How to connect RCA Audio Plug to Speaker Wires?

Have you a device which port only takes RCA plug? If it’s not, in this article I’m going to introduce you an amazing method. By this method, you can use your speaker as a very special device. Feeling amazed! No need to be so amazed. It’s nothing but a simple solution to bear in mind. Let’s look into the solution. And that is “connect RCA plug to speaker wires”. This will save you from the cost of changing or buying a new device. Even it is safe and convenient to use.

Here are the detailed steps about how to connect RCA audio plug to speaker wires. I’ll also mention here the benefits you will get and the precaution you have to take. So, go through it to do this like an expert electrician.

What is RCA Audio plug?

An RCA Audio plug is one type of electrical connector generally used to pass video and audio signals.

It is generally used as RF connectors, power connectors and also as loudspeaker connectors. A ring surrounds its male connector. We make the connection with the device by pushing it into the socket.

Methods of connecting RCA Audio plug to speaker wires

Arrange the tools

First, you should arrange the necessary tools that will need you to connect RCA Audio plug to speaker wires. Excluding the wires and the plug arrange a stripper, a nose plier, plucker, scissor, soldering machine, solder, safety gloves etc.

Disassemble the RCA plug

Separate the parts of the plug and wear the shell on the wires. Keep all the parts in a place. Keep an eye for all-out safety.

Prepare the speaker wires

Strip off the outer covering of the wire. Then you will find two wires. One is red coated which is generally positive and the other one may be white or black coated. Remove the outer jacket from the wires to bring out the conducting wire and the drain wire by using the scissor or the stripper. Then twist the drain wire. Finally, by soldering both of the wires you can prepare the wires.

Connect the drain wire with the plug

For connecting the wires with the plug, you have to prepare the plug first. Put soldering on the cup of the plug and connect the drain wire(negative). Then let it cool to solidify the connection and don’t move it while till it cools down.

Connect the conductor wire with the plug

After cooling the drain wire connection, then it comes about the conductor(positive). Put a little solder on the back of the plug pin. Then connect the conductor wire with it and let it cool as you do in the case of drain wire. But don't connect the conductor with the cup or drain wire.

Insulate the connection

At last, crimp the connection and insulate it. You can use a plastic hollow wire to insulate it. And finally, take the shell over the connection of the wire and screw it with the plug.

The benefit of connecting RCA audio plug to speaker wires?

Save money

Today's most of the speakers have bare end wire. But many sounds creating device takes the RCA plug. Hence, by connecting RCA plug to speaker wires you can use your speaker with the bare end to the devices. Thus, you need not buy a speaker with RCA cable to use your device.

Convenient to use

RCA plug is very convenient to use. You can easily add the plug with the thread. The plug is slightly short and has the smaller diameter, that can easily attach to the thread.

Use the speaker

With this process, you can use the unused speaker in your home if you have a device with RCA thread.

Use the old modeled instruments

Almost all the old device has an RCA thread and you bring them in use with a modern speaker by doing this.


Because of the insulating system and the structure of the RCA plug, this process reduces the chances of short circuits and shocking.


  • Unplug the speaker from the power source while preparing the wire
  • Be careful while taking off the jacket of the wire that the drain wires should not be cut.
  • Twist the drain wires properly.
  • Use safety gloves soldering.
  • Connect the wires correctly. Connect the drain wire with the cup and the conductor with the pin of the plug.

In the conclusion, we can say that this is a wonderful process that will save you from a big investment. But you have to be very careful about the process and the precautions. A little mistake can not only damage your device but also harm you.

Hope this article will help you to comfortably connect RCA plug to speaker wires. Have a nice day. Thank you.

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