Read this article and fix your Headphone Jack -How to Fix Headphones Jack?

Did your favorite headphone stop working on a sudden? Can’t figure out what the reason could be? Don’t want to throw away your expensive pair of headphone? Then don’t worry. Because I have got your back.

Headphones are that one little component we carry all the time with us. It’s like our days are so dull without them. But these can break even by the slightest amount of tension. Especially the cable near the jack tends to break so often. So you have to be careful while using a headphone.

Sometimes we find that sound is not coming out of the earpieces or coming from only one piece. The reason may be the broken headphone jack. This may result from excessive stress on the jack while keeping them in the pocket or listening to music while sharing it with someone. Whatever the reason is, a broken headphone jack will cause problems while listing to music. But don’t panic. If you have a broken headphone jack, I have the at home solutions for you.

Required instrument:

With the correct tool combination, you can easily fix your broken jack and save some money. For this job, you will need a new set of the headphone jack, a wire cutter, a soldering iron, a multimeter and a sharp knife or anti-cutter.

Techniques for replacing a headphone jack:

All you need for this is some basic knowledge and the tools.  Purchase a new headphone jack set from the store or online. Just make sure your new jack has the same size as your original headphone jack. Gather the other items like the multimeter, soldering iron, a knife and wire cutter.

Now that you have all the tools you required, let’s get started.

Check the jack for certainty:

First, check your old jack before detaching it. Make sure the problem is with the jack itself. Strip some insulation from the cable right next to the jack and place the multimeter leads there. Adjust the multimeter for continuity checking. Now if the multimeter beeps, then it’s time you replace the headphone jack with a new one.

Purchase a new headphone jack set:

Find a new jack set similar to your previous one. There is some basic knowledge about the jack you need to acquire. But don’t worry. I have got your back.

Main jack parts:

The main jack is consist of some parts. The visible part you stick to your phone port, has 3 sub-parts. Names from bottom to top – tip, ring, and sleeve.

The connecting section where we are going to connect the wires have 4 parts. Such as – tip prove, ring prove, sleeve prove and finally the wire clamp.

Jack accessories:

To attach the jack to the headphone cable, some extra accessories are provided with the jack set. Such as –plug cover, shrink tube and spring.

Now you have all the parts introduction you need. Let’s get to the main business.

Steps to restore the headphone jack:

Expose the inner cable:

Cut the cable by 1 inch above the jack with the help of wire cutter. Now remove the insulation with an anti-cutter or a sharp knife. Expose the inner wires by a few centimeters.

You will see 3 types of wires inside the main cable. The red one is for the ring prove, the white one is for the tip prove and the ground is one for the sleeve prove. Take note that your headphone may have four wires. In that case, you will have a blue wire for the microphone. You will have to connect the green one and ground to right prove, blue wire with the sleeve prove and red wire with the left prove. Use the color code as a guide.

Insert the accessories:

Insert the accessories (plug cover, shrink tube and the spring) into the cable beforehand just to avoid the possibility of rework.

It’s soldering time:

Now that you have all the wires exposed, it’s time to glue them in their right places. Solder the red wire to the right prove (ring prove), the green one to left prove (tip prove) and the ground to the sleeve prove. If you have the 4 wire combination then attach the red to the left prove, ground and green to the right and the microphone wire to the sleeve prove.

Assembly to finish:

After you are done with the soldering exercise, assembly the accessories. Clamp all the wires in the wire clamp part. Then apply heat on the shrink tube while placing it on top of the plug proves. Set it aside for a while and let it cool. Finally, attach the cover and the spring with the main jack and you are done.

Connect to your phone and check if the headphone works properly. Check with the multimeter for any short circuit.

Final Verdict:

Headphones have become such an undetectable part of our daily life that we can’t pass a single day without it. From morning till night they are our constant companion. But these little friends can stop working if used carelessly. So taking a good care is a must.

Even despite care sometimes they don’t seem to work. It may happen because of breakage in the jack. But now you have the ideas of how to replace the broken headphone jack at home. Do check out these technics and see your broken headphone working as a new one.

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