How to install a shower speaker?

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Having shower speakers in your bathroom definitely, carries your non-stop music ambition. Shower speaker as the name tells is usually designed to listen to music while you take shower. You can put your favorite music playlists with a skin touch. You can even enjoy your favorite music tracks aired from the various radio stations.

They’re an entertaining and luxury and easy to navigate.

But, it’s not an easy task to make it entertaining. You need to go through some processes during the installation. Handle the speaker properly to make it entertaining and keep it luxurious.

Pay attention to some facts while you install the speaker.


It is one of the important facts you need to pay attention. Your best shower will not work properly if the place is not perfect. So, to get maximum output from the speaker put the shower speaker at the right place.

What is Right Place?

The dry place is right. It’ll keep your device safe and fit. Find a dry place as much as possible to install the speaker. The fog from the shower is dangerous for the speaker. It’ll weaken your speaker and lead to flop in no time.

To get the best sound, put the speaker at head height. That is possible, though you might try somewhere else.

Types of Speaker

It’s vital to select the appropriate shower speaker for bathroom use. Those you prefer normally for your living room, should not be taken for the bathroom usage. The shape of bathroom and living room are utterly different. Rather, you should think of those outdoor or marine speakers that have been prepared to tolerate water.

There are plenty available in markets. These may come with several shapes and size. Some speakers come with some unique features. Some speakers are made to sit on the wall, some other will hang on.

Hanging speaker is much better than others. But, put maximum emphasis to select the most suitable speaker, not a fashionable one.


Shower speakers can be connected with two ways. The suitable one you should pick.

Installing a Wireless speaker

Installing a Wireless speaker is not so tough job, but rather you need to spend some additional bucks. That implies you’ll have to wire the speakers. With open air and marine speakers, the associations are ensured. It’s indispensable to totally take after the maker’s directions for appending the wires to the speakers.

Through a Bluetooth Connection

Another option you can take to connect your shower speaker through Bluetooth. This is quite easy. If your speaker is Bluetooth enabled you had better go with this option.

To add any gadget such as a mobile phone, iPod or a laptop to the Bluetooth-enabled speaker, your first job is to make sure that the Bluetooth in both devices is working appropriately.

Once you do it, the Bluetooth speaker would be connected to the device by simply pairing them. After successful pairing, the speaker would be connected and ready to use.


Sometimes you need to drill the shower walls for the wires. It can be a fuss because you need to be cautious to avoid the tiles cracking. In that case, you have found an alternative.


Mounting the shower speakers sounds to be a complex procedure. But don’t think so. Some speakers come with a bracket that needs to be attached to the wall.

Your job is done. Now press the Play button.

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