How to Fix Headphones Without Sound?

You are going on a trip which you were planning from the last month with your friends. Well, you are on a bus, scrolling your Facebook, a headphone is on and you are enjoying all these things together. Suddenly no sound is coming out from your headphone and even though after trying so much it's not working.

This one thing can reduce the feel of your tour as you love to hear songs. But you need not worry about this. Why? When you yourself can fix the problem then why to worry about the matter!

Yes, you can do it easily if you know the exact procedure of fixing headphones without sound. See, you were worried about calling your favorite headphone a wastage but now when you know you can fix it isn’t it great! As well as you can save your money also. So stay here with me so you can know the whole procedure to get your headphone back.

Fixing headphones without sound

There can be many causes that audio is not coming from the headphone. The most common cause is the bent of wires near the audio jack. As long as there are many causes behind the problem, solutions are also so many. A fixing procedure is given here step by step:

Step 1:

First, you need to check that if the problem is actually with the headphone. For that, you can try several headphones on your device and even if no sound is coming out then the problem is the jack of the device. But if you can hear sound from other headphones then the problem is with your headphone and you need to repair it.

Step 2:

After checking, open the headphone sides. For opening speaker compartment you can use a screwdriver. And then expose the wires that are connected to the speaker. The colors of wires are different, in most cases, it is red and black. Red indicates positive and black indicates negative.

Step 3:

Check for the cracks that are in the solder of connections. If there is the presence of cracks melt the flux by applying hot soldering iron and again solder the leads. Re-soldering is needed when it's required.

Step 4:

The connections are may be intact then skip step 3. To test the breaks of wires, use any circuit checker. Also, you can use a VOM or volt ohm meter. Set the volt-ohm meter, touch those leads. The arrow of the meter has to move to the right side of.

Then you need to place one lead on the wire which is black color and it should be at the metallic junction. When you are doing this you have to see that if the last point of the wire touching the speaker.

After working with one end, another end is free. Touch it at the root of your headphone. Like before the meter has to move to the right side. On circuit checker, LED has to light up. While the leads are in a connection, LED should stay lit.

Step 5:

Then it comes to the VOM lead, touch it to the wire which is red at the speaker as the black has already been used. Put the other lead and touch it to the apex of the headphone plug. When nothing happens then touch it one the plug which is above the base.

From these two, one might move the meter to the right. Even this is not happening, strip the wire above headphone plug, the stripping may be one inch or two. Connect red-red as well as black-black.

The tests show continuity by moving the meter to the right. But this may fail. Then replace the lead of the wire to the plug which was before with the headphone.

Step 6:

Need to reposition the headphone plug if you don't get continuity in the plug and only in the wire. Cut the wire to check for continuity at the place where you stripped. Let glide the headphone plug. Strip all the wires, solder those to the connections and it should appropriate.

Left and right wires are generally red, white or maybe yellow, the ground one is black. There are labels: L for left, R for right, and G for ground.

Step 7:

If you find continuity from channels and ground connections, replace the speaker.

You can use another procedure by twisting at a certain position of the wire. The sound may come out from the headphone. And from this, you can get the position where the wire has shorted.

You can put an electrical tape on that area when working. You have to keep the wire bend when you are removing the shorted part. Attaching electrical wire will keep the shorted wires together until you fix permanently. But the previous procedure is much more effective.

Final Verdict

So at the end, now you can repair or fix your headphone by yourself and there’s no need to worry about it anymore. As you are working with wires, you have to be too careful because one mistake can damage the whole headphone functioning.

It may be happening if you do not match the wire color when adding with plug or wire. So memorizing full procedure carefully is necessary and when come to realize you are now capable enough to do this then try. Knowing something is really something. So keep trying this on your soundless headphone!

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3 thoughts on “How to Fix Headphones Without Sound?”

  1. I have no sound in my headphones, but it’s the wire that connects it to my laptop that is the problem. The wire, at the top where it’s connected to my headphones, got frayed and now there is no sound. Do I have to buy a new cord, or is there a way to fix this?

    • Which operating system you are using? If you use Windows 10 then it’s the bug of w10 then you can try it on your mobile phone or another laptop. You can check the cord also. Is there any problem please reply here. Thanks

  2. My issue is that if my earphones are plugged into my Dell PC and I turn on the computer…all is well and works. However if I unplug the earphones and immediately plug them in again they stop working completely. They will not restart until I turn off or restart the computer. Then they work again. What is going on. This is only fairly recent. It used to work all the time. Can you help?


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