Car Subwoofer Buying Guide

Subwoofers are great for assisting small speakers that can’t cover up music from all sound frequencies. And that’s where the role of subwoofers come in.

As car speakers are small, they can’t cover up the entire frequency range of the music. As a music geek, you might know that without the bass or low-frequency sounds, the sound effect doesn’t get complete.

So, to make sure that you have the perfect musicam mode on the go, having a quality subwoofer is a must.

Buying Guide to Car Subwoofers

Like any other sound system items, car subwoofers are in hundreds in market. Different brands, sizes, performances, specs and price tags are ready there to confuse you.

Before you get frustrated on which one should you pick up for your car, we’ve decided to do a complete car subwoofer buyer’s guide.  And this article here, is the summary of all our research on that.

Let’s look at the significant buying factors-

What Is the Type of Car Subwoofer You Need?

In the market, there are hundreds of car subwoofers, like I mentioned before. But what are the basic types that classify them all? Let’s see-

  1. Powered Subwoofers
    The power subwoofers are those which have a built-in amplifier instead of an external one. This might help people who’re a little bit worried about the space. But one drawback is, this built-in amplifier isn’t that much string as an external one.
  2. Vehicle-specific Subwoofers
    There is a option to choose a sub that is specially dedicated to your car model. If you own a small car, then this is maybe the best option for you. Because, vehicle specific subs are designed to be superb space-saving.
  3. Subwoofer Drivers
    This one another familiar subwoofer type among people. Usually, these are supposed to also called the basic subwoofers. They need power from external amplifier.

The Enclosure

Subwoofers have a lot to do with the enclosure. Starting from the space required to house it, to the performance of the sound, everything depends on the subwoofer’s enclosure.

Usually, there are three kinds of enclosure in the market- Square. Round and hexagonal. Comparing the performance, square subwoofers gives the best music quality. Hexagonal ones are average type sound producers and the worst of them all is the round one.

The Materialistic Strength

Usually, home subs don’t vary that much based on the structure and material. But if you’re thinking of buying one for your car, trust me, you need to care about the materials.

Have a look at the material of what the surround and cone are made of. Usually, subwoofers that are popular among people, don’t contain bad quality materials. But stay away from subwoofers that are made of paper. Speaking about the best, go for a rubber made one.

Go for A Enclosed One

We all have seen the subwoofers that are in a pre-counted box. In these kinds of subs, the entire subwoofer is encountered into a box. And comparing to it’s variations, they provide a better sound quality. Also, they are compact in design, and can save a lot of space in the car.

The Location of the Sub

This is one buying factor that I’d like to talk about before. But we’ve got a tiny bit of hints about this in the vehicle-specific subtypes.

The factor is, based on the type of car, the position of the sub matters a lot. You’ll keep a truck subwoofer anywhere but near the dashboard. And also, if you have a comparatively smaller car, you’d like it to be a part of your interior.

Therefore, if you like to keep it out-of-the-way locations such as SUVs, trucks etc, go for a subwoofer that is unpowered. Instead, if you have an opposite choice to make the sub a part of the car interior, make sure you’re buying a powered subwoofer.

The Bottom Line

There are some other buying factors that I think should talk about. But if you make the purchase based on these few buying factors, I hope you’ll get a right pick for your budget.

Best of luck!

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