How to Listen to Music While Showering?

Which one do you prefer the most?

Aimlessly rubbing your arms in the bathtub while it feels like you're in the edge of the universe alone, or singing along with your favorite artist when his new song blasts the speaker?

Yep, definitely the latter one. Because music can make any boring activity exciting and it's way truer for showertime.

However, the situation of listening to music is pretty different when you're in the shower and few 'changes' may require to bring the vibe we're talking here.

1. Waterproof Phone

Nowadays even manufacturers are concerned about this deep desire of ours (and also considering the product's safety) and most phones are being manufactured with a water-proof attire.

However, the point is, we're dependent on our phones most of the time for music. And it's more compatible with showering because of the compact size and portability. Like, you can locate it anywhere and move to places whenever needed, no strings attached. But since showering involves water contact, the phone must be water-resistant.

So, our advice is, use a waterproof phone. Or 'waterproof' its attire with required stuffs in order to avoid a hazardous situation.

2. Waterproof Headphone

We don't know what your actual hearing preference is, but we think headphone is one of the best options for listening to music in the shower.

In case you share a house with a few roommates or don't wanna bother your family members in particular hours of a day, headphone can always bring you the pleasure of music without causing disturbance for anyone. Also, considering the hearing distance, it provides with much energetic sound than a speaker placed on the shelf, what do you say?

Luckily, waterproof headphones have been a thing for years (thanks to passionate music lovers) and they're the perfect gadget for shower use. However, our advice to you would be, don't try to 'waterproof' your regular headphones. This method isn't that effective like 'waterproofing' a phone.

3. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Yup, not just waterproof speaker, waterproof 'Bluetooth' speaker precisely. Now, we know that shower speakers feature both wired and wireless connections. Both have their privileges, but Bluetooth expands your playing options.

You can stream music from your phone or any other Bluetooth enabled device right at your bathroom without causing those devices to get wet or effected by moist in the first place. In this way, you won't even have to 'waterproof' your gadget. Moreover, waterproof Bluetooth speaker doesn't require additional wiring. Just mount and play!

4. Waterproof Speaker

It's not like you can't enjoy music if your speaker isn't Bluetooth enabled. Those wireless speakers just seem more suitable for shower usage, that's all. However, you can use all types of speakers as long as they don't react negatively in the contact of water and ain't something gigantic. Compact size is the ideal size in this regard.

5. In-wall or In-ceiling Speaker

In-wall or In-ceiling speakers also work pretty great for this purpose. You have to select a safe location for mounting and do a little wiring. Remember, must keep it safe from water contact.

6. MP3 Player

Or you can always go for the old school media: all-in-one mp3 player. The rule is simple, it has to be water-resistant and don't do something stupid.

7. Waterproof Shower Radio

This is the least you can do. Though in this age of Spotify and SoundCloud, nobody's that into traditional radio playlist to have some good time; but hey, music is still music. Besides, the latest tracks on the radio station will give you the chance of discovering something amazing that you probably needed all along! Always look on the bright side!

A few tips to remember while playing music in the shower:

  • Keep the device away from steam. Steam causes damage and sometimes due to this, machines malfunction.
  • When you're buying a 'waterproof' device, make sure you know what the label exactly stands for. For example, splashproof speakers are still waterproof, but you can't submerge them in water.
  • Cover the gadget with a waterproof wrap or case for ultimate protection
  • The audio has to be played in a high volume since it's difficult to hear through running water. Otherwise, use headphone.
  • Position the device right at the head level.
  • Always make a playlist before showering.

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