How Do You Connect Your Phone to Car Stereo?

We live in the twenty first century! So depending on the radio or cassette tape/CD for some good audio experience during a drive is completely irrational.

You have a phone with the privilege of mp3 files, so make the best use of it!

However, a question still remains. For enjoying audio from the phone, you gotta connect it to the car stereo.

How should that be done?

Well, there are several options.

Yes, I had to mention this option first, because it's the most convenient tech for connecting phone. Nowadays, every phone has a Bluetooth connection (though it's not massively used like before). So, if your car's stereo system is Bluetooth enabled, you can easily stream your favorite music from the phone.

Most modern day cars come with a Bluetooth enabled stereo system. If the factory system doesn't have the feature, you can replace it with Bluetooth enabled system. Moreover, Bluetooth kit is also available to create Bluetooth connection, you can use this kit as well.

The Bluetooth feature gives you the opportunity to attend calls through your stereo system. However, you can't control the phone with the car stereo if the connection is established through Bluetooth.

Analogue Connection

Yes, I'm talking about traditional cable connection, AUX cable connection to be precise. The cable is suitable for phone's standard headphone jack. Just connect the AUX cable to the stereo system and then plug the other end to the headphone jack. The connection will be accomplished!


Another great modern way to connect the phone to the car stereo. The only condition is, the phone has to be android, because only Android phones feature a USB adapter.

Now the stereo can be styled in two ways for USB connection. Either it will feature a USB port or a whole cable will come attached. You can easily connect the phone with attached cable, otherwise you'll have to bring separate USB cable.

You can only play files from your phone's storage. Online streaming is not possible. The phone's audio files can be navigated through the stereo system.

FM Transmitter

Another dope option in my eyes. You can broadcast your phone's audio file through the car radio. To avail this privilege, you need an FM transmitter software/app. If the recommended software/app isn't available in your phone by default, download one and install it. You can install a broadcast device as well in the car for the same privilege.

Cassette Adapter

My least favorite option. But if you still own a car with cassette tape player, there's no harm in trying this!

The cassette tape player features an adapter for cable connection. The cable is suitable for standard headphone jack. Connect it to the jack and play your music in the system.


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