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How to Fix Samsung Earphones?

Discover that your favorite Samsung earphone is not working suddenly? Can’t detect the problem with the earphone? Wondering how can you repair your earphone and get it work like before? Then look no further. Because this article will answer all your inquiries. Earphones are one of our most used daily accessories. Our daily life will become […]

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How to Fix Headphone Wires With Tape?

You are going on a trip which you were planning with your friends for a long time. so you are too happy to express it. From the bus, you are enjoying the view of nature, scrolling in the Facebook with your favorite headphone on the ears.  Isn’t it so amazing? But suddenly something happens and you find […]

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How to Fix Headphones Without Sound?

You are going on a trip which you were planning from the last month with your friends. Well, you are on a bus, scrolling your Facebook, a headphone is on and you are enjoying all these things together. Suddenly no sound is coming out from your headphone and even though after trying so much it’s […]

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How to Fix Headphones Jack?

Did your favorite headphone stop working on a sudden? Can’t figure out what the reason could be? Don’t want to throw away your expensive pair of headphone? Then don’t worry. Because I have got your back. Headphones are that one little component we carry all the time with us. It’s like our days are so dull […]

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How to Fix Earbuds?

Tired of altering your earphone again and again? Have you ever thought of repairing it before throwing it away? Most of the earphone lasts hardly a couple of years. Then either it’s the earbuds or the jack or wires that betray you. Even headphones with reinforcement at joints and durable cables will show problems.  Before knowing […]

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