How to Install Outdoor Speakers? – A Beginners Guide

It’s a good habit to stay in the fresh outdoor air. And listening to good music can increase your enjoyment. So, an outdoor speaker is the best option for doing that. But installing an outdoor speaker is not an easy thing. You need to consider some facts.

Because you should not just put a speaker anywhere outdoor. It has to be in the accurate place in the accurate way. You need to follow through some instructions and then plan how you are going to set up your speaker. Your type and size of speaker is also important to consider. Read through to know all about it.

An outdoor stereo speaker is not different from the indoor speaker. But it has two big differences in its types: Resistance to the elements. Weatherproof, meaning they can resist direct recursions of sun, rain and cold. Others are weather-resistant, so they are not completely safe from things like rain and ice.

Why you need to know the process of installation of an outdoor speaker?

Many people may think that installing an outdoor speaker is a big issue. No its not! But you need to know the right process of installing it. There are many factors which you need to consider. On the other hand, setting up an outdoor speaker is not very complex. So, you can do it by yourselves. No need to bother to call an electrician.

Install process (step by step) of an outdoor speaker

1. Equipment Setting

Gather all the necessary equipment. Such as indoor receivers, volume control boxes, amplifier etc.

2. Take enough speaker wire

To run the speaker to need to connect it with the indoor control equipment. For that, you need to have a big enough wire. Which you will run through a hole. SO, drill a hole at the lower part in the wall to run the speaker wire safely. This is the best way to do this.

3. Testing the speakers

Before mounting the speakers, it is important to test if it is ok or not. So, at first connect the speakers and then check the sound with a high volume. But don’t disturb the neighbors or your ear.

4. Set tilted stands at distance

The speaker stand must be tilted to avoid any chances of the falling of the speaker. You should not tilt the stand too much. The stand should also be strong enough to hold the weight safely Metallic stands are the best options.

If your speakers are too close to each other than a possibility is that the sound will overlap. So, to hear the enhanced sound you must keep at least 8 feet to 10 feet distance between the speakers.

Placing the speakers

It’s important to place or mount the speaker in an adequately safe place. Because your speaker may be damaged if it is not in a sheltered place. Underneath the patio or under the eaves.

Check Your speakers

Now, ensure that everything is as instructed. When your installation process is done check if the system is working properly or not. For that, play any song. Increase and decrease the volume to know if it is totally ok or not.

Precautions need to bear in mind as a beginner

Don’t get hurt

Although setting up an outdoor speaker is not a big issue. But you may end up hurting yourself if you are not careful.

Select the perfect speaker for you

The speaker best for you depends on your need. So, it’s important to buy the speaker you need. If your yard is too big and you want to hear it from wide range then take a high-volume speaker.

Energy Consumption

Most of the speakers of modern days are made in such way that they do not consume too much energy. But still it’s good to check the energy consumption to avoid energy waste.

Think of the neighbors

For your enjoyment, it is not wise to end up disturbing your neighbors. SO, consider the volume for them.

Ensure a strong enough stand

Make sure that the stand can hold the big sized speakers and also tilt them a bit as mentioned early. But don’t tilt too much.

When it comes to installing an outdoor speaker, you should not bother to call an electrician. You can do it as instructed by yourself. But abide by the precautions if you are a beginner.

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