How to Fix iPhone Speaker after Water Damage? Fix your iPhone Speaker and enjoy Music

It's a real bummer, how one little accident can turn your whole world upside down. And when this involves your beloved iPhone.......YIKES!

I know. It's horrible. It's scarier than creepy conspiracy videos on YouTube. But, hey, let's face it. Accident happens, no matter how vigilant you are. If your iPhone is destined to get wet by an accident, it's bound to happen. And if that means the speaker is muffled, well..........

No, I'm not telling you to give up this easy. Get up (in this case, take your phone) and listen (the speaker is damaged, fortunately your screen isn't. You can pretend to hear these words), it doesn't matter if you can't hear your favorite jam out loud or attend calls in time since the speaker ain't functioning. You can actually get it to work again by following some simple steps.

The 'RICE' Method

Rice is well-known for soaking moist and this is exactly what we're going for here.

  1. Take rice. If you don't have rice, straight head to a supermarket.

Does the rice name matter? Not actually. Any rice will do.

The rice must be dry, we're talking actual raw material. Cooked rice can't soak moist.

  1. Take a big bowl.

The bowl has to be dry too. If you happen to notice a bit of sloppy shine, give it a strong rub.

Once the bowl is dry, it's all set for use.

  1. Fill the whole bowl with rice because a little amount won't be enough. After filling it, take your phone and plunge it all the way down in the bowl. Once it has been dipped, make sure that no part is visible.
  2. Now, let it process while we wait. We're talking 24 or 48 hours. This amount of time is required to get a grip of moist from all the bits of the phone. Sometimes it may take more than 48 hours depending on the speaker's condition.
  3. After waiting for 24, 48 or 72 hours, take the phone out of the bowl and test the speaker. It should start working by then.

Silica Gels Can Come Handy 

Now, we're pretty confident about the rice method, but in case it doesn't work, try silica gel.

  1. Collect silica gel packs. If you can't find some, check the shoe boxes in the closet. They always come with a few packs. Or you can buy some from a hardware store.
  2. Take a zipper bag. The reason for using this is to make the area air-tight. If you can't find a zipper bag, use a bag with a mouth that can be closed or locked tightly when required.
  3. Put those silica gel packs inside the bag, 8-9 pieces at least. Now place the phone among those packs and zip the bag's mouth.
  4. Let the process begin. It will take a few days since silica gel works pretty slow. Once it's all dried up, open the bag, get the phone out and test the speaker's performance.

Blow The Problem Away

If the silica gel tactic also fails like the previous method, there's one more technique available that you can try. However, I'll confess, I'm not 100% sure that it'll be effective, but from what I saw on YouTube, we're gonna turn this stone too and give our fate another chance.

So another day I came across a YouTuber named Athena Rodriguez's channel, and there's where I discovered this technique.

  1. Take the phone in your hand.
  2. Place the speaker before your mouth and blow into it.

The air coming from your mouth will cut the moist and clean the loops, in order to pass signal thoroughly.

If this works, you can thank the amazing YouTuber who came up with this idea.

Alright, these were the methods you may follow in order to restore the muffled iPhone speaker quality. If the speaker ain't damaged by its core, one of these tactics will definitely do the magic.

However, there are a few things that should be kept in mind while trying-

  • Don't forget to wipe the speaker first
  • The phone must be turned off before performing any of these methods
  • The process (except for blowing) should be observed for one-day minimum

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