How to Install In-Wall Speaker?

Are you permitted to install an in-wall speaker on the wall?

If everything's fine and you have a contractor or system designer to help you, let's not talk much and get down to the business, shall we?

1. Collect the Necessary Items

You have the speaker, you have the speaker wire, and you have the kit. The wall is here. What else do you need?

Well, you need-

  • A measurement tape for scaling stuffs
  • Pencil
  • Stud finder
  • Drill and nail, lots of them
  • Cable strap
  • Drywall saw, don't forget, it's essential
  • Wire stripper, trimmer, utility knife and cable cutter for all the stripping and cutting
  • Hammer
  • Screw and screwdriver
  • Tape
  • Wall-paint, color choice is yours

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2. Make a Plan

This kind of work always needs a plan. If you don't plan a specific design, you won't be able to materialize it successfully. Moreover, an unplanned work can result into lots of unwanted errors. Now errors are errors, but the affect they will have on your wall, what about that? All the marking, drilling and cutting, all the flaws that are meant for nothing?

Yes, you gotta plan it before you start working. We have already mentioned, you should hire a system designer or take a contractor's help for this task.

No, we're not doubting your ability. The fact is, no one can do a job like a professional. So, it'll be easier to make a design with a little help from the pros. Moreover, this plan will be much better than any amateur plan.

3. Fix Position

Before installation, you have to fix the position. It wouldn't be a good idea just to fit it on any random place. The performance depends on the placement. So it should be done wisely.

At first, you gotta decide the hearing level. The speaker should be placed on an area from where you'll get audio delivery at the accurate hearing level. The height shouldn't be too high. Four feet would be the perfect length.

Now examine the place from an ambient aspect. Your targeted place should be capable of dispersing surround sound, because this is why the in-wall speaker is supposed to be mounted in the first place.

4. Is The Place Okay?

Since it's an in-wall speaker, there will be lots of drilling, pinning and making hole on the wall. And this is not it. You'll also have to run wire through the wall.

Now, the inside of the wall isn't completely a hollow space. There are water pipes and other electric lines. There are studs and obstacles on the way.

So, you've to make sure that the place you selected is fine for installation. Or, you should move your target to another safe zone.

Drill one or two tiny hole on the wall to observe the internal state. You can also use any object that can pass through the hole to check inside for any alarming thing like a pipe or a random obstacle. You have a stud finder, use it to locate studs.

When you're confirmed that the wire, nail or bracket won't be threatening for anything inside, won't be confronted by any object and you've found a suitable place between the studs, the target is perfectly fine.

5. Get the Wall Ready

If there's a problem inside like a pipe or line, you have to change your target. But if it's something like studs or any obstacles, you can cut a hole in it to make a route.

After this, it's time to prepare the wall for installation.

Take the measurement tape, pencil and installation bracket that came with the in-wall speaker.

Now locate the bracket on the wall and draw lines with pencil to fix target for holes and template. After drawing the lines, remove the bracket, and grab the drill and drywall saw. Cut and drill holes with them.

When the holes have been made, you should start wiring.

6. Run the Wire

You can run the wire through several places. It can be run behind the baseboard, the basement, around the door frame or through the attic.

For baseboard wiring, remove the baseboard first. Then create a channel for wire, tuck it in the channel and put the baseboard back in its place.

For basement wiring, cut holes on the bottom and the top plate of the wall, make a channel in the basement and run the wire through it.

For around-the-door-frame wiring, remove the molding, run the speaker through the route and then reattach the molding.

For attic wiring, follow the basement wiring method.

7. The Paint Job

To blend the speaker's attire with the wall, you have to paint it. Do it before mounting. Use spray for coloring, because thick color can block the holes. Spray paint the grille and the frame.

8. Clamp the Speaker to the Bracket

The last step of the process. After running the wires through the wall, connect them to the speaker. Take the bracket and install the speaker on the wall using the featured bracket. Tighten the screws and fix it. After that, your mounting job is done!


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