How to Fix Earbuds without Tools?-Solve Your Earbuds Problem With Some Tools

Suppose you are going to travel a long distance on an exciting trip with your buddies. At that moment, something you are not expecting has occurred. Your favorite earbud suddenly stops working. Also, you have no time to rush out for buying a new earbud.

Luckily, you can fix it by yourself with ease. Thinking how is it possible? Well, you will be happy knowing that you can fix that dodgy earbud by following some simple procedure. Even, you don’t need that much difficult tools.

Earbuds usually last more than a couple of years. Because of a lot of constant movement, the cables of the earbuds get weak and eventually breaks. Some manufacturers use special reinforce at the critical parts of the earbud connections. Still, it has to damage sooner or later.

When this thing occurs, usually often people get furious and throw it in the trash can. But, you can reuse it by fixing it with a simple soldering iron. Here are the steps to fix earbuds without tools.

How to Fix Earbuds without Tools?

At the time of fixing any electronic gadgets, we often step back thinking we will not be able to use the tools. It’s true that handling these gadgets are quite critical. But, you won’t need to use any tool to fix your earbud. You can easily repair your favorite earbud without tools by soldering. Here are the procedures you should follow –

Step 1:

At first, detect where the problem lies in your earbud. Find out what you need to fix – the cable or the plug of your earbud. To do this, firstly, bend the cable and put the headphones in your ear. If you can listen to some sounds via the headphones, go for fixing the earbud cable.

Again, if you have to hear the audio after pushing the plugs to the headphone ends, then you have to fix the plug.

Step 2:

This step is about how you can fix the damaged cable of your earbud. Put on the headphones. Then, start the audio. If you listen to crackling sounds, mark the position of the break with an electrical tape.

Now, go for stripping off the cable insulation. Using a wire stripper or by running a knife along the cable remove some parts of the outer shielding. Continue this in each direction till you can see the broken part of the wire. This broken point is what you will have to fix.

Divide the cable cord in half. If there is shredded wire inside it, cut on both sides of the cable. Remove the same amount of cord from either side. Otherwise, such uneven cords can damage your headphones. When you see that only one wire is broken, you may start soldering without splicing the wire. However, this action may save your time but your repairing will not be efficient. Rather, the earbud will get less sturdy.

Now, slide on a narrow rubber tube. This tubing looks similar to the remaining of the headphone cable. Then, slide the tube onto the cable. After that, start splicing the wires.

Splicing wires mean the joining of detached wires together. Be sure to join the wires that have similar color insulation. You can splice them by two ways – by an in-line splice or by a pigtail splice.

Finally, solder the cable joints. Run a soldering iron over the wires for all splices. Let it become cool. Wires without insulation have a protective coat over them. Before soldering, burn this coat off by the soldering iron. Be careful not to breathe in the fumes. When it gets cooled, wrap up the joins with an electrical tape. Make sure to keep them away from the ground cable.

Step 3:

You will require following this step if you have to fix the plug of your earbud. In the earbuds, the plug and the lead are joined together with a piece of plastic. If there is a break in wires inside the plug, cut it using a scissor. Cut the point where the lead and the plug meets.

Then, connect a new plug with the lead. The size and properties of the new plug should match with the old plug. Strip off the insulation over the lead. Lastly, using the soldering machine connect the wires to the plug.

Step 4:

Now, repair the earpieces. Loosen the screws of the earpiece and take them apart. You will need a zero crosshead screwdriver for this. After that, find out the loose wires inside the earpieces. Once you find them, you have to reattach these wires to the headphone driver. At last, solder them back to their position in the earpiece.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to fix earbuds without tools, start fixing it by yourself. You will find it hard, at first. Read through the steps again and again. You will find the procedure very simple eventually.

Thus, you won’t have to throw your favorite earbud in the dustbin. Plus, you won’t need to spend extra money on buying a new one. Enjoy your hearing with your cool earbud.

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  1. My earbuds are broken from the inside of the actual bud. My earbuds’ brand is Kirababy and I cannot find any video or website telling me how to get inside and fix the wire. How do I open the earbud to fix it?


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