How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC?

I wrote a lot of articles about connecting this to that and all. But to be frank, the article I've written here is my favorite one. It’s not that easy to connect a Bluetooth headphone to PC, by I love it do every time.

Anyways, the basic concept of today’s discussion is pretty clear. Now in 2018, very few of us would like to use wired headphones. Especially people who are with regular outdoor activities. So, you need to connect a Bluetooth headphone to the PC on a regular basis.

Fortunately, this guide is a complete guide on that. And I’m sure if you’re in trouble with it, this post is going to be the last one you’ll be googling about anymore.

One of the most popular trends of this age is to be wireless as much as possible. Same goes for headphones. While there are many versions, sizes and brands of these headphones, all of them work in the same way. The sound quality may vary a lot, but the way you should connect them with PC is pretty similar.

Let’s head into the detailed step-by-step guideline on connecting a Bluetooth headphone to the PC-

How to Connect A Bluetooth Headphone to PC- Steps Broken Down

Before you go, here are the detailed list of items you need-

  1. A Bluetooth headphone.
  2. A modern PC that has the Bluetooth receiver in it.
  3. Bluetooth driver installed on the PC.

If you make sure you have all these in hands, let’s see the steps-

Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth Headphone

The very first task is to turn on the Bluetooth headphone. No matter whatever the brand or model is, it should definitely have a turning on a switch on it. Usually, it’s located on one of the sides(right or left). Also, to make it easier to access, they are placed just with the volume controller.

In some headsets, it needs to hold the power button till an LED light turns on.

Step 2: Starting the PC Bluetooth

As you’re done with the headset, now it’s time to start the Bluetooth option of the Bluetooth. Maybe sometimes the Bluetooth can be turned off. But in usual cases, it’s turned on.

Press the Start Menu of the PC(if it’s of Windows OS) and type Bluetooth in the search box. Settings named Bluetooth will appear in front of you. Click on that.

Step 3: Add The Bluetooth Headphone to PC’s Bluetooth Connectivity

Now it’s time to search the headphone from the PC’s end.

Click on Add A Bluetooth Device to the Bluetooth settings windows. Then the PC will start searching for the Bluetooth devices that are turned on. Usually, the range of this searching lies between an area of 8-10 meter radius. We’re sure that you kept the headphone somewhere nearby.

As the headphone name appears on the list, click on that and connect the device to the PC. Usually, this should happen without any problem in the connectivity.

Step 4: Connect the PC and the Headphone

Now it’s time to complete the connection. All you have to do is to check that the Bluetooth headphone is on the connected item’s list of the PC. In some headphones, a blinking LED appears to blink as a successful connection happens to it. You can check that out also.

Bottom Line

Now, whenever you play a soundtrack or movie from the PC, the track should be automatically played in the headphones. No matter how many times you turn on or off the PC or the headphone, the connection will take place automatically.

All done. Enjoy the beats!

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