How to Convert Speaker Wire to RCA Adapter?

A person who uses audio and video devices doesn't know what RCA port is, this can't be happening. We are all familiar with this name.

If we take a TV and check its back panel, we'll see that there are two thick ports with differently colored head. These ports are called the RCA port.

RCA output is the best output for device connection. Why? It's the standard connection adapter. Almost every audio device and video device feature RCA output and that's what makes it the most relevant way for connection.

Now, wouldn't it be cool, if your regular speaker wire was RCA adapter?

Well, you can convert it to one if you want to.

First things first. Now for the conversion, few things will be required. Collect those things before jumping into the action. Now, since we're gonna convert speaker wire, there's no need to mention its name already.

Since iron soldering will be involved in the process, lighter or something similar will be needed. For cutting, trimming gets scissor, utility knife, cable cutter and wire strippers.

2. Cut the Cable

You have to cut the cable before converting because you need a certain length. The length should be similar to a certain RCA cable's length.

Take a measuring tape and measure the speaker wire first. Fix the length you want to keep. Now cut off the rest using cutter or knife, you won't need it. But make sure that the cutter shouldn't affect the part that's going to be needed for the next procedure.

3. Prepare the Edges for Connection

The cable is now ready for conversion. An insulation is covering the copper wire. For the next process, you have to work on the insulation.

Take the wire stripper and gently strip the insulation. Not completely though, just a little part of both ends. This ways, the edges of the cable will be exposed, not more than one or two inches. The exposed wire is what we need for the next step.

4. Connect the Cable to the RCA Plug

Take the RCA plug. Now remove the cover from the top of the plug. So, for your information, the exposed wire of the cable bear positive and negative leads.

Take the positive lead and connect it to the rear end of the plug. It's time for iron soldering. Take the iron soldering and hold it beside the plug-wire joint. Turn the lighter on and start heating. Extreme heat will melt the solder onto the joint and it'll secure the connection permanently.

Now for the negative lead of the same end, go for the RCA plug tab. Join them together and secure them tightly repeating the solder heating process again. Now let the solder cool down.

When the solder is cool, put on the cover over it again and screw it for permanent use.

5. Repeat

Repeat the process above on the other end of the speaker wire.

6. The Wire Is Now an RCA Plug

Yes, by following all the process above, the wire is finally converted into an RCA plug. Now you can connect this 'speaker wire' to any RCA output.


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