How to Connect Speaker Wire to AMP?

Do you need better sound? You may choose the best speaker of the market to get the better sound quality. But still, you may fail to have the best stereo output due to some solvable problems. To get the best output of the sound system you have to use amplifiers.

Not only using the amplifiers is the solution. You have to know the best way to connect them. In your car, home or in a large show best connection of speaker wire and amp give you the perfect sound system for the audience. Wrong connection can damage sound system, you surely want to avoid these unexpected situations

Improves sound quality

The better the amp the better improvement of weak signal. If you put audio of any live show whatever the quality of the sound signal it can increase the power of the signal.

All functions in single box

Volume control, input signal amplification, source connection point all are in a box. You can easily function using different buttons and holes

Power Subwoofer

If you use strong amp then you can power a stereo subwoofer hence you will get the maximum production.

Easy connection, less intertwist

Easily connections between source and speaker can be put in and put out. Also using the amp you can reduce the intertwisting incident of wires.

Any number and kind of input

You can use any audio system as your wish. CD player, cassette player or any portable audio system can be connected to the amp. So via only one speaker, you can get output from various source.

Procedure you need to follow while connecting speaker wire to amp

Distance measurement

The distance between the speaker and the amplifier might not be in the same location. In case of this condition very first you have to measure the distance between these two instruments. According to the distance buy speaker wire for the system.

System checkup

To avoid unwanted situations you need to check up something related to the amp and speaker. Measure the power of the amp in watt. You need to choose the size of the wire according to the power of the amp. The impedance of the speaker and power capability need to be under controlled.

Choose connection system

There is various process of setting connection. You may use one of them. Bare wire, banana plug, line output converter, BFA connectors are few of them. Using binding post one of the most popular ways of connection. Line output converter helps to convert signal of speaker level to preamp level

Unscrewing caps and twisting wire

Very first you need to unscrew caps. These caps cover binding post. Caps are of black and red color which indicates negative and positive terminals respectively. Now twist the Speaker wire to make that single strand. Some speaker wires come with twisted one, then don't need to twist more

Inserting and tightening the cap

According to the positive and negative hole insert the wires into them.If you don't do so stereo system will surely fail. To make the process easier, speaker wire and amps terminal is distinguished properly using different colors or markings. Finally, tighten the cap, now the wire has been secured in the required position.

Unscrewing banana plug and inserting wire

If you want to use a banana plug instead of bare wire then follow this procedure. Firstly unscrew the base of the banana plug. Then insert the wires through the bottom of the plug. Then spread speaker wire over the top of the plug. You need to avoid thread covering while doing so

Screwing and locking top and base of banana plug

Now take the top and base of the banana plug and lock them in place. To ensure wire is properly placed and secured you can tug the speaker wire. Repeat the procedures for both speakers.

Cautions you need to bear in mind

  • The more the power of the amp the bigger wire you need to use.
  • Wires never should touch each other, this can cause a short circuit.
  • Speakers measured impedance should not of much great to draw on the amp, it can damage the amp.
  • Power capability of the speaker needs to be greater than the maximum output of amps.
  • Insert speaker wire to the corresponding terminal of the amp, neither the system may face damage


Better and clear sound is the greatest challenge while you use a speaker. Connecting speaker wire with amp can greatly facilitate you in this case. The above article is an overall and effective discussion for you to perform this connection in the best way. Hope you’ll be benefited enough from that.

Thank you. Have a nice sound.


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