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Best Gaming Headset under $100- Reviews and Guide

A fabulous looking gaming headset with captivating features isn’t meant for Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye or those pro CS:GO players only, everybody deserves the best. However, our wallets strongly disagree with this! I mean, not everybody has the luxury to spend fortune on a headset. It’s hard to keep a balance in the bank account with the pressure of […]

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Best Gaming Headset Under $50- Reviews and Guide

They said, there’s no good gaming headset under the rate of fifty. They said, if you don’t have the money, give up on the dream of owning the perfect headset. They said, this can be possible only in dreams. Well, guess what? Those ‘they’ haven’t seen ‘these’ gaming headsets we got here! We picked some gaming headsets that don’t cost more than 50 […]

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