphere-shaped cups of reasonable fitting size come with a suitable design to suit your ears.

Through the sealed design for efficient acoustic, there comes no interruption between ear and device. In fact, this ergonomic earphone offers a perfect connection for your listening to your desired music or tone. Being compatible with Android and Samsung devices, you can connect these devices without the slightest trouble.

Apart from that, you will get the utmost facility for easy storage and carriage as well. Being an earphone, this comes with little weight and therefore, you can carry it in your pocket. Furthermore, the compact design allows you to get out of the knotting cable with the best possible comfort in very little time.


Regarding quality and performance, this one is like no other to listen to the music or radio. Not to mention, the ergonomic designation of the in-ear earphone cups enables quick and suitable fitting for your ears. Along with appropriate size, these ones offer you quite a comfort being neither too small nor too large for your ears.

Even at minimized volume, you will get the best quality of the music or your favorite radio programs. Without any distortion and disturbance, it comes with the assurance of delivering the greatest possible tone. In addition, it also holds pretty well for watching movies or youtube videos on your Samsung or android device.

This great listening tool is something where sound quality meets greater serviceability. Almost all built-in features of this high-quality earphone contribute to the sound quality of a perfect musical sound. In fact, it can provide very strong and clean sound with compatible smartphones.


For any quality product, effective lifespan is indeed a big issue of consideration. With this Bose SoundTrue Ultra, there is no option to ignore this. The construction materials are the very first factors of significance regarding durability. And to satisfy that, this effective earphone comes with commercial materials construction.

As a matter of fact, the durability depends upon the intensity of usage and also appropriate maintenance. Henceforth, you need to be careful with the intensity of usage. It is better to not to use very heavily at a specific interval and therefore, not to use for a very long time. Again, you should not insert the jack into the smartphone with pressure.

As mentioned earlier, maintenance is of significant importance regarding durability. Although this Bose SoundTrue Ultra doesn’t concern with washing or cleaning, you need to follow certain things. Then, the quality construction can withstand long and heavy usage to provide you the best possible serviceability.

Highlighted Features

  • Having an elegant designation, it prevents all possible rustling. Offers premium audio quality with suitable comfort through fitting tips.
  • Provides wired connectivity through innovative sturdy cable. Along with including T-beam designation, you can enjoy superb sound quality.
  • Features additional inclined microphone along with easy switching between calls as well as music. Compatible with Samsung and Android smartphones.
  • Comes with incredible lightweight for easy carriage and also, a protective case to carry. Again, you can keep the accessories with proper security.


  • Offers maximized sound delivering lifelike vocals and clear instrument.
  • Comes with minimal distraction along with sealed acoustic.
  • Provides 3 pairs of StayHear ultra tips of three different sized (S, M, L).
  • Features commercial grade tips offering longer comfort and stable fitting.
  • Includes clothing clips and carrying case for comfortable carriage.
  • Delivers easy switching between playing music and incoming calls.


  • The wire is highly audible along with loud tap and motion.
  • Both the cable and the ear-in are quite cheap with respect to its price.

Bottom Line

Although there are some drawbacks, you will get no best option regarding its advantages. In fact, this Bose SoundTrue Ultra is about to provide best possible earphone that comes with quality assurance. And through that, you can enjoy the utmost sound quality for your favorite music.

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