How to Connect Soundbar to TV Using Bluetooth?

Recently, I have purchased a big panel, flat-screen TV. And you know what when I had set it up all, I found that there are some issues with the sound quality of the TV. So, I considered connecting a soundbar to my TV. Again, when I managed a soundbar I discovered that I’ve bought the wrong one.

The problem was that my TV has no ARC or Optical input to connect the type of soundbar I’ve purchased. It’s a Bluetooth device. So, the connection procedure is different. If your TV is the same as me, then this article is for you. Read it and connect your TV to the soundbar without troubleshooting.

The soundbar is a speaker enclosure. It sits in front or underneath of your TV and enhances the quality of your TV’s sound. They offer features such as HDMI inputs, USB ports, Bluetooth support and more. Whatever the feature is, the role of the soundbar is to make a better sound than your TV’s speaker.

Connecting Soundbar to Your TV Using Bluetooth

Many self-powered soundbars feature Wireless Bluetooth facility among compatible portable devices. And, a few of them can also connect your home network and play audio signals from the local sources. Bluetooth connection is suitable for near and limitless listening options. If you like to watch any video on your TV, you can simply stream the audio to your soundbar via Bluetooth. Also, get better sound.

To pair the soundbar with your Bluetooth device or TV follow the steps below:

  • First, press the Bluetooth button on the soundbar and hold it for five seconds. Otherwise, you may go to the BT pair option on the remote. The LED Indicators of the display panel begin flashing when both the devices pairs. The LED indicator stops flashing if the devices are paired.
  • Now search for the soundbar from your Bluetooth TV. See the instruction manual that came with the TV to get more information.
  • Finally, play music or any audio from your TV. You can control the volume on the soundbar as well as on your source device.

Troubleshooting Guide

If your TV fails to connect the soundbar using Bluetooth, check the following factors:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth mode on the soundbar. Then, click the BT button on the remote. Wait till the display shows BT > WAIT > BT READY. If the display doesn’t read it, the remote may be disturbing. To solve the problem, press the function button of the soundbar. Keep pressing it repeatedly till the BT mode toggles.
  • Again, the soundbar may not toggle to BT mode with either by the remote or by the function button. Take the soundbar to the service center if this occurs.
  • Check which Bluetooth profile your TV can support. It’s important to know as your TV can output audio only using Bluetooth.
  • You should determine the Bluetooth function of your TV is working or not. Check it by connecting your TV to other Bluetooth devices.
  • If the connection still troubles, remove the battery from the device you want to connect. Shut down the power and then on it again and try to connect to the soundbar again.
  • The Bluetooth troubleshooting may also occur if the devices are not compatible. Connect the soundbar to another Bluetooth device. If they connect, then the problem is on your TV. Rest or update your TV to solve the problem.

Maximize The Signal

You can connect two Bluetooth devices within a certain range. Usually, the range is up to 30 feet. Remember that, the Bluetooth format is the compressed type. So, in this case, the streamed audio or music may lose integrity than a wired connection. If the sound quality falls than optimal, try for these –

  • The audio connection between your TV and soundbar may disturb while streaming. Keep the TV close to the soundbar if such thing happens.
  • Remove any kind of solid obstructions from the line of sight between the TV and the soundbar.
  • Remove other wireless devices lies in the Bluetooth range between your TV and soundbar. The other wireless devices may affect the Bluetooth range. So, turn off or move wireless security cameras, phones, and likewise wireless devices.

Final Verdict

The Bluetooth connection delivers the same sound quality as the wired connection. Once you have connected the soundbar to the TV by Bluetooth, it remains paired within the range. Even if you change the input of the soundbar, the connection doesn’t disconnect. Now that you’ve got the basic ideas on connecting a soundbar to a Bluetooth device like your TV, begin the work. Watch the TV with the best view and audio.

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