How to Fix Samsung Earphones?

Discover that your favorite Samsung earphone is not working suddenly? Can’t detect the problem with the earphone? Wondering how can you repair your earphone and get it work like before? Then look no further. Because this article will answer all your inquiries.

Earphones are one of our most used daily accessories. Our daily life will become so dull without a pair of earphone. So we all have one pair of our favorite earphone in our bag or even hanging from our ears all the time.

But what to do when this daily companion stops working suddenly? That happens quite often right? So here are some common Samsung earphone problems and at home solutions for those.

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Your first task is to find the problem in your Samsung earphone. Check thoroughly the cable, earpieces and the jack.

Short or breakage in the cable

Connect the earphone to your phone and listen to it. If you are unable to hear any sound or hear sound on one earphone only than there may be any short or breakage in the inner wires.

Bend the wire in every 0.5 inches while listening. When you will hear sounds clearly while bending, mark the area. This is the problem area you need to repair.

Breakage in the jack

If you don’t find any problem in the cable, then inspect the earphone jack. Try to bend the jack at the end part of the cable. If you hear sound this way, then you need to fix the jack.

Problem with the earphone

There are earpieces which can be detached from the cable. If your earphone is one of this kind, then try to replace your earpieces with another working one. If you hear sound now, then the problem is with your earpieces.

Problem in the Microphone

Inspect the microphone. If it does not work while you are talking or listening to music, then look for damage cable or wire breakage.

Make a wise use of the multi-meter

A multi-meter can come very handy for testing the earphone. First, adjust the multi-meter for continuity test.

Then remove the insulation by a few centimeters near the earpieces and the jack.  Use a small knife or anti-cutter for this purpose. Touch the two black and red lead in this two places. If the multimeter beeps, then there is any short either in the earpieces or in the jack.

If you find no problem in the earpieces or in the jack, then aim for the cable. Remove insulation for .5 inch in several places in the cable and check for any short or breakage. This way you can find the problem area.

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Resolution of the problems

You will need:

An electric tape, a wire cutter, a knife or anti-cutter, a soldering iron and normal tape.

Since solder irons are dangerous, kids should ask for help from the adults.

Repairing the short or damage in the cable:

If you are sure that the cable is damaged, then it’s time to fix it.

Mark the problem area with tape. Wrap tape a few centimeters above and below the problematic area.

Now peel the insulation within the marked area with the help of a knife. Cut the cable in two with a wire cutter.

You will find 3 types of wire now. Check which one is broken. When you detect the broken wire remove the insulation from it. Do this for the other half of the cable. Now the broken wires are exposed, start to reconnect then back. Use a soldering iron to do so. Or you can simply twist the wire ends together.

At this stage, it’s time to check if the earphone works properly. If yes, then put the cable back in one piece. Use electric tape for this purpose.

Restore the problem to the jack

If you detect the problem in the jack, then buy a new jack from the store. Make sure the new jack is the same size as your original jack.

First, cut the cable right next to the jack. Remove the insulation from the end of the cable and expose an inch of the inner wires. Now put the jack accessories (a cylinder shaped part) came with the jack into the cable.

It’s time to finally connect the jack. You will see two metal pin sticking out of the jack. Using a Solder iron, solder the wires with this two pin. Plug the jack with the parts you put in the cable before. Your headphone should work as new.

Recover the earpieces

Your earpieces may have some disconnected wire which may result from excessive tension in the cable. To solve this:

First, open the earpieces. Check the driver. If you see any disconnected wire, solder then onto their place immediately.

But if you find the problem in the driver, you have to replace them. You can find them online but this will cost you quite a money. So the decision is yours.

Renovate the microphone

Your microphone isn’t working like before. Don’t worry. The solution is easy.

First, open the microphone carefully. Then check for any disconnected wire in the microphone. Simply re-solder them in their place. Finally, reassemble the microphone. And your earphone is ready to go back to work.

Final Verdict

We can’t think of a single day of our life without our earphones now. From the moment we leave the bed till we get to bed at night, earphones are our constant companion. So taking a good care of these friends are a must.

But despite the care, sometimes our earphones don’t seem to work properly. That’s when you will need these at home repairing technics to restore your Samsung earphones. These will not only help you to repair your earphone but also save your money.

Since you know all the useful Technics now, invest in a good earphone. Enjoy every moment of your life with quality sounds of your choice.


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