How to Mount Soundbar on the Wall?

Day by day, our TV's are becoming thinner and thinner leaving little room for better sounding speakers. Our TV's nowadays, have speakers that are simply unable to reproduce the same quality sound as that of the source.

So, a soundbar is the favorite option to TV viewing now. A sound bar makes your TV package a whole lot better and complete. It is also trending in the market. It is more convenient than a home theatre since it is less costly, takes up less space and overall reduces wire clutter. But at the same time gives you the fullest sound.

After buying a soundbar, you can mount it on the wall or you can just simply place it under your TV on the shelf. But it is quite common to mount the soundbar on the wall. And it also looks stylish.

Here's how you can easily mount your soundbar on the wall:

1. Selecting the position for mounting

Most of the soundbars can be mounted on the wall when their TV is also mounted on the wall. Then, the soundbar has to be placed above or under the TV. But it is wise to place it under the TV. Then the sound will reach the listener uniformly and more indistinctly.

And not only that, it makes the whole setup look a lot more elegant when placed under the TV.

Most of the sound bars may consist of keyhole slots so that they can be mounted on the walls easily.

When your TV is mounted on the wall, it is usually placed on an articulated and well-formed bracket. These brackets may also offer an additional option of connecting a specialized bracket for the soundbar. It will make the two pieces always residing on the same plane.

Most of the soundbars are provided with a template for the hardware or a paper wall template to facilitate the wall mounting. It will allow you to find the right spot for the mounting. You can mark the point for attaching screw for the given wall mounts.

2. Process of mounting

a. When provided with the Wall Mount Guide, position the Guide against the surface of the wall. Level the Wall Mount Guide. You have to mount the soundbar at least 5 cm or two inches below the TV if you happen to have your TV mounted on the wall also.

b. Next, align the Center Line of the GUIDE with the center line of your TV when the soundbar is being mounted under it. Then, tape the Guide to the surface of the wall.

Align the Center Line in the installation area's center line if you are mounting on the wall to any other places except just below the TV. 

c. Push a sharpened tip of pencil or pen through the A-TYPE images' center. It is placed on each end of the Guide. You have to do this to mark the holes for the screws. Then remove the Guide.

d. Next comes drilling. Use an appropriate drill size bit. Then with the help with a drill bit, cautiously drill a hole into the wall at each marking for supporting screws.

e. Push screws through all the Holder-Screw. The screw may or may not be provided. Then screw them firmly to a hole for support screw.

f. Use two screws of specification M4 x L12. Use them to attach both of the Bracket and Wall Mounts to the soundbar's bottom. Align the holes on the brackets to the soundbar's bump.

e. Double check that the bracket-wall mounts' hanger part is placed behind the back of the soundbar.

The right and left mounts differ in shapes. So, don't forget to place them in the right way.

g. Hang the soundbar on the wall by holder screws. Then, you have to set it up with the attached bracket-wall. Insert the head of both holder screws into the bracket holes by tilting your soundbar slightly. You have to make sure both the sides are fixed firmly. So, push the soundbar in the arrow's direction.

h. Also, you will need to remove your TV before to install this bracket. Since basically, the soundbar mount attaches to the back of your TV and the TV mount. Also, make sure to remove the cables and wires of the TV cautiously before mounting the brackets of the soundbar.

Final words

If you follow these steps, be sure, you will be able to mount the soundbar on the wall in no time. Just quick reminder, this setup process is for vertical wall only. Also, ensure the wall's strength. Don't forget to turn off the unit and unplug it before you install.

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