How to Build a Subwoofer Box to Specifications?

Building your own subwoofer box is an awesome plan to get the one according to your desire. When ready-made boxes are too expensive you can make your own subwoofer box with less cost and good quality as well. Just know the making process, get the gears and go for it. If you are planning to make one for your subwoofer speakers here is the procedure you may follow to get it done easily.

Here you go.

You need to collect all the gears before starting the process. Every equipment is equally important here. So, it’s better to get every single one for the expected result. Here what you need.


Make a sample model on a paper and fix the measurements of the subwoofer box. Mention the height, width, and depth to make it as per the plan.  

Woodcutter machine

You need to cut the wood with woodcutter machine. It’s up to you what kind of cutter machine you have or prefer.

Wood pieces

Cut 6 square pieces of wood according to the measurement. Also, cut the wood to make braces for the box. 


You have to hook up screws to make the subwoofer box strong attached.

Electric drill machine

To hook up the screws you have to make mini holes on the box. Use a drill machine to make accurate holes for a tight hook-up.

Silicone caulk

It fills up the gaps remaining inside the box. Gaps can prevent your sub box from working accurately. Besides, applying silicone caulk to the joints will give the box a good finish.

Wood glue

Get wood glue that can attach the wood pieces strong enough.

Circle saw:

As you have to make two circles on the front side, a circle saw will make your work much easy to cut a perfect circle. 


Braces are mainly used for removing the shake of your subwoofer box while playing music on it.

Sander machine:

Sander machine are used to give a smoother finish to any wooden thing. Here it will make the box smoother and give it a good finish.

Making Process

After you got all the gears mentioned up you are ready to start the making procedure. So, check out the method below to make your own subwoofer. Here you go.

  • Step 1: Cut out the wood into 6 square pieces with the cutter machine following the measurements you planned. Cut the braces as well.
  • Step 2: Now, take the measurement of the subwoofer speakers and make two circles on the front wooden price. You have to make a small hole on the back for setting the terminal.
  • Step 3: Next, attach all the wood pieces with glue except the upper one. Apply silicone caulk in every corner and attach all the corner braces too.
  • Step 4: Now, make small holes using the drill machine and hook up screws to make the box strongly attached.
  • Step 5: Now put the subwoofer speaker inside the front hole and terminal into the back one. Attach them with glue. Let them dry very well. Do the finishing with sander machine and make the box smooth.
  • Step 6: Now, add the upper wooden piece and apply glue to fix it. Paint the box as you want or do some creative design to give it a unique look. Your subwoofer box is ready.


You are just 6 steps away from your own made subwoofer box. Was that too tough? I guess, no. Probably it takes a little longer to complete but once you are done it’s amazing to get the super stylish box at such a low cost. So, make yours today following these 6 steps and feel the excellent bass in your own made subwoofer box.  

Hope the article was helpful. Thanks for being with us.

How to Build a Subwoofer Box to Specifications

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