How Do I Connect My JBL Speaker to My Laptop?

Wanna connect your new JBL speaker to the laptop?

Well, first answer this question:

Wired or Wireless?

Or let me ask you more elaborately. Which connection is supported by your JBL speaker?

Now, JBL is one of the top brands in audio market and for user convenience, they manufacture both wired and wireless speakers. Some of them are dependent on cords for a connection, others are capable of catching on-air signals.

Since we're talking laptop, you can go either way.

How to Connect Wired Speaker

Step 1. Choose the Connection

The sockets are located on the edge of the laptop. All you gotta do is detect the right one and use it.

JBL speakers feature USB and 3.5mm AUX jack. The AUX jack is usually green, so it will go into the laptop's green port. However, to keep up with the design, some laptops don't include color-coded ports. In this case, you'll have to use the headphone output. The output is sometimes labeled with a 'headphone' symbol or 'Audio Out' (A/O) sign.

Or, you can use the USB port to avoid all the complications.

Step 2. Arrange the Speakers

You have to position those speakers wisely to get the perfect surround sound. If you observe closely, you'll see that those speakers are labeled with the letters 'L' and 'R'. 'L' stands for left and 'R' stands for right. Place those drivers on the left and the right side of the laptop.

In case the drivers aren't labeled, you have complete liberty to position them according to your will. Just don't gather them in one place, put them on the different sides of the laptop. In this way, the frequencies won't get mixed and you'll get that perfect surrounding blend.

The main purpose of linking speakers to laptop is to fulfill the lack of rich audio that laptop's weak built-in system can't provide. And by the 'lack', we're particularly indicating towards bass. Laptop's bass performance is terrible. So, we're guessing that you're certainly pairing a subwoofer too.

If the subwoofer is in the list, place it in the center. Center positioning will help those low-end frequencies blend naturally with the waves coming from the right and the left speakers. Or, you can put it on the floor, that also works quite well.

Step 3. Start Connecting

Once you're done positioning, it's time to start pairing them up. Firstly, connect the right and the left speakers. Sometimes these drivers share one cable for less complication. If your JBL speakers are interconnected, cut the slack and skip to the next process, which leads to linking them to the laptop. It can be either USB or AUX audio output.

Subwoofer features its own cable. Most probably it'll be a 3.5mm AUX jack, though some latest models include USB port.

Step 4. Test the Connection

By the way, did I mention that the laptop should be turned on during the whole process? If you haven't already been told before, you know now.

Since everything's linked up, check out the performance. Remember to keep the speaker volume low in the beginning in order to not go deaf with sudden smite of loud sound.

The laptop OS will detect new system. Confirm and start checking. If the audio doesn't sound right, adjust the cables properly.

How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker

Yes, the title was supposed to be 'How to Connect Wireless Speaker', but since most wireless speakers use Bluetooth for on-air connection, we'll be discussing this particular medium here.

Step 1. Position the System

Place the speaker somewhere reachable (so that you can control it time to time) and it should be within a legit range depending on the speaker's capability. Better not put any obstacle between the laptop and the speaker.

Step 2. Activate the Speaker

Turn the speaker on and activate the Bluetooth mode to make the connection visible.

Step 3. Enable Laptop's Bluetooth Connection

If your laptop runs on Windows, go to 'Device Manager' to find the Bluetooth activation option. It'll be available in 'About This MAC' section in case you're using a MAC. Activate Bluetooth connection and pair it up with your Bluetooth speaker.

Step 4. Test the Connection

Once the driver is connected, check out for OS response and test the audio performance.

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