How to install a shower speaker?

After an exhausting day, what gives you the most comfortable 'you' time? Yes, we agree it's the time when you finally get the chance to lie down and look at some trending memes, but this is not what we're talking about. We're talking about a nice warm shower. Relaxing in the bed is more awesome when you're not sweating and smelling anymore.

And you gotta agree, shower becomes more exciting when your favorite jam is playing out loud right above your head.

Installing a shower speaker is tad different, but not rocket science. Planning to bring those catchy beats in your bathroom? Bring 'em all here just by following these simple steps:

1. Choose The Speaker

When you're going with a shower speaker, you don't have to worry about its arrangement for water contact. Shower speakers are always made water-resistant. The only thing you should worry about is the protection type. Some speakers won't be effected when they're dunked deep in water, but many drivers can't even handle more than a little splash.

And, as long as they're waterproof, you can go with other speakers too. Also, don't choose something giant, go for a compact size.

Shower speakers come with both wired and wireless connectivity options. If the price fits your budget, our recommendation will be for a wireless speaker since it saves the extra procedure of wiring. However, you should definitely purchase a wired one if you aren't planning to spend much on shower time entertainment.

Considering the environment, this way or that way, shower speaker has to be mounted on the wall. Mounting feature varies with speaker model; some are flush-mountable, other speakers hang from the wall. The choice is totally up to you.

2. Buy The Best Speaker Wire

The next thing you should be thinking of is speaker cable. Now, there are a few speakers that include their own cables; but since we're talking wall-mounting here, there's a good possibility of needing additional wiring.

Look, if you're negotiating on the speaker's quality to save some bucks, that's alright. But don't do the same with the cables. In fact, don't get all frugal. Do you want the best service? Go for the finest cable. Don't bring some cheap quality thin wire just because they COST LESS.

Choose thick cord. Why? They transmit signal better, wiring is easier and safer, don't break and don't wear out easily.

3. Select Location

You need a good location to bring the best performance. The most ideal place would be the head level, position it at head height or higher. However, don't place it near or above the showerhead, or any other place that can be reached by steam.

4. Now Mount It

It's time to start working on mounting. Before mounting, you will have to drill some holes for the sake of in-wall wiring. Now, bathroom wall drilling is completely different than general wall drilling. You'll have to deal with tiles here and there's a good chance of cracking them while continuing with the process.

Take a masking tape and make an 'X' shape with it on the spot of drilling. In this way, the tiles won't break apart while you drill through them.

If you're thinking of flush-mount, you'll have to cut larger holes to fit the bracket. Hanging doesn't require that much cutting or drilling.

It's obvious that there will be a frame/bracket with your shower speaker. But in case you're using something alternative like a water-proof outdoor speaker, you may have to make a separate purchase for mounting bracket. Always use anchor for a good grip.

Once the mounting is complete, you're all set to go! Enjoy!


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