How to connect party speakers to laptop?

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Party and laptop!! Apparently, you’re thinking these twos are the elements of two opposite poles, isn’t it? But, do you know, you can easily apply your laptop to make your party more gorgeous? Yes, you can. And for this, you need an inter-relator between the twos. And this magical inter-relator is nothing but a party speaker. You can easily connect the party speakers with your laptop. But the problem is you don’t know how to do this. So, now you are in the right place.

Here, in this article, I’ll write about the benefits and procedures of connecting a party speaker to the laptop. I also add the safety precautions while doing this job.

What is party speaker?

A type of electroacoustic transducer used to create louder sound by connecting to an external audio system. It is a kind of loudspeaker usually for the musical audio.

It has separate rechargeable or cord power system. But it has to connect to the audio system through a wire. But the latest Bluetooth party speakers are now also available.

What benefit you’ll get by connecting party speaker with your laptop?

  • Enjoy anytime

By connecting party speakers with your laptop, you can enjoy the feel of theatre. You can even make an instant party in your house if you have a party speaker.

  • Avoid the side-effects of the headphone

Listening to a high volume of sound level with headphone directly heat your nerves. You can enjoy your favorite songs anytime with a loud sound by connecting your laptop and the party speakers.

  • Play anything as you wish

If you go to a party or club you have to listen what people play for you. In this case, you just adjust yourselves. But connecting the party speakers with your laptop you can play whatever you want.

  • Reduce the load on your laptop

Using the party speakers will reduce the load on the speaker of your laptop. It also reduces the load on your laptop battery.

  • Economically feasible

This is obviously economically feasible. Because you need not go to the theatre or in a club to enjoy movie or music in a high level of sound.
Process of connecting party speakers with your laptop (General speakers)

  • Connect the speaker to the amplifier

Firstly, take the speaker wires and make them connected with the speakers. But don’t make a wrong connection. That may cause damage. There are the indicators with the positive and negative signs at the threads of the speakers and the amplifier. If you will use simple wires without the plug system then connect the drain wire (covered with black or white jacket) in the negative port. You can use the RCA cable in this case to avoid the risk and confusion.

  • Amplifier with the laptop

Now connect the amplifier with the laptop. This is as simple as connecting the amplifier with the speakers. But usually, the laptops have not an RCA port. Most of the laptop has an auxiliary connection. I will suggest here ‘don’t use open cables to connect the laptop’. Use a cable which has an RCA plug and an auxiliary plug.

  • Turn on the speaker power button

After finishing this connection, then plug the speaker into the power source. And finally, press the power button of the speakers. So, here goes the connecting procedure of general party speakers with your laptop.

Process of connecting party speakers with your laptop (Bluetooth speakers)

  • Turn on the Bluetooth button of the speakers

Comparatively easy than the general speakers. But you have to place the speakers within a reasonable range from the laptop. First, turn on the speaker in power. Then press the Bluetooth button of the speaker. And thus, the speakers will be ready for pairing with another device. You can see this in an indicator.

  • Pair the speakers with the laptop

Then go to the Bluetooth option of the laptop. You can follow this sequence Windows-Settings-Devices-Bluetooth & another devices-Bluetooth(on) or go through the manual book of your laptop. Then find the name of your speakers from the available connection and pair with it.

Things to bear in mind for safety

  • Use an RCA cable and an auxiliary cable to make the connection. Don’t use an open wire for making the connection.
  • Put the power off of the speakers while making the connection.
  • Use the correct port for the correct wire.
  • Check the volume level of the speakers before play anything.
  • Ensure the suitable working voltage before turn the power on of the speaker.

Final Words

We hope after reading this article, you are feeling confident about connecting party speakers with a laptop. But don’t forget about the safety precautions. Follow every step and make an enjoyable environment.

Thank you.


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