How do you hook up a Soundbar to a TV?

Before we head right into the detailed guide, here are some basics-

When it comes to connecting a soundbar to a TV, there are two basic options in front of you-

  1. The TV itself is the source of all connecting devices. This also means that you don’t have a large number of devices that are meant to be connected with the media system.
  2. Second potion is, using the soundbar as the source of all connecting devices. In this case, all of the audio and video devices are fed into the soundbar and this is the place where every electric signal are synced.

No matter whichever motif you chose, the setup process will vary a lot. In fact, this choice isn’t up to you. Based on the type of tv you have, you have to make an automatic choice between these two options.

Both of the methods are different in setup processes. So, there is no question of right and wrong. Instead, the question is about to choose the right devices to make the entire media system work out.

However, that’s all about the basics, let’s move forward to the detailed guidelines-

Connecting All the Devices Through TV as A Hub

So, we’re at the first method that explains how to connect a soundbar with the TV while the TV itself is the media hub. This covers a number of steps that are demonstrated below-

Step 1: Find the Input Ports in the TV for All the Media Devices

First of all, mind that you have to connect every device you have to the televisions. Fortunately, for people who have a table-top mounted tv in the house.

Table-top mounted TVs have a few ports to have inputs from DVD players, gaming consoles or devices like AppleTV, ROKU, ChromeCast etc.

The first job is to find the right input ports like HDMI or Analogue ports that accept the inputs from these devices.

Step 2: Connect the Optical Audio to the Soundbar

Secondly, the task is to set up the cable connection between the TV and the soundbar. Every modern TVs these days, have options to get optical audio to speakers like soundbar.

Step 3: Check the Connections and Power It Up

Now it’s all done. All you have to do is to recheck the proper connection of all the connected devices. If your media input like AppleTV or ChromeCast needs an antenna, make sure that’s on the right place.

Method 2:

Connecting All the Devices Through Soundbar as A Hub

There are some advanced level soundbars which do to job of media connecting which was done by the TV in the earlier method we talked about. In that case, get a feature-rich soundbar and all the devices that you want collaboration with.

Then move to these following steps-

Step 1: Find the Input Ports in the Soundbar for All the Media Devices

In this case, the soundbar takes all the responsibilities of connecting all the input and output devices. As example, the devices like Apple TV or Chrome Cast gives the audio and video input to the soundbar. The soundbar that plays the sound itself and send the video output signals to the TV. Wall mount TVs where single connecting cable looks great, is the idea case.

To start with, you have to find the proper connecting ports for the audio and video input devices. As devices like these have their own connecting preferences, some of them will need HDMI, some of them will need VGA and so on.

First thing first, find all those specific ports for each device.

Step 2: Connect the Optical Audio to the Soundbar

The TV itself will ask for an output cable connecting through the HDMI port. Usually, the wall-mounted TVs have that one HDMI port that receives video signals to display on itself. Find and connect this pair of port and cable.

Step 3: Check the Connections and Power It Up

All done. Now it’s time to recheck all those connections and make it live. Check each of the ports are connected to the right cable of the right device. Take on necessary accessories such as antennas, headphones etc. and power the system up.

The Bottom Line

We know that both of these methods of connecting a soundbar to the TV is completely depended on what type of TV and soundbar you have in your hands. But if you become a little bit open about the price, we think it’s better to end up with a Soundbar as a hub (second method). However, it’s none other than your own preferences and we’re sure that you’ve got the proper guideline for both of the methods.

Best of luck!


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