How to Add Bluetooth to TV with Infographic Details

Is your room filling with electronic device wire?

Do you want to remove it from your living room and enjoy wireless milieu?

Bluetooth is one of the best solutions for you.

Bluetooth is a significant invention of modern science and technology. Anybody can share his/her thought, view videos, and still image with Bluetooth device.

The Bluetooth device was first to use with Television in 2010. Now, most of the television comes with the pre-installed Bluetooth device. But, is your TV set, not up to the mark or backdated? Do you want to add a Bluetooth device?

You have good news! Don’t bow down. There is a way to setup this device on your TV set. If you want to upgrade your system, you need to install a Bluetooth adapter manually. So, at first, you need to know how to add Bluetooth to TV.

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Steps on How to add Bluetooth to TV

Bluetooth to TV

Bluetooth is a radio wave technology. In other words, it is a wireless ambiance.So, if you want to enjoy this wireless service, you should follow the easy steps:

Steps 1: Buy a Bluetooth device

At first, it is required to investigate what audio output is available. You can see your TV user manual also. After that, you need to buy a Bluetooth adapter from an electronic market for your television.

In the market, you will see various brands with a different price. You can also buy this device from online. Also, you may choose the right one which is suitable for your TV set. You should always remember that the adapter must have 3.5mm port.

Steps 2: Charge your device

It is necessary to charge 100% before installation. Maybe, it takes up to three hours for the full load. Moreover, the device has a different charger. One is USB charger and, other is power adapters which need plug into the wall. After full charging, you can install it to your television. It can run three to four hours continuously according to your device capacity.

Steps 3: Connect to your television

Next, you must connect Bluetooth adapter to your television with the stereo port. After connecting, you will notice a Bluetooth signal emitting from your television. Now, you can connect your TV with other Bluetooth enabled device. Such as mobile, laptop, headphone, speaker, etc. For this reason, you should how to add Bluetooth to TV.

Steps 4: Turn on your television

After that, you need to turn on your TV and increase volume. Next, you will go to your TV settings and set the input system in a video or DVD channel. Your Bluetooth device will not interfere with your television shows or sound. For this reason, you should maintain the step. So, this step is very much important for connection.

Steps 5: Second Bluetooth device need to switch on

Finally, it is necessary to turn on a second Bluetooth device. That means the devices you will prefer to connect to your television. Next, you will go to the device’s Bluetooth setting search and check it working with your TV. If it works, then you should pick up your preferable device connection and start pairing. If so, now you can enjoy a wireless environment in your living room. In this way, you can connect your television with Bluetooth adapter.

So, in this way, you should follow the steps on how to add Bluetooth to TV carefully.

Final Verdict

Sometimes you can face a few restrictions on using Bluetooth. For example, compatibility issue, lip sync error, and malfunction. Bluetooth technology can make your television as computer base. Nowadays, much well-known television brand is integrated with Bluetooth technology. You can connect it to other Bluetooth enabled the device to communicate wirelessly.

It creates a wire free environment in your living space. Moreover, some application will allow your mobile phone to use as a remote control. But all televisions are not integrated with Bluetooth technology. If you wish to enjoy the wireless environment in your room, you should follow the steps. Then you will need to install a Bluetooth adapter manually with your TV. So, it’s prudent to follow steps on how to add Bluetooth to TV.

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