How to Fix Headphone Wires With Tape?

You are going on a trip which you were planning with your friends for a long time. so you are too happy to express it. From the bus, you are enjoying the view of nature, scrolling in the Facebook with your favorite headphone on the ears.

Isn’t it so amazing? But suddenly something happens and you find that there is some problem in your headphone wire so the sound is not coming good. And you have become so worried as that is your favorite one. But you will happy to know that you can fix the wire problem if you know the procedure!

Yes, exactly that is! If you have some tools and have the actual procedure, then you yourself can bring back your headphone as like as before. With tape, you can fix the problem and other tools also. So here I am with you to provide the process of fixing so that you will be the beneficiary. Stay here with me and go through it so you can manage the problem easily!

Things you will need

A plastic insulating tape which is safe adhesive is going to need. And the other things that are you going to work with are:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Wire cutters
  3. Soldering iron
  4. Solder
  5. Craft knife

Identifying problem

When you need to fix your headphone wire, first identify the problem. Otherwise, it will be difficult how you are going to start the work. Some things you have to take care of are –

  • Check how the headphone stopped functioning because there may have some loose attachment in the earpiece.
  • If cat chews the lead, this can break the wire.
  • If one side does not work of the earpiece that means the wire of that earpiece is broken or disconnected.
  • If they are crackly then the connection is not fully broken.
  • When you find both side dead then it needs complete repairing.

The most common problem you may see is the disconnection of the wire inside the lead or in the plug.

Fixing Headphone Wires With Tape

First and foremost condition are you have to follow the proper steps of the fixing. For that there are steps-

Step 1:

There has molded plug in some headphones. You need to know that the lead and the plug is connected by a plastic piece. If wire breaks inside the molded plug, then cut the plug using a wire cutter or scissors.

While you are cutting it just cut at the point where lead meets the plug. Buy a new plug and fix it to the lead. The new plug should as the same of the old plug. There is the involvement of stripping of the insulation which is over the lead, then solder the wires to the new plug.

It’s not necessary that there is always mold present around the plug. In that case, unscrew the plug back using a screwdriver and then you will get wires inside the lead. When that happens, there may be the presence of more than one disconnected wire that you have to solder back.

Step 2:

Taking apart headphone is really simple. Sometimes the padding pulls off, or often you may not able to pull the tiny screws. Then use a screwdriver (size 0 crosshead) to pull those off. This type of screwdriver you may find in hardware shops. Once you make this, you will see the wires coming from the lead to the headphone. After doing this you may see one or more than one disconnected wire. So reattach the wires.

Step 3:

When the breaking part of the wire is inside the lead, it is difficult to track it down. It’s rare that you can see the damage or kink. Be careful at that time, careful when cutting the insulation at the broken point, detect the broken wire, and the rejoin those by soldering.

A special molten metal alloy you have to melt by a soldering iron so that the wires can stick at the connections. You can also use it in the case of joining to broken wires. First cut the insulation very carefully at the end of the wire. Before soldering use wire cutter for revealing the bare metal out. Soldering iron may be hard to find.

Therefore, instead of it by asking in the electronic shop or local repair cafe find the similar type of things. Once you have done this then you need insulating tape to wrap around the joint.

Using the insulating tape at every joint discuss above is necessary because it helps to hold the joint so it is consistent. Finish your work with more insulating tape wrapping around the lead. The necessity of it is to avoid the further damages.

Last thing: Often there may have no plastic insulation around the wire. These type things have an insulation of colored varnish instead of metal. For soldering it, heat the end of the wire using soldering iron. Keep it heated as long as the colored varnish has burned off. And after this the procedure is same. Remember to keep the insulating tape around the joint to keep the joint firm.

Final verdict

Now you know the importance of insulating tape when fixing wire headphone. So here has the whole procedure for repairing headphone wires. First, you may find it difficult, so go through the procedure again and again.

Take precautions before working with wires and have to care about wire colors. You can’t attach one color to another when joining. So it demands great concern. when you will become an expert then you can save both your favorite headphone and money. So try this at your home and stay joyous.

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