Details Guide with Video: How to Clean iPhone Speakers?

Although the latest version iPhone is advertised as being waterproof and dustproof, it's not a wise decision to use it under the water. Also, it is protected by the warranty for accidental submersion or splashes under the water, the manufacturer suggests it for regular use. So, if you want your iPhone being 100% safe, keep it away from the water. However, we come to a moment when the iPhone meets the liquid and doesn’t work efficiently.

Possible Causes of iPhone Inconvenience

The most notable cause of damaging iPhone speaker is the association of water. No matter your device is advertised as waterproof, the water can enter into the phone through small holes of the speakers. As the device can’t close and open the door automatically, it can’t prevent water or other liquids to enter into the phone. So, the results in a muffled sound when you play audio.

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Easiest ways to clear iPhone speakers

iPhone comes with a water-resistant but doesn’t have water-eject feature. However, sound-waves are now used to push the water out of the speaker. Here are some easy ways to clean water efficiently from the iPhone speakers.

Cleaning the Speaker

If you can’t listen the sound from your iPhone speaker clearly, it seems that there may be a problem in your speaker. The debris of the speaker can send a false signal to the phone. So, check the port if there is any debris or not. If there is something dirt, clean it before playing sound.

Using a cotton swab

Using a cotton swab to clean the iPhone speaker is the easiest as well as the best way. You need a fresh, new and clean cotton swab to remove dirt from the speaker. However, never dampen any end of the cotton swab into the water or oil before entering into the port. It may result in your phone damage. 

At first, take a clean cotton wave and remove the cotton from an end. You can do it by clinching with your thumb or forefinger. Then remove the balled cotton in the same way. Now, cast off the cotton swab after removing the cotton. Pinch the same way again until it becomes loose. Now, gently put the narrow end to the surface of the speaker and turn it around for few times.

Then remove the cotton swab from inside the speaker. It is assumed that the speaker, as well as the port, is clear. Play the sound and enjoy music.

Use an air compressor

Air compressor is another excellent tool to clean iPhone speaker. You can buy canned oxygen from the local store. The canned oxygen is a popular and inexpensive tool to clean PC parts. Now follow the steps to clean your iPhone speaker with an air compressor.

At first lay down your phone on a flat surface. Place the phone in such a position so that the port must be in front of you. Now, start the canned air nozzle to the headphone port of the phone. Squeeze it some time until you think that the port is clean. Usually, it won't take too much time. Then check your headphone jack and port if it works or not.

Use a toothbrush

Using a super soft toothbrush to clean an iPhone speaker is the easiest way. But, remember that a harsh brush can destroy your phone permanently. However, the no-money-cost way can completely remove dust, dirt lint, and all undesirable particles efficiently. Brush the ports of speaker and microphone gently for some time until it looks clean. Then play a piece of music to test whether it is clear or not.

Use painter’s Tape

A painter’s tape can clean an iPhone speaker precisely. Though it is widely used for painting walls, the pressure sensitive adhesive works well to remove the debris from inside the speaker.

At first, tear a short piece of the tape and roll it into a small cylinder. The stick side should be facing out so that you can easily move the cylinder. Now, slip the torn tape over the index finger so that you can press the tape onto your speaker with the finger. Here, remember that the cylinder will have a diameter with the same width of your finger.

However, the pressed tap will pick all the dirt and dust up from inside the speaker. After every time rolling up, check the surface of the tape. Do it several times to get all debris out from the speaker. However, if the tape looks fade and lint, discard it and use a new one to roll.

Exploring Other Speaker Fixes

If there is a sound problem still after the cleaning, you should check other issues of the speaker. There may be a lack of settings, a miss of the latest update or your phone casing can be a problem. However, you should follow the below steps to explore the issues in the speaker.

Miss an update

iPhone is the most secured phone which concerns the privacy of the user. So, it has updated the settings frequently. If you miss any important update, your phone may not work well. Also, you may miss any critical sound driver or firmware which is responsible for sound.

So, connect your phone to the internet and update the driver. To update the iPhone, connect it to the internet and enter into the Settings Menu. Now click General and then Software Update. If an update is available, it shows to you. Click on Download and install it. Hopefully, the phone will work well.

Update our Speaker Settings

The first time user of the iPhone suffers this problem of sound settings. So, check the speaker settings. To verify or to change the settings, enter your Settings Menu and the Click on Sounds. If you want to increase the volume, you have to drag the Ringer and Alerts Slider.

You can also change the Ring/Silent switch t increase the volume. If you find that the switch is a small orange dot, move it to the opposite direction and increase volume.

Final Remarks

iPhone is one of the easiest devices to run. Even from kids to seniors can operate the device comfortably. However, if you face a problem with the speaker, try the processes as mentioned earlier. If it is not a technical problem, the problem will be solved. Unless the process works, contact the Apple.

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