How to connect speaker wire to binding post?

Subwoofers are one popular type of modern woofer speakers which works to provide you a better music experience, in a broad sense. Being combined with the regular music players or audio input devices, they can produce an awesome sound experience that any music lover would dream of.

The specialty of a subwoofer is, they work on the low range of sound frequencies. But to make sure it performs well, one of the basic criteria is perfect cable connection between all devices.

When it comes to cable connection, most of the subwoofers offers an easy-to-do banana plugs that can be directly inserted into the audio inputs of the device. But sometimes, there are some other inputs, named as binding posts.

Connecting a bare cable to a binding post is one tough task, especially for beginners. And that’s what this article is all about.

As you know, every speaker has an end of wire which is supposed to be connected to the audio input. Same a subwoofer also has. But there are two types among them-

  1. Banana plugs.
  2. Bare wires.

While banana plugs are a metal coated ready-to-plug jacks, bare wires are just exposed wires that are meant to be connected so some sort of binding posts.

Now, the relevant question is, what is a binding post? Well, we will tell you.

Identifying the Binding Post

Now, let me introduce you the second part of this discussion- the binding post.

Usually, a binding post is a screw covered with a cap where there will be a hole to connect any cable. In case of a subwoofer, the cable must be one from the amplifier or the speaker.

Why You Need to Connect Them

This is the question of which we all know the answer about.

To let a subwoofer charm you with it’s amazing sounds, you need to ensure that it receives the proper sound signals from the amplifiers or any sound input devices. And connecting the bare cables to the binding posts is just another way to ensure the connection.

Steps of Connecting A Speaker Wire to Binding Posts

Now, we’ve entered to the main section of this article. Here, we’ve come up with some detailed steps of connecting a binding post to a bare wire that let’s the electric connection between the subwoofer and the amplifier take place.

Here are the steps-

  1. Step 1: Unscrew The Caps Till You Find the Hole
    As told before, there is a covering cap on top of every binding posts. By unscrewing with the cover, it will gradually come out.So, our first task would be to to turn the screw anti-clockwise till the connecting hole on the screw appears completely.Do the same for both of the binding posts. For two of them, the caps are normally colored in red and black.
  2. Step 2: Prepare the Bare Speaker Wire
    As the speaker wire is bare, you can take out some of the insulators and create a openning of metal wires.Twist the metal wire until it creates a single stand. Some of the speaker wires come in a tinned shape. So, you don’t have to do that in cases of those speaker wires.
  3. Step 3: Insert Each of the Cables into the Hole
    Now this is the most crucial part on which the entire connection depends on.Insert each of the cable openings to the relevant binding post holes. Make sure enough portion of the metal wire is inserted on them. Because it can lead into misconnection if you don’t do this part properly.
  4. Start Tightening the Cap Till The Wire is in A Secure Place
    Now it’s time to do the finishing. After making sure that Step 3 is done completely, you can start turning the caps in the reverse direction(of the direction before).The post will start entering down and tightened the cable connection. Do that till you feel it to be a strong connection. Make sure that the bare operations of the speaker wires aren’t touched to each other.

If you’d done all these four steps properly, your connection is done. Now, it’s all about connecting the other necessary devices to the ports and let the connection be completed.

Hope you’d enjoy some awesome music experiences with it. Best of luck!

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