How to Connect Soundbar to TV with HDMI?

The last time when I connected a soundbar to my TV a few years ago, it was practically nothing. But nowadays it’s a different story. Connecting a soundbar to your television is quite tricky. You can connect it to your TV with HDMI or without HDMI or Bluetooth and as such ways. Now, if you want to connect the soundbar via HDMI, then this article may be helpful for you.

The HDMI connections give you the best sound quality. So, if you decide using HDMI cable, it’s a wise decision. In this context, I am going to tell about how to connect the soundbar to TV with HDMI. Follow the guidelines.

Connect Soundbar to TV with HDMI

When you’re connecting a soundbar for the first time, you can be a bit confused about the best way on how to work out. To ease your work out, the following steps can be a lot of help. For instance –

Connect Soundbar to TV with HDMI

1. Place the SoundBar

Usually, we place our TV centrally on the wall in our living room. But, if your TV’s position is different than usual, you can get the best sound out of your soundbar. You should line up the soundbar horizontally with your TV screen. You can place the soundbar as you prefer. You can keep it on a flat surface like the TV stand. Also, you may put it in front of your TV. Many soundbars have wall-mounting brackets. If you prefer to save space, you can fix them to the wall.

There are also many soundbars featuring external subwoofers. To place them, you’ll require a suitable place for it near to a power socket. Some external subwoofers are wired, and some are wireless. Whichever you purchase, place it within a 10-meter range of your soundbar. Put it in the middle of the front wall or the nearest corner.

2. Connect The TV Components to SoundBar

As you place the soundbar in a convenient place, now connect the other components to it. Installing components like a cable box, Blu-ray player, and others may be a bit longer. In this respect, the HDMI connections ensure you the best quality sound. Many TVs are not able to send digital sound formats via optical output. So, HDMI connections are convenient to use.

3. Set Up HDMI Connections

To set up HDMI connections, you’ll need ARC (Audio Return Channel). ARC is required to connect your soundbar to the TV with a single HDMI cable. However, if your TV doesn’t have ARC input, connect the soundbar to TV via both optical and HDMI connections. You’ll also have to activate ARC on your television.

4. Adjust Audio Settings

Finally, change the audio settings. Access the menu of your TV and select the output sound to the soundbar. Make sure in your HDMI connection ARC mode is enabled. So, you can be able to adjust the volume coming from your soundbar using your TV remote.

Besides, change the volume levels and sound delay options. It is essential as your room shape; layout or furniture may affect the sound. Also, modify the subwoofer level integrator with the soundbar. First, set the subwoofer level in a high position and then reduce the height accordingly.

Helpful Tips

There are some possible hints with these connectivity options. Watch out for these –

  1. There exists just one ARC HDMI jack on a TV. So, don’t think that your set up is over as you connected the soundbar to TV using HDMI. Carefully find out the “HDMI ARC” labeled input. Then, connect your TV to the soundbar.
  2. To activate the digital output, you may need to operate the TV to use external speakers. Be sure to enable the function that can convert all audio to the output.
  3. If you don’t have enough HDMI inputs on your soundbar and TV, use an optical audio output. You need to get connected everything however you can. So, it’s okay if you can’t do it via HDMI at all.

Final Verdict

If you want to improve the sound coming from the television speakers, you should get a soundbar. This device is powerful and the best suited for modern TVs. So, collect a soundbar and connect it to your TV. HDMI connections always serve the best sound quality service. I hope, this article can be a perfect DIY guide for you to connect your TV to the soundbar by HDMI. So, why wait for a mechanic to come and do your job? Do it yourself and get yourself hooked on the best audio convince.

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  1. Thankyou . The so called ” instructions ” with the JBL soundbar didn’t say anything about enabling ARC on the TV and they didn’t supply an optical cable . As soon as I enabled it on the TV it worked fine


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