CB3 Hush Review! Best Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones under $100

Suppose, you are passing through a market or noisy place and you are listening to the song. Are the noise of these public places disturbs you? Sometimes it may become very annoying to you. But how can you solve it? You may try many techniques to solve this problem.

CB3 Hush Wireless Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling Technology (Black)
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CB3 Hush Wireless Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling Technology (Black)
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Are these techniques work perfectly? If the answer is no. Then you can try CB3 Hush wireless Bluetooth headphone which is capable of canceling surrounding noise. It is launched with exceptional technology for canceling the surrounding noise. It is capable of canceling noise even if you are listening songs in low or middle volume.

It'll be very helpful to solve your problem. So, if you are really annoyed with the surrounding noise and wants to get rid of it. Then you can choose this device and become tension free. For the details information and more quarry, please go through the CB3 Hush Review.


  • Decent sound quality on Bluetooth.
  • Long battery life.
  • Short time is required to recharge the battery.
  • Long stand time of the battery.
  • Gorgeous design makes it pretty looking.
  • Wide Bluetooth range increases its mobility.


  • Sound leaking a little bit.
  • It isn't fit for all size of the head (like small head).

Who Are the Ideal Users of This Product?

For whom who stays a long time in a crowded placeYou may have such kind of works that make you stay a crowded place for a long time. In that time you may have to talk with someone by your mobile set or you may listen to songs. In those cases, noise can be a big problem to you. To overcome this problem this product is best for you.

Music loversIf you are a music lover, then you will want a regular accompany of music. You will try to listen to songs whenever you get a little bit time. So, in the time of your outdoor presence, you will want to fulfill your music demand. But because of noise, you can't-do this with great pleasure. For your pleasure in that situation, there is no alternative to this product.

People who don't like headphone with wires: Sometimes wire can bother you by creating a difficulty in the system. You can also dislike wires because it can't permit you to go a notable distance from the system. So, you'll prefer a wireless headphone and The CB3 Hush noise less headphone is for you.

Who wants better sound qualityYou may serious about the sound quality. In this device, high technology is used in the speaker. So the sound quality of this device is very good. And you can take it without any hesitation.

People who use headphones in the journeyIn the time of journey, a huge amount of noise is produced. This noise can make your journey boring. It also disturbs your phone calls and song listening. So, in that case, you need a noise reducer headphone. And The CB3 Hush noise less headphone can provide the feature.

Features and Benefits

  • Noise-canceling system makes it exceptional than the others 

There is an active system for noise canceling. When you are traveling by airplane, bus, train etc. then you face a great noise. This noise can break down your concentration from listening music.

In that case, you can take CB3 Hush noise less headphone to make your journey more pleasant.

  • Wireless headphone and greater Bluetooth range with microphone system increase its mobility

Suppose, you are listening songs from your laptop or desktop by a headphone wire. Is it permit you to go a long distance from your laptop or desktop? Obviously, the answer is no. Because there is a limitation of the length of the wire. But if you need to go a distance greater than the length of the wire, then what will happen? You may have to stop the song.

For avoiding the above problem and getting nonstop service, you can collect this device.

  • Splendid design makes it pretty and comfortable

If you are a fashion conscious people, then your useable products will also be fashionable. The CB3 Hush noise less headphone is made in such a design that makes it both comfortable and fashionable. Its design will permit you to use it for a long time with comfort.

So, as a fashion conscious and long-time headphone user you can take this headphone.

  • Good sound quality which enhances your pleasure

Why are you want to use headphones? Because of nice sound quality. But if your general headphone can't provide better sound quality, then what's the use of it? The CB3 Hush noise less headphone has the ability to provide better sound quality. Its speaker is made of high technology. And its noise reducing system makes the sound more qualified.

So, you will have no complaints about its sound quality.

  • Lithium polymer battery provides a long stand time

Its lithium polymer battery is rechargeable. It is long lasting and recharging system is very easy. You can recharge it by USB cord. So, you don't have to spend a lot of money for the battery purposes. If you recharge it once, then you can use it up to 49 hours (when it is on) and 980 hours (when it is off).

Its battery system can support you on a long journey. So, you can take it to the remote area where recharging it is very difficult.

  • Lightweight can make easy carrying facility

You may have the need to keep your headphone always with you. But a heavyweight headphone can make it difficult. So, you need a lightly weighted headphone to keep it always with it. The CB3 Hush noise less headphone's light weight can fulfill your demand.

So, don't make a late. Collect a piece of this noiseless headphone and carry it easily.

Bottom Line

The CB3 Hush noise less headphone has many attractive features. It has some cons. Such as, it can't fit perfectly on a small head or sometimes leaks sounds. But the beneficial features of it are prior.

If you need a headphone for going outdoor or noisy places, then this device is best for you. Because in traveling, markets, stations and crowded places, this device can maintain good sound quality. Hope the CB3 Hush review, given above will be a helpful hand to you.

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