How to Fix iPhone Speaker after Water Damage?

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Your iPhone dropped into water? Not to worry. It doesn’t mean you’ve lost your phone. Read the full text. I’ll present here a handful of tricks to get your speaker back to life.

Follow these tactics one by one. These steps will tell you what you need to do to get back your favorite iPhone’s speaker.

Step 1

You’ll Need

  • Paper towel or an extremely dry towel
  • Rice
  • A resealable bag
  • A cool dry place like a cupboard or pantry

Process to go…

  • Switch your iPhone off,
  • Remove the SIM card
  • Put the iPhone on a paper towel or an extremely dry towel
  • Eradicate any case or bumper that is on the iPhone.
  • Pat down the iPhone to remove any wetness

Step 1 (read the step 1 elaborately)

This one comes as no surprise, but it is the most vital step and this is the thing you should try. First, you need to make insure that your iPhone is switched off. And uncover your iPhone or remove the bumper. This step needs to be done as it may slow down the process as water can still be trapped in the crevices.

Once you do it, put the iPhone on a paper towel or an extremely dry towel and pat down the iPhone to remove any wetness that still may be lingering. Another task to do is to remove the SIM card.

If you have the time you can also use a q tip to remove any moisture that may be in the headphone jack or the docking charger area.

Now start the most important part you will need to find some rice, more the better. Preferably the rice should be in a resealable bag, if not use a bowl and then put cling film over it after the iPhone has been put in the rice.

So with the resealable bag put the iPhone in there with the rice and seal. Then you want to find a cool dry place like a cupboard or pantry.

Ideally, you want to leave it in there for 20-30 hours to maximize the potential of the moisture being engrossed from the rice. If you cannot wait that many times 5-10 hours should suffice but there is less doubt to get the full service from the rice.

Step 2

You’ll Need

  • Dry and warm place, (hot water cupboard would be better)
  • pantry or sealed shelf is OK

Process to go…

  • Wrap your iPhone up in a paper towel
  • Place the iPhone on the paper towel and roll it to cover the phone completely
  • Search out a dry and warm place

Step 2 (read the step 2 elaborately)

This step comes as an alternative to the first one. If you can’t manage to get your hands on some rice then this step is the next best trick.

Initially, you need to follow the same procedures mentioned above to remove the case, pat down the iPhone with a paper towel and remove the SIM card. And you can even apply the q tip method to eradicate any more vapors in the headphone jock or docking station. So for this step you want to wrap your iPhone up in a paper towel, you only need about 1 or 2.

Place the iPhone on the paper towel and roll it up so the iPhone is fully covered. Once you have done this job, search out a dry and warm place, ideally, the best spot for this would be a hot water cupboard. But if it is not possible, a sealed shelf should be enough.

With this step, you’re going to leave it in there for at least 2-3 days as it will take longer to soak up the moisture.

Step 3

You’ll Need

  • Hairdryer on the low heat setting

Process to go…

  • Hover the hairdryer over the speaker area and the headphone jack
  • Keep the hairdryer a fair distance from the iPhone
  • Repeat this step several times
  • Keep your phone switched off

Step 3 (read the step 3 elaborately)

You can go with this step when any of the previous steps do not work.

With a hairdryer keeping on the low heat setting, float it above the speaker region and the headphone jack port. Keep the hairdryer a moderate distance from your iPhone to keep it from overheating. You may repeat it a few times to make sure that any humidity is vaporized by the hairdryer.

Be sure that your iPhone is turned off when doing this.

Step 4

You’ll Need

  • Cotton wool buds

Process to go…

  • Twist the cotton buds slightly
  • Insert into the docking/charging area, also the headphone jack area

Step 4 (read the step 4 elaborately)

Another option approach to evacuate water is by embedding the end cotton fleece buds into the docking or charging region and furthermore the earphone jack territory. Before inserting the cotton fleece buds, you can turn the cotton marginally on the finishes so it fits better into the depressions of the iPhone.

Utilize a touch of power when cleaning the charging region, this will likewise expel or remove any earth or grime that may have amassed.

Yes! You’ve got your speaker back!

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