How to Connect Speakers to Your Laptop? Enjoy Music Unlimited

Are you feeling bored while listening to music because of your notebook sound quality?

You have to know that the built-in sound quality of the laptop is not same for all brands.

So, you need to choose the one with better sound quality.

But, there is an alternative way to volume up your sound.

For that, you will need to add or connect a speaker to your laptop. It will improve your surrounding sound quality. ON that note, you need to know how to connect speakers to your laptop.

How to connect speakers to your laptop

Steps on how to connect speakers to your laptop:

Steps 1: Buy a set of speakers for your laptop

Every laptop has two types of port. One is USB port, and another is audio jack. At first, you have to decide what kind of port you want. If you select USB port speakers, you can ensure a great opportunity. You don’t need to connect with other power sources. It consumes power from your laptop. Thus, it is easier to use. But, if you choose audio jack you must need a power adapter. It also requires plug onto the wall. So, select the speakers and follow the steps.

Steps 2: Setting speakers in your room or workplace

At this stage, you need to choose a place to set the speakers. Most of the speakers are specified with left or right and up or down. If you want to listen to big bass heavy music, you can set subwoofer. So, if your speakers are subwoofer type, you may place speaker behind the desk or on the floor. But, you need to remember that the power cable must reach the wall to your laptop. You should always maintain a certain distance according to your cable.

Steps 3: Minimize the speaker’s volume

You will see that your speakers have volume wheel. Indeed, it is marked on the speakers. So, you need to twist the wheel to left for bring the volume down.

Steps 4: Volume adjustment with your laptop

Is your operating system Windows? So, you need to go to the taskbar. Here you will see a sound icon. Click it and increase the volume up to 75%. Windows user might find ‘’application’’ too. But, for the Mac user, you need to go menu bar. Click the sound icon and volume up at the same rate.

Steps 5: Plug in your speaker to the laptop

It is the crucial stage to connect speakers to your notebook. So, you need to follow the system carefully. First, plug in speaker connector to your laptop by USB or 3.5mm audio jack. If you use audio jack, you will see a graphic headphone icon in the side of your notebook. But, be careful do not plug in the microphone port.

On the other hand, if you use USB port speakers, you will see that the laptop starts installing drivers. After finishing it, you can enjoy your favorite music or movie. Besides, you may see user manual. So, if you want to create the surrounding sound effect, you should follow step by step, how to connect speakers to your laptop.

Steps 6: Volume up your speaker and test the sound

Again, you will go to the volume button and increase the volume. If you use 3.5mm audio jack, you will need power adapter plug on the wall.  Now, you can play some music or video content to check your speaker’s sound. If you hear nothing, you will check all connection of your speakers.

If you hearing sound except for speakers, you are a Windows user, you must set default sound system. Press windows button. Select the control panel and select sound. Under playback, you will see two devices one is your laptop sound, and other is new speakers sound. Double click on new speaker’s sound and change it to default then press OK. Now enjoy your favorite music or movies.

Every laptop has two built-in stereo speakers that can create a malleable sound. It is easy and simple to operate. But, sometimes it needs to volume up for surrounding sound. Moreover, the sound quality is not same in all laptop. For this reason, you will need to add speakers to your notebook. At the end, now I think, you got how to connect speakers to your laptop.


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