Make Your Room Net and Clean- Hide Speaker Wire

Are you thinking about transforming the basement of your house into a home theater? Or, planning for setting up a multi-room audio system? Then, you must deal with the wires of your speaker systems running throughout your house.

The speakers have a number of varying uses. A stereo sound system requires a minimum of two speakers. Again, you may need to add 6 or 7 speakers to set up a home theater in your house. Also, radio, computer, and some other devices can be connected to speakers.

So, while setting up the speakers at any place in your house, hiding them out of sight is a real concern. Luckily, there are some few easy techniques to accomplish the job.

Here are some methods on how to hide speaker wires.

Hide Speaker Wire

1. Install Cable Ducts

The use of cable ducts also known as cable covers/raceways is an effective way to hide the speaker wires. They are basically lengthy PVC tubes which are sufficiently wide to hold a number of cables.

You can open or close the cable raceways with ease along the lengths of the tubes. So, you can place your speaker wires inside the cable ducts easily and close it by snapping it. Besides these PVC conducts are lightweight, so you may cut these covers to the desired length using a knife or hacksaw.

You can mount these cable ducts to the ceilings, floors or walls with a double-sided tape. Usually, the raceways sold in the different stores remain mounted with the tape to their back. They are available in almost all hardware shops, home theater stores, and other specialty stores.

However, you can paint the raceways for blending them well with the color of your wall, floor, or ceiling. Use latex paints to cover up the trace of these PVC conduits.

2. Roll up the speaker wires beneath the carpet and baseboards

If the room where you want to set up the speaker system is carpeted, then it’s quite obvious that there’s a baseboard lining in the room. Baseboards are usually located a little bit upward from the floor to provide enough space for carpeting. You can hide your speaker wires between this gap of the carpet and baseboard.

All you have to do is to simply wind up the cables within the gap. Use a flat screwdriver for pushing the cables out of the sight beneath the baseboard. This little area between the baseboard and the carpet helps you to run your speaker wires discreetly around the house.

To hide the audio speaker cables in the rear side of a home theater, this method is a great solution.

3. Hide the speaker wires above the roof

This alternative method is very simple to apply if the roof of your room is suspended. You can run the wires through the room with ease if it doesn’t have any drywall roof.

You can snake through the speaker wires effectively through the roof joists. Again, you may suspend them in a wire tray. You can buy a wire tray from any tool shop. However, you can paint these wires matching with the wall color while hiding them above the roof.

4. Use an adaptable string cover to hide the speaker wires

If you need to rearrange your surround system for any particular event, these adaptable cord covers can be very effective. They can clean the presence of speaker wires passing through the floor. Such covers are usually made of fabric or rubbers.

They assist you to wind up the cables beneath them. Thus, they provide a safe and gentle surface for individuals to move on. Such adaptable string covers are available in most tool shops.

Safety Measures

Don’t try to enclose your speaker wires in any metal or other materials that can conduct electricity. There is a great chance of electric shock.

Instead of using wireless speakers, follow these tips to hide your speaker wires. The presence of wires running zigzag through the house can detract its appearance. Also, to avoid the tripping hazard, you should hide your speaker wires.

Here, we’ve discussed some easy tricks about how to hide speaker wires. Hope, this article will be helpful to you.

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